Focus 0.9.2 Changelog

Release date: July 11, 2019

  • Add your project’s custom SCSS files to the main Focus stylesheet with the new focus-scss-includes array filter
  • CSS Flexbox: Updated all layout structures to use CSS flexbox instead of floats:
    • Nav Menus
    • Columns (Content + Sidebar)
    • Previous/Next navigation
    • Floating is now only used in content formatting
  • Removed CSS clearfixes: The clearfix hack has long been a necessary evil in CSS, but Focus has eliminated its use on structural elements
  • Focus Mode centering is now only applied on viewports wider than $b3
  • Adjusted Focus Mode caption centering for contextual accuracy
  • Layout sections now use <div> tags instead of <section> tags, which carry a different semantic intent
  • Navigation layout sections now use <nav> tags instead of <section> tags
  • Adjusted highlight class to use padding instead of an inline-block declaration, which prevents sensible line breaks
  • Used Thesis 2.9.2 HTML Container class filter to ensure critical HTML classes are applied, which makes these CSS updates seamless for existing Focus users
  • Moved prev/next CSS into its own SCSS mixin
  • Removed CSS Variables: $_include-presentation and $_include-add-ons have been replaced by $_include-scss