5 Helpful Links About Improving Your Blog

Over the last few weeks, some people have alerted me to the fact that they did not receive the latest DIYthemes blog updates.

So, if you missed them, today I’ve got a quick summary for you.

Additionally, I’ve got some other links that I believe you’ll find helpful.

That said, here’s the links:

1. How to Paginate WordPress Posts (new Thesis tutorial)

Ever notice how long in-depth articles on top-tier magazines and newspaper sites are broken up into pages? Well, if you’d like to do the same thing to your articles, here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

2. How to Get More Twitter Followers—And Keep Them

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to get more Twitter followers. The truth is that much of it is bad. However, this post is different though because it has concrete actionable tips… and DATA to back it up.

3. How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

There are two camps when it comes to updating blogs. There are those who say you should do it daily, and then there are those who say you should do it a few times per month. Read this post to see where I stand on that issue.

4. Why is Responsive Design Such A Big Deal?

Responsive design is a hot topic on the web right now… but why? In this post, Alex “the Kid” Mangini, shares his thoughts about it. Additionally, if you scroll down in the comment section, you’ll notice that Chris Pearson shared his ideas too. (You may also know Alex because he releases a bunch of cool graphics for you through the DIYthemes blog).

5. How to Crop, Rotate, and Flip Images in the WordPress Image Editor

Here’s how you can use the built-in WordPress image editor to edit your images for your blog posts. It’s a simple tutorial, but it’s great when you don’t have your image-editing software handy.

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