ThesisChangelog → Version 2.6.4

Thesis 2.6.4 Changelog

Release date: June 25, 2018

  • Add-on Boxes now have automatically-generated path and directory constants
  • Added new hook—hook_after_stylesheet—for including an external stylesheet after the main Skin stylesheet
  • Optimized performance: Comment reply script will no longer run if comments are closed
  • Styled the search/find/replace bar in the CSS editors for enhanced usability
  • Hyphenated variable names are now syntax-highlighted properly in the CSS editors
  • Added the fr unit to the SCSS parser
  • Added line-height declarations to the CSS Variables pane for better display in the Custom CSS editor
  • Fixed Design Options bug where checkboxes would not behave properly if “on” by default
  • Refined markup Schema: itemprop="articleBody" will display where appropriate
  • Skin Data Manager now uses local WordPress time to timestamp backups
  • Thesis Admin improvements:
    • System Status now displays active Plugins only
    • System Status now displays both active and inactive Boxes
    • Manage Skins link now highlights properly
    • Refined Box description display on Manage Boxes page