What Will Your Focus OmniTweet Content Revolution Look Like?

Well well well—look who’s rocking Focus OmniTweet! 😎


What’s so cool about this?

• OmniTweet automatically used my branding font and sizing on the timeline

• The timeline page breathes new life into ANY #WordPress website—easily create new content and threads, and share them with the world!

I also appreciate how this opens up a whole new avenue for communications.

Before OmniTweet, I’d worry about overloading customers and prospects with too much content.

And some announcements just aren’t important enough to warrant their own email or web page…

With OmniTweet, I can just bust out some simple short form content and share it with the world.

I can make announcements as needed, and then if I want, I can aggregate this content into an email or article at a later time.

A more modular, flexible way to manage your content!

And the best part?

If I create a THREAD, OmniTweet automatically converts it into a #WordPress Page that’s optimized for reading, SEO, and sharing!

This is the easiest and BEST way to create content I’ve ever seen 👇🏿🔥