Five New Thesis Tutorials (Check ‘Em Out)

This article is deprecated! Any technical information contained herein likely refers to software versions that are now obsolete. Please visit our blog home page for current updates.

It’s that time again.

As you know, DIYthemes consistently releases new tutorials that shows you how to perform specific things with Thesis.

Sometimes it’s with regards to how to use the Thesis Theme Framework, and other times it’s how to accomplish complex design tasks with a few lines of code.

Either way, today we’ve got a mixture of both for you.

(oh, and if you don’t own Thesis, go pick it up)

New Thesis Tutorials

1. If you want to add social media icons to your navigation bar, and have them look great, follow this tutorial that shows you how to replace WordPress text links with clickable image sprites.

2. If you’re using comment pagination—I don’t personally recommend it—but if you do, here’s how you can paginate your comments. Instead of showing the typical previous / next comments link, this is how you can show each page that’s available.

3. Did you create a slick resource page? Instead of manually populating that resource page with links, you can simply follow this tutorial that shows you how to add posts from a specific category to a specific page.

4. Do you know how Thesis has the default “Submit” button for the comment section? Here’s how you can replace that button with a custom image sprite.

5. If you include categories in the bylines of your articles, here’s how you can exclude a specific category from showing up in the byline. You might want to do this if you mark something Featured temporarily, and change it later, as an example.

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