How to Engage and Entertain People Online

voiceIs it just me, or is the entire internet filled with blogs and sites that make sleeping pills obsolete?

Yes, there are a few standouts, and since you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them, but most sites have trite, uninspiring writing that lacks any creativity whatsoever.

It may sound like I’m picking on people here, but nowadays, if you want to engage your audience, and make them ACT on your words, your writing MUST be exciting and entertaining.

And, if you truly want to be a digital crusader, follow these tips, and you’ll shine in comparison to your competition.

1. For god’s sake, have some attitude.

If your site is as impersonal as an instruction manual for a vacuum cleaner, you’re doing something wrong because even if you’re being “professional,” you need attitude.

Look at Gary Vaynerchuk and the founders of 37 Signals, David and Jason. They have strong attitudes… and a raving fan base. As a matter of fact, look at all of the successful online entrepreneurs. They all have a strong, beefed-up voice, and people love them for it.

So how can you bring some (much-needed) attitude into your writing?

Easy peasy.

First, write great content by deciding to TOTALLY bring yourself into your writing. Keep it uncensored, and share your opinions and insights, and DO NOT water them down.

It’s you at 100%, it’s you times 3, or NOTHING.

This also means cutting out the weak words.

“Maybe,” “really,” and “should” MUST be treated like terrorists – eliminate them on sight. Stand up PROUDLY for what you believe and hack away every word that weakens your message.

And if you’re afraid to show the “real” you, then you shouldn’t be a blog entrepreneur in the first place.

2. Find your own words. And dominate them.

Gary Vaynerchuk unofficially owns the expression “crush it.” Lady Gaga calls her fans “little monsters.” Chris Guillebeau secretly snatched “unconventional lifestyle” and “world domination.”

Whenever someone uses these expressions, it’s free advertisement for the person who “owns” them. It raises awareness around the brand, because that particular expression is directly linked to the person who consistently uses it.

If you want to make your writing MORE powerful, you HAVE to start using your own words. If they catch on, you will see them getting used by your fan base which is free marketing for your brand!

My preferred choice of words are “shine”, “digital crusader” and “white magic” – and I see them frequently used in my community.

Your word choice may be different, but the point behind them is the same. Use your core words CONSTANTLY, and you’ll infiltrate your fan bases’ mind with your brand message.

So, before reading on, think about it. Which words and expression can you make a part of your brand?

3. Use an active writing style. Go, action.

Have you heard the expression “words that move you?”

The stress here is on the “move,” and if you want to move your readers, you must write with an active voice.

For example, you could say “I have an online business,” which is boring and stale. However, if you say “I RUN an online business,” it may not be the magic that makes a heart rejuvenate, but it’s more ACTIVE.

As another example, you could say “I have compelling copywriting services that are helpful to a lot of business owners,” or “I craft compelling copywriting that brings your business to the next level.”

The latter is obviously the better version. It has much more energy and movement.

Now let’s break it down. What do both good examples have in common?

They use VERBS instead of nouns, because verbs put motion into your writing. And if your writing conveys motion, it will ignite more response from your readers. Active writing equals active readers.

From now on, almost ALWAYS substitute your static words with verbs. Excite your reader with motion, and they’ll be more likely to act on your call to action.

The Bottom Line

Don’t create content that reads like instructional manuals for toasters – bring your attitude, own word choice and an active writing style into your writing. You will EXCITE your audience, cause active engagement and make them ACT on your words.

What are you doing to make your writing more compelling?

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