ThesisChangelog → Version 2.7

Thesis 2.7 Changelog

Release date: October 24, 2018

  • Added cache-busting CSS filter to stylesheet <link> in document <head> (thesis_stylesheets_link_version)
  • Added dateModified display and output controls to the Post Date Box
  • Added customized update warning messages for Thesis, Skins, and Boxes
  • Added System font option to font dropdown selectors
  • Post Content Boxes now have the same hook capabilities as HTML Containers
  • New GRT Skin API class per the Golden Ratio Typography Calculator
  • Added standard WordPress comment form hooks to the Comment Form Box
  • Updated SCSS preprocessor for PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Removed “click” references in favor of more appropriate verbs
  • Fixed template options data cascade issue
  • Suppressed GDPR comment consent checkbox for logged-in users
  • Thesis Template Launcher now uses System font
  • Skin Content link now works all over the WP Admin
  • General API is_template() method now returns false if false
  • Google Fonts API now indicates monospace fonts properly
  • Fixed Form API tabindex functionality
  • Improved how the Skin CSS Tools API handles different units
  • Improved Thesis Pingback Link Box activation timing
  • Removed filtered CSS from Classic Responsive Skin