New Video: 5 Quick Tips for a Better Website (and Better Food)

What’s the latest and greatest on SEO, WordPress plugins, web hosting, and—my personal favorite—the best food in Austin?

I’ll keep you up to speed with that and maybe even drop a hint about Thesis 2 in this 9-minute video interview from PubCon South 2011.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why SEO is much EASIER than you think (Hint: It’s all about the code)
  • The ONLY WordPress plugin you need for your site
  • Why most people use categories incorrectly (and how you can use them properly)
  • Why most web hosting sucks (and what I look for in my web hosting)
  • Why I love restaurants that source their food locally (not theme related, but still vitally important)
Focus Ethos Masterclass
Focus Ethos Masterclass

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