ThesisChangelog → Version 2.5

Thesis 2.5 Changelog

Release date: November 7, 2017

  • Post- and page-level overrides for Schema—now you can specify a precise Schema for each piece of content!
  • Ability to specify “No Schema” on individual posts and pages to allow Schema output from other sources such as WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads
  • Query Boxes now handle Schema (and even post/page overrides) precisely like Post Boxes
  • Google Analytics Box now uses gtag.js implementation model
  • Site Verification Box detects whether you’re using the new Google Analytics gtag.js implementation and turns on/off Google Verification accordingly
  • Enhanced Thesis Admin menu behavior (you’ll love it!)
  • Manage Boxes page now includes links to Box Settings pages (where applicable)
  • select elements can now be accompanied by a description
  • Menu control button for Nav Menu Box is now filterable via thesis_wp_nav_menu_control_text
  • Changed WP access protection capabilities to manage_options for consistency with popular Plugins
  • Fixed Logo functionality to include site title in the alt attribute
  • Fixed wp_link_pages arguments and made default pagination on/off filterable via thesis_post_content_page_links
  • Fixed Custom CSS page background
  • Added rel="noopener" to all links containing target="_blank" to prevent reverse tabnabbing in older browsers
  • Fixed capitalization issue with Schema item mainEntityOfPage
  • Changed Widget Area hook naming syntax for consistency with other established hook names (hook_first_widget_$hook and hook_last_widget_$hook)
  • Modified data input trimming in the set_options() method
  • Fixed color picker location in dialog boxes (modals) within Design options
  • Added error output to the SCSS preprocessor for easier debugging
  • Fixed 3 items that PHP 7 compatibility checkers did not like
  • Added a Thesis Admin warning notification for servers running PHP versions older than 5.6