Featured Images as Thumbnails on Blog and Archive Pages

By default, Focus displays WordPress Featured Images in their full, original sizes on all templates.

But what if you’d like a thumbnail-style display instead, where your Featured Images appear as thumbnails on Blog and Archive pages but full size on individual Posts or Pages?

You can achieve this outcome in two simple steps, and I’ll walk you through them in the video below.

You’ll also need to copy/paste the following CSS into your Custom CSS area:

Readability Mode

.grt .featured_image_link {
	display: inline;
	vertical-align: initial;

Focus Mode

.template-home {
	&.focus {
		.text {
			@media all and (min-width: $b3) {
				.featured_image_wrap {
					margin-left: 0;
					margin-right: $x2;