ThesisChangelog → Version 2.1.7

Thesis 2.1.7 Changelog

  • Fixed the parent/dependent display bug with radio buttons in the Skin Editor. This bug was observable in the Post Excerpt Box.
  • Fixed the bug where radio buttons do not automatically show dependents when box options are opened in the Skin Editor. This bug was also observable in the Post Excerpt Box.
  • Fixed IE exception with getElementsByClassName.
  • Fixed stripped slashes on Skin data import in manager.
  • Fixed post list closing tag output when only one post.
  • Fixed Attribution Box when viewing a Skin in Preview/Development Mode.
  • Fixed the post excerpt bug with ellipses.
  • Fixed multisite bug where CSS was not rewriting on Skin activation.
  • Fixed slashes being stripped in multisite CSS.
  • Fixed new version notification that some users experience even if the new version is the same (or potentially older) than their current version.
  • Revert the queried_object hack from 2.1.6.
  • Moved the multisite CSS output to a hook that won’t break on sites who have installed plugins that block all admin requests from non-logged in users.
  • Improved responsive nav menu control JS so it will also work with W3TC’s minifier. Also added a .trim() method to avoid filling the DOM with blank spaces on each menu control click.
  • Users are now able to run the upgrade post meta algorithm from a hidden page in case the automatic transition does not work for them.
  • Comments output has been officially limited to single and page templates (and their children).