design() — Thesis Skin API Method

The first step in adding Design Options to your Skin is to include a design() method and have it return an array of your desired options in Thesis Options API array format:

protected function design() {
	return array();

Adding a proper design() method will automatically create the Skin Design page in the Thesis Admin. Every time the Design page is saved, the Skin CSS will be rewritten.

Once you’ve set up your design() method, the next step is to modify the Skin CSS based on the user-selected Design Options. The easiest way to do this is by adding a css_variables() method.

Adding a Color Scheme Picker to Your Design Options

The Thesis Skin API includes a turnkey color scheme picker that makes it easy to provide fancy color selection options for your users.

To add your own color scheme picker, check out the Thesis Skin API color_scheme() method.

Adding Common Design Options Like Fonts, Sizes, and Colors

When setting up your design() array, you can save time and keystrokes by using the $css_tools object to generate some of your Design Options.