ThesisChangelog → Version 2.4.1

Thesis 2.4.1 Changelog

Release date: August 21, 2017

  • Boxes can now provide a description that will appear on the Thesis Home Screen if they convey options to either the Skin or Site menu
  • Thesis now excludes irrelevant template types registered by WooCommerce and other Plugins
  • Modified CSS file generation to only apply Design options settings in the following situations:
    • Save Design options
    • Skin updates
    • Restore defaults, but with Design options excluded
    • Import Skin data, but with Design options excluded
  • Restore Defaults functionality will now generate an automatic backup (if desired)
  • Added -ms-text-size-adjust to the Thesis CSS Reset
  • Modified the General API set_options() method to disallow empty strings from saving