Focus 1.4 Changelog

Release date: June 1, 2023

  • Comments:
    • Focus comment controlsComment Controls: Added Display Option to replace action words (reply, link, edit) with UI-friendly icons
    • Turned comment instruction text into a Note Callout for better visibility and distinction
    • Required field indicators will no longer be bold if labels are bold
    • Info consent checkbox is now better aligned with explanatory text
  • Headline Area, Headlines, and Bylines: Reworked margins to minimize CSS footprint while also increasing flexibility for contextual adaptations
  • Bylines: Changed responsive breakpoint “stacking” behavior from $b2 to $b1
  • Flexible Captions: Improved negative top margins to ensure Golden Ratio Typography principles are followed in every context
  • Site Title: Title is now linked by default, but the link will be the same color as the Site Title setting in the Design Options (instead of the sitewide link color)
  • Text Management: Really long strings of text will now only be broken up in post/page content, comments, and the sidebar (this will fix certain display issues, especially in navigation menus)
  • Link Color: Changed default link color from blue to red (yes, red over blue is an optimization in any context 😅)
  • GRT-style Callout Classes: Added optional filter to change Focus’ Callout classes into the same classes used in the GRT Pro CSS loadout
  • Headings: Phased out the use of “sub-headlines” in favor of “headings,” which is reinforced in various places throughout the WordPress UI