Cool Links About Typography, SEO, and More

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, but now it’s back to work!

Even with the New Years coming up, you can get started on your New Years Resolution of turning your blog into a powerhouse in 2012 🙂

The Power of Web Typography

When designing your WordPress theme—whether you do it yourself or hire someone—the one element on your page that matters more than anything else is your text.

And it’s not just about what font you choose or what color that font is. It’s about how that text looks on your page.

To learn more about this, read this new article from Chris Pearson, the creator of Thesis: “Secret Symphony: The Ultimate Guide to Readable Web Typography.”

Other Cool Links

1. Should you have a search form on your blog? If your blog is new, the answer is no, and here’s why.

2. Earlier this month, I wrote about the power of Mouse Click tests. Have you ran one yet on your blog? Read about it here.

3. Did you know that we have a living series all about WordPress SEO? You can go here, and learn about Beginner’s SEO as well as Advanced SEO.

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