Thesis 2.2.3 Changelog

Release date: February 15, 2016

  • Added $logo property to Skin API to allow for easy CSS filtering if a Logo is present
  • Removed errant closing </a> tag from Skin API Logo output
  • Fixed issue where slashes were present in imported CSS (via the Skin Data Manager)
  • Made all CSS handling throughout Thesis use parallel structures to ensure consistent behavior
  • Thesis Skin Editor launcher CSS is no longer output in the HTML for non-logged-in visitors
  • Fixed various tooltip links to Skin API documentation
  • Updated Google Fonts webfont script to the latest version
  • Added negative value handling to the Skin API Color Tools lightness() method
  • Updated comments in Skin API Color Tools to match current functionality
  • Fixed issue where updated legacy Thesis sites were having thumbnail frames turned on by default
  • Fixed issue where radio buttons with dependent options were not working properly
  • Removed faulty options dependency in the Post Excerpt Box
  • Removed comments per page option in the Comments Box due to faulty changes in WordPress 4.4+
  • Updated and decreased the file size of the Thesis screenshot