More Thesis Tutorials (and Other Cool Links)

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Today, we’ve got some great Thesis Theme tutorials to share with you. Instead of rambling, I’ll cut right to the chase:

1. When you use Thesis, you’re able to choose 57 different fonts from your design options panel. If you wanted to see what each font looked like, you’d choose one, and test it. However, now we have the complete Thesis Theme font list in visual form.

2. You know you don’t want to index all of your archives pages for SEO reasons, but if you wanted to include it on your site anyway, we suggest you use a nofollowed archives links. And now you can do that… cut-and-paste style. Check it out here.

3. Have you ever wanted to add a search form to your WordPress navigation menu? Well, now we’ve got a tutorial for that too.

More Cool Stuff

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