Get a Fully Branded WordPress Ecommerce Store with FOCUS and MemberPress

You’re ready for the bigtime. You’re starting an ecommerce store; you’re gonna earn that internet money; and your life will never be the same.

But first, you’ve got to answer a few tough questions:

  • Which ecommerce Plugin should I use?
  • Can I make my store work how I want, or will I need help?
    • Is there a solution that fits what I need?
    • If not, can I hire someone at a reasonable price?
  • How can I make my ecommerce store match the look of my site?

Each of these questions has significant consequences for your business and how you’ll use your site in the future. (And each one also affects how customers will use your site in the future.)

If you ace these questions, you can run a simple and fast WordPress ecommerce store 🤗

Screw up even one of them, however, and you’ll find yourself in an eternal struggle against the tech you rely on to run your business 😱

Few decisions have this much impact on your business. This is one time you must get it right!

Introducing: Your WordPress Ecommerce Solution 🏆

Before we dive in, let’s start with a reality check:

  • Out of the box, every ecommerce Plugin is set up for “default” usage…
  • Problem is, I’ve never seen a store using the default setup—everybody needs some level of customization to make their store work for them!

In other words, every WordPress ecommerce store requires some degree of integration between the ecom Plugin and your active Theme.

This integration is intensive, too—templates, design, and site performance will all be affected in some way.

The idea of ecommerce is seductive, but the reality of implementation is a technical nightmare 😣

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a shortcut that enabled you to get the basic details right, and then you could just focus on your products and customers? (Hint: 👇)

FOCUS + MemberPress: Complete Ecommerce Integration 🧠

This is the missing link in the WordPress ecommerce ecosystem. It’s a connection between FOCUS, MemberPress1, and WordPress that enables you to run a fully branded ecommerce store.

1 We are confident MemberPress is the best choice for selling information, courses, website access, or community.

The only types of businesses we would not recommend MemberPress for are software companies (where license keys are required) or DTC stores with physical inventory.

Typical WordPress ecommerce stores are not fully branded—account, login, and checkout pages are presented with templates and styles from the ecommerce Plugin (not your Theme).

This means those pages will not match the look and feel of the rest of your site. Even worse, the remaining pages of your site will be slower thanks to the inclusion of styles and scripts from your ecommerce Plugin 🫤

It’s a mess. But you’ve got a way out 😏

With FOCUS + MemberPress from DIYthemes, you’ve got the cheat code for WordPress ecommerce.

Here’s why this approach works so well:

  • We do the integration for you. No random freelancers. No hoping you hired the right person. We deliver precise results so you can start selling right away.
  • Total design integration. Every page of your site—including product and account pages—matches your design and uses your branding. This is non-negotiable if you want your customers to perceive your business as legitimate.
  • We never leave you hanging. Ecommerce can be frustrating; you’ll probably need help every now and then. With extensive documentation, forums that are open 24/7, and private email support, we’ve got your back.

Bottom line? If you want to get your ecommerce store running right away—and ensure it’s all set up perfectly—you need our FOCUS + MemberPress service.

Modular Pricing! Only Pay for What You Need 🤝

We’ve already explored how every ecommerce store is different. And that’s why we offer modular pricing—this ensures you’ll pay the lowest possible price to get your store up and running!

Base Package: $2500

FOCUS + MemberPress integrations start at $2500. If your store requires more components, you can add them on a piece-by-piece basis.

The following services are included in the base package:

  • Install and configure the FOCUS + MemberPress Box
  • Establish a custom login screen and bypass WP Admin so customers can’t see it
  • Configure account area templates and fit them into your design
  • Determine your checkout flow and set up purchase pages
  • Create a custom account home page that displays customers’ active purchases
  • Set up shortcode to output product-specific pricing boxes
  • Provision for custom navigation menus on product pages
  • Implement any necessary Custom CSS
  • Optimize styles and scripts (sitewide) to ensure peak performance
  • Suggest strategic SEO procedures to ensure best rankings

The base package includes a complete setup for one product with a single price point. Additional products are subject to the following fee structure:

  • Primary product has multiple pricing points? (+$250)
  • Additional products with single price points? (+$100 each)
  • Additional products with multiple price points? (+$175 each)

Also, your base package includes 60 days of intensive support (where we can log into your site via WP Admin and/or FTP to make adjustments).

If you’d like to extend this intensive support service, you can do so for $99 per year. This is ideal for stores that are adding new products or changing the way they conduct business.

Optional Packages:

  • Affiliate Program (+$500) — Set up an in-house program using AffiliateWP; includes an affiliate dashboard accessible from the account area
  • Email-based Support Ticket System (+$500) — Implement a custom contact form so logged-in customers with active products can open email-based support tickets. Each ticket includes customer purchase details for quicker and more accurate support.
  • Discourse Forums (+$300) — Install and configure Discourse on a DigitalOcean droplet; connect your WP site and make forum access dependent upon product purchase(s)
    • Want to add your branding font and Golden Ratio Typography to your forums? (+$50)

Please note: Optional packages require third-party products or services that carry additional costs. Because of this, we will not install optional packages until you’ve [1] completed the base package and [2] acknowledged the additional costs you’ll be facing.

It’s Time to Get the Store You’ve Been Dreaming About 🔥

Put the ultimate ecommerce cheat code to work for you! Fill out the form below to get started.


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The Fine Print

Things you might want to know before getting started…

  • Sites must be running FOCUS to be eligible for this service!
  • However, if your site is not already running FOCUS, you don’t have to switch your Theme! In fact, it may be smarter—and far easier—to run your store on a subdomain or in a sub-folder. This way, the ecommerce components will not slow down the rest of your site!
  • The final price is dependent upon your precise setup:
    • the number of products you want to sell and their associated price points
    • how many add-on components you want to incorporate
    • how customized your site is before getting the service
  • Got any other questions? Contact me via the form above, and I’ll answer them!