ThesisChangelog → Version 2.2.4

Thesis 2.2.4 Changelog

Release date: December 12, 2016

  • WordPress Admin: Fixed issue where Thesis-based meta fields were not appearing on terms.php pages (Categories, Tags, and Taxonomies)
  • Thesis Admin: Now defaults to native system fonts
  • System Status: Added lists of installed Skins and Boxes
  • Box Class Model: Refined rotator() method to work properly in PHP7+ environments
  • Skin Color API: Fixed improper hue calculation in the hsl_complement() method
  • Skin Typography API: Added cpl() method that calculates an approximate CPL value based on font size, content width, and the font being used
  • Skin Typography API: Moved environment check beneath basic calculations to allow for easier testing
  • Skin Typography API: Added new filters with a basic naming convention (thesis_skin_typography_cpl, thesis_skin_typography_mu, and thesis_skin_typography_get_fonts_anyway)
  • Google Fonts API: Made font list inclusion dependent upon the presence of a $name parameter
  • Google Fonts API: Added an add_styles parameter to extend already-supported fonts
  • Skin Schema API: Added a No Schema option; Schema can now be turned off at the Post Box level
  • SCSS parser: Added modern value units like vw, vh, vmin, vmax, and ms
  • SCSS parser: Added floating point number handling to px declarations