ThesisChangelog → Version 2.6

Thesis 2.6 Changelog

Release date: January 16, 2018

  • Third-party comment system (like Thrive Comments) compatibility with the WordPress comments_template() function
  • All-new canonical URLs with previous/next relationships for enhanced technical SEO
  • Google Fonts improvements:
    • DNS prefetching helps fonts render faster with no more FOUT!
    • Added 13 new fonts (113 now included by default)
    • Added font x-height data for better typographical tuning
    • Refined character constant values
  • Skin Typography API improvements:
    • height() and width() methods now use font x-height values for more precise tuning
    • Added a spacing() method to subdivide a primary design unit into golden sections
  • Added hook_before_stylesheet hook for anything font- or style-related that needs to load before the main CSS
  • Added a new light blue color code for unopened containers in the Skin HTML Editor
  • Added thesis_comment_edit filter for easy text replacement on “edit comment” links
  • Removed unnecessary type="" attribute from all CSS and JS resources
  • Alphabetized custom template names wherever they are displayed
  • Custom template selector in the WordPress post editor now says the name of the current Skin
  • Custom template selector on WordPress edit-category pages now says the name of the current Skin
  • Added subtle hover highlight to trays in the Skin HTML Editor
  • Fixed Skin Content menu display by removing faulty Box options() dependence on display() settings
  • Rearranged Meta Robots options and removed sub-page controls
  • Re-centered Add Box dropdown selectors (Skin HTML Editor and HTML Head Editor)
  • Added nofollow to Skin Attribution links
  • Thesis Font API is now available everywhere (rather than just on the Design Options and whenever CSS is saved)
  • Normalized core Box property and method ordering:
    1. properties
    2. translate() method
    3. options methods
    4. construct() method
    5. All other methods, including html() output
  • Revised “delete Skin” UI warning message for accuracy
  • Excluded oEmbed post types from the Skin Editor Template Manager
  • Design options are now applied whenever a CSS file is written
  • Tweaked Thesis Template Launcher CSS to prevent button style interference
  • Fixed documentation URLs where appropriate