Web designers would hate for you to know this!

The following customer experience is adapted from an original Twitter thread by Nabeel Azeez, Dubai’s highest paid copywriter.

How to launch a website in a few hours or less…that costs a little and earns in excess!

Trailer Cash Academy runs on the Focus WordPress Theme

People hate on WordPress but that’s only because they’ve never used Focus.

It’s the only theme I recommend to my clients.

I spun up this website in a few hours.

All of the design elements I’m using are native to the theme.

Bare minimum plugins.

It looks great on desktop and mobile.

And it’s easy to read.

But only clients care about looks.

Customers want their problems solved.

Only Focus can help you REDUCE costs…

Find me a WordPress Theme that performs like this out of the box.

Trailer Cash Academy Web Page Test results

91 on mobile, 99 on desktop, and loading times under 1.5 seconds? Focus is optimized on every device and blazing fast 🔥

For comparison’s sake, here’s a fancy/stylish/pretty website built on Webflow (by a marketer, no less).

Swipe Files Web Page Test results

28 on mobile? Loading times over 5 seconds? Sub-optimal web vitals? Not great, fam 😔

Focus is 3x as fast and crushes Webflow on mobile.

Might not seem like a big deal.

Until you start spending money to drive traffic to your site.

Most important:

Updates and maintenance are effortless.

The client can create new pages, posts, landing pages, etc. on their own.

Or delegate to a VA using SOPs.

No technical knowledge required.

Why is this crucial?

Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 websites:

  • Stage 1 — achieving a design you want
  • Stage 2 — running your site with this new design!

Most people only think about Stage 1, but Stage 2 is the actual experience of running your website!

Focus is built for your entire website journey, not just getting you to a design you like and then leaving you empty-handed.

Designed to help you FOCUS on what matters most!

Meanwhile, I got a quote from a web agency for $25,000 f*cking dollars…

To update a client’s website I’ve got on Focus (not the one shown above).

They’ll redesign the website using Divi or Elementor (utter garbage…)

To make it look pretty and perform worse!

But guess how much Focus costs?

  • $87/year for 1 website
  • $187/year for 5 sites
  • $297/year for 20 sites

It’s so affordable I can tell clients, “F*ck those web developers, I’ll write the copy and do the design for you.”

And pay the costs out of my pocket, which I do.

A website that makes money is 90% about the copy anyway.

And good web design happens around the messaging.

The messaging isn’t shoved into the design.

This way, I’m able to focus on conversion principles.

Rather than asking myself how am I going to fit my copy into this ridiculous design?

If you want to launch a website for your brand…

One that will last you decades without needing a redesign…

And make you money hand over fist…

Focus is the only Theme you should be looking at.

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