How to Add Google Analytics Experiments to Your Thesis Site

The Google Analytics Experiments box is deprecated because Google now includes this functionality in the Global Site Tag.

Many savvy webmasters are now choosing to run Google Analytics Experiments to help them optimize their sites for specific goals.

However, because of a unique implementation requirement (the code is supposed to appear as close as possible to the opening <head> tag), adding this to your Thesis site can be both challenging and annoying.

Fortunately, we’ve developed the Google Analytics Experiments Box to make this process easier.

If you’d like to add Google Analytics Experiments to your site, follow our detailed documentation, and you’ll be up and running in just a couple of minutes.

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How to Build a Winning Website in the Age of Social Media

Is your website running off an old script? 🤔

Social media has completely changed the way we use the internet, yet most of our websites still look and work the way they did 10 years ago.

This new era demands a new approach.

And that’s why I’ve created a helpful content series to provide you with the insights, tips, and skills you’ll need on your journey.

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