New ‘My Account’ Hub Is Your Key to All Things Thesis

We’ve just launched a new My Account area where you can manage your DIYthemes account and quickly access all of your Thesis purchases.

Let’s take a tour of the new features, but before we begin, go ahead and log into your account so you can follow along.

What License Do I Own?

When you visit the My Account page, the first thing you’ll see is your Thesis license level and an associated license key. We’ll talk about the license key in just a bit, but first…

If you’re a Basic or Basic Plus license owner, you’ll also see a button you can click to upgrade to a Professional license at any time.

If you’ve already got a Professional license, you’ll see a button you can click to purchase Client Site Licenses, which you’ll need if you want to deploy Thesis on sites for clients.

Underneath your license key, you’ll notice a collection of helpful links that you’ll visit frequently. Use these links to download Thesis, access the documentation, open a support request, or visit the members-only community forums.

Where Are My Skins?

Any Thesis Skins you own will appear in the My Skins area of the My Account page, along with quick links to downloads, documentation, and even a live demo so you can see each Skin in action.

And what if you want to purchase a new Skin? Simply click on the Get Skins button (it’s next to the My Skins heading), and you’ll be able to purchase any Skins you don’t already own.

And What About My Boxes?

Like your Skins, your Boxes are conveniently located under the My Boxes heading, along with download and documentation links.

From now on, you won’t have to peck around the downloads area of the site to find what you want; instead, you’ll be able to access everything directly from your My Account page.

Oh, and once we start selling add-on Boxes, we’ll include a Get Boxes button similar to the Get Skins button described above.

Account Management Menu

When you visit the My Account page, you’ll also notice some new navigation links—namely, Edit Account and Purchase History.

If you want to change the name or email associated with your account or modify your password, you can do that on the Edit Account page.

Also, you can visit the Purchase History page to see everything you’ve ever purchased from DIYthemes, and you can also download a .pdf invoice for any purchase. (I know our friends in the EU will be happy about this!)

Now, About that License Key…

When we released Thesis 2.1.8, we included a new License Key page in the More submenu (where your System Status is located). This is in preparation for our new license key system, which will become active in version 2.2.

Important: From Thesis 2.2 onward, you will only be able to receive software updates if you’ve entered a valid license key on your site.

To prepare your site, you should copy the license key from your My Account page and paste it into the License Key page in your Thesis installation.

If you own a Basic or Basic Plus license, your license key will be valid on one site that you own. If you own a Professional license, your key will be valid on an unlimited number of sites that you own.

If you have a Professional license and also use Thesis on sites for clients, you will receive a license key for each Client Site License you purchase. Please note that you should use these client site keys—and not your primary license key—on all of your clients’ sites.

To access your Client Site License keys, simply click on the “manage →” link underneath the license key on your My Account page.

Once we activate the license key system with Thesis 2.2, you’ll be able to view all of the sites using your keys on the license key management page [edit: link removed].

Still using Thesis 1? License keys do not apply to Thesis 1, so you don’t have to do anything.

Additional Housekeeping

In the process of organizing and simplifying your My Account page, we realized that the Developer portion of the site was no longer necessary, so we nuked it.

The Developer Tools Box (which you get with a Professional license) effectively replaces the old Developer area, and it includes all our developer-centric tools, including beta version updates, Skin creation tools, and more.

What’s Next for Thesis and DIYthemes?

Right now, we’re working on Thesis 2.2, two new Skins, and a special starter Skin for designers and developers who would rather start from scratch than modify an existing Skin.

In case you’re curious, the big highlights from Thesis 2.2 are the license key system and complete support for the WordPress SEO Plugin (it will “just work”).

At least one of the two new Skins will be business-centric rather than blog-centric, and the special starter Skin will actually be a collection of Skins designers and developers can deploy when starting a new project.

Ultimately, we’ll have a little something for everyone, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more of the highest quality, most optimized designs on the planet!

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