Focus 1.6 Changelog

Release date: March 12, 2024

  • Focus Content Styles: Small Text formatting option with automatically adaptable colors when used inside Callouts or Bleeds
  • Drop Caps:
    • New Design Options to control the font, font style, and color
    • Added stylistic preview to Focus Content Styles dropdown in the Editor
  • Thesis Launcher: New edit post/page link makes it easy to edit the current Post or Page while logged into your site
  • Full-width Bleeds: Bottom border now automatically applied to bleeds depending on the context (better aesthetics without the need to deploy a custom class to add a bottom border where appropriate)
  • Headings: Margins above and below h2, h3, and h4 elements have been changed for better visual clarity and consistency
  • Captions:
    • All Captions now lie a distance of $x6 from the preceding element
    • Captions after h2 and h3 elements now work with the new Heading margins
  • Buttons: Buttons now include an outline that makes them stand out more when placed atop different-colored backgrounds
  • Fixed a function parameter in skin.php that was causing PHP8+ to generate a notice in error logs