How to Add Email Signup Forms to Your WordPress Blog (new download)

by Alex Mangini · 151 comments

You know that email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business.

How do you get started with email marketing?

You’ll need an email signup form. We’ve pre-coded email forms for those of you using AWeber, MailChimp, and GetResponse.

But today, we want to give you one last freebie that should make adding an email signup form to your site even easier.

The Problems We Set Out To Solve

Anyone who uses WordPress knows about WordPress widgets (and how easy they make editing your blog).

Since Thesis has a widgetized sidebar, you can tweak your sidebar anyway you want by simply dragging and dropping a widget in the sidebar area.

Previously, if you wanted to install one of our option forms before, you had to use a text widget to do so. While this was relatively easy, it posed three problems:

  1. You needed to rely on using some extra HTML
  2. It often made your widget area a little extra clunky
  3. It was a little harder to understand for some less experienced WordPress users

So, we had a great idea…

Why not specially develop a widget that can streamline the installation process of an optin form?

One that required little-to-no knowledge of HTML and can be easily edited.

Good idea, right?


The Email Opt-in Form Widget (And it’s All Yours)

Optin WidgetCheck out the image to the right, and you can see just how flexible this widget is.

How great? It gives you LOADS of options that make tweaking and adding an email signup form to your sidebar a cinch. Here’s what it can do:

  • Add your own title — Set the title of your optin form to anything you want, and easily change it later.
  • Write your own description — You are given a text area to write a short description/pitch of what your newsletter is all about.
  • Paste your optin code — You can paste your very own optin code right into this widget and not worrying about going back to your FTP to edit it anymore.
  • Add social proof — We’re big on social proof here and if you want to add a quote or testimonial you received from someone about your newsletter, you can paste it right into this widget.

This widget is incredibly easy to use, and it displays an beautiful opt-in form right on your blog.

Take a look at the optin form I created using this widget in my upcoming Thesis skin, Marketers Delight 2:

Optin Form Marketers Delight 2

Well, with this widget, you can have an equally beautiful opt-in form on your blog right now. And it’s free.

Download This Widget

Just click the big button you see below to download this awesome widget. Everything you need to know about this widget is in the ZIP folder you are about to download, including:

  • Detailed installation instructions (it’s easy to install)
  • How to customize your signup forms (for the non-code-savvy)
  • Tips for formatting and managing your code

Click to Download the Optin Form Widget

Warning: If you copy and paste the code incorrectly, you can create a PHP error on your site. To fix that, you’ll need FTP access so you can remove the code that you added into the custom functions file

Once you have the widget up and loaded on your site, be sure to show it off in the comments! I can’t wait to see how you guys use this great tool on your site.

About the Author: Alex Mangini is the 18 year old founder of Kolakube. If you want to learn even more ways to boost your sites performance, you should check out his upcoming series called Beast Optimization.

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Fantastic! Thanks, guys.


That’s great, but what if you don’t want to join a paid subscribe service like aweber and use a free one?

Alex Mangini

You can still use it, absolutely. All you need is an optin form code and WordPress. πŸ™‚

Andrew Thompson

Consider using MailChimp. They have a free option for up to 2000 subscribers. No auto-responder and limited to 12,000 users but a good starter option.


Okay, thanks!


MailChimp? I will try it

Rob @ Atlanta Real Estate

This is awesome. Man, I paid for Thesis one time and have reaped the benefits for years now!

Alex Mangini

It’s the best theme around, isn’t it? πŸ˜€


Hi, I just downloaded it. When I uploaded it as a plugin it didn’t work. I got this message: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
Plugin install failed.
Maybe it is not a plugin?
What should I do to be able to use this great feature?
Thanks, Jamee

Derek Halpern

Did you read the directions?


am reading them now – i guess i jumped the gun thinking it was a simple plugin to upload – light dawns on marblehead… (o;

Alex Mangini


This is not configured to act as a plugin. You need to paste a little code into your Thesis folder.

The instructions are very detailed, so check them out and you should be good to go!


thank you!


Hi Alex, I am stuck on this part of the directions:
3) Now, open up custom.css from your Thesis installation and paste the CSS code from paste_custom.css (you received in the download) into that file.

I don’t know where this is – the custom.css from the Thesis installation. IS it in the cpanel or in the blog area?


I am screwing up and need some help. I pasted the code into the css area of my blog and see this now: The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
What did I do wrong and how can I fix it? I appreciate your help. Jamee


i cannot access my blog at all now


I figured out how to delete the code from the functions file via ftp. What did it go wrong and how do I follow through?

thank you

Alex Mangini

Hey Jamee,

It’s in your FTP directory. By going to wp-content/themes/thesis/custom/, you can edit custom.css, and custom_functions.php.

Rather than using Thesis’ built in editor, try using a text editor in an FTP program.

Puneet Sahalot

Glad to see so many goodies for Thesis users. πŸ™‚


It’s cool !
– I don’t use the name ; that’s not very usefull, and it adds one more field in the form (bad for conversion, less fields, better conversions).
– Europeen customers need to show legal notice directly on the form ; can’t use it without it !

Alex Mangini

Hey Zed,

You can use this without using the name form. Just copy the code for the email signup part only when you grab your HTML form code.

No problem, you can add a custom message as well. πŸ™‚


I have wordpress can I install this and where? I’m not very savvy at this..

Derek Halpern

Read the directions.


Really? Thanks!

Kellie Brooks

Like my mom always said, when all else fails…READ THE DIRECTIONS. πŸ™‚

Tracey Charlebois

Is this for sidebar only or can it be put into pages and posts?

Alex Mangini

Hi Tracey,

It can be placed wherever widgets are enabled. If you want to use these optin forms in a post or page, see our past tutorials for info on how to do that:

For AWeber
For MailChimp
For GetResponse

Vincent Polisi

Great Idea and quite the value add. Thank you.

2 Quick Questions:

(and yes, I read the directions πŸ˜‰

How are we placing & positioning images in the form?

For example, presently, we use a free e-book offer to build the subscription list and we show a copy of the book cover.

Is the MailChimp social proof subscriber count chiclet going to appear natively and auto import the subscriber count like it does now using the MailChimp plugin?

My preference would be to dump the plugin and hard code this into Thesis so we have one less plugin compatibility issue.

Alex Mangini

You can use HTML in the Description field, so you can place any images you want there.

The instructions I wrote don’t apply to things like the MailChimp social proof subscriber, so I can’t help you there. But, you can easily paste the code to that in a field in the widget.

Really, I wouldn’t describe it as a plugin (at least not in the traditional sense). Think of it as a new built-in feature of Thesis, since you are integrating it INTO Thesis.

Vincent Polisi


Thank you. Presently we have a manually coded lightbox hover form using javascript and Fancybox with cookies set so the popup doesn’t harass our subscribers and a no thanks link for people who simply don’t want to subscribe. We also use MailChimp’s sidebar plugin as a static sidebar optin form which had some compatibility issues with Thesis with the most recent plugin update and I had to revert it back to the prior functional version. This is the plugin I was referring to and wanting to dump, not your widget πŸ˜€

Alex Mangini

Ahh, I see. Sorry about the misunderstanding. πŸ˜€

I am really not 100% on what MailChimp has to offer haha.


read the directions – seriously I am NO good at this stuff, at some point would you consider doing some pre-coding for phplist and other free mailing list programs?

Alex Mangini

Tracie, what’s the problem?


i use phplist and I can’t figure out what information I have to take from my phplist code to put into the optin code so that the info goes from the optin code to phplist.


Thank you so much for this. Really!

Naveen Kulkarni

Hi Alex,
A very much needed plugin indeed. Thanks so much.

I installed it on my blog. However, when I tried to activate it, I am stuck with the error “The plugin doesn’t have a valid header”.

Could you help me with this?

Alex Mangini


This is NOT a plugin. Read the instructions on how to install this widget into Thesis.

Naveen Kulkarni

Hi Alex,
Will this plugin work for non thesis themes as well?

Alex Mangini

Yes, but the instructions are for Thesis only.

Kathy Henderson-Sturtz

Alex and DIY – you’re the best! Just what I needed today!

Alex Mangini

Glad you like it Kathy!


Before I start playing with what looks to be awesome, quick question…

Can I place the feedburner email code in here? If so, you sir are my hero!

Alex Mangini

You absolutely can.


Awesome! Thanks. This will make life so much better!

Brad Ferris



what is the proper way to add the code to the custom functions file? I apparently did it wrong the first time.

Alex Mangini

Just paste the include() at the top of custom_functions.php (right under < ?php).

Of course, be sure to upload the widget file into the /custom/ folder.


thank you Alex – seems to work now.I appreciate your patience with a newbie

Ryan Shell

You must have read my mind by developing this widget! I’d say this falls in the bomb dot com category. Thanks a ton for making life a bit easier!


Alex Mangini

It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? πŸ˜€ Glad you like it Ryan.

Richard Maybury

Hi guys, any chance of getting a Constant Contact version set up?
I use ConstantContact for my mail, polls and surveys

Alex Mangini

Possibly. You can use this widget for any optin form, and if you follow the instructions, you should be able to port ConstantContact pretty easily.

Richard Maybury

Thanks Alex, I will check it out then!
You guys rock.

Leah McClellan

Hi Alex,

Looks good! Don’t know that I’ll use it right away since I’ve got something else going on for opt-in, but it’s nice to have yet another tool in the toolbox, so I’ll check it out.

Also just wanted to say hi from a fellow Thesis enthusiast and wave–I looked at your site (I like that timeline!) and I’m just a few miles down the TP from you. So… waving north from down around the BF bridge πŸ™‚

Keep up the good work!!

Alex Mangini

Definitely hope you use it sometime Leah!

That’s great! I love meeting people who have their own blog from NJ. I thought I was the only one for the longest time. πŸ˜‰

Take care.


I followed all the directions and have it installed as a widget in my side bar. Where do I find the optin code? I just signed up for a mail chimp account but I don’t understand how to connect this form to that account.

Vincent Polisi

Go to your MailChimp dashboard, click Lists, scroll down to the list you want, click Forms and it will take you to the Create Form Wizard. Create your form and when you are finished, it will provide the HTML or javascript in various formats depending on what type of form you created. Copy and paste that into this widget et voila! You’re MailChimp account is integrated.


Great tool, thank you guys. Is there a chance you might add an option to have a horizontal optin form where the input fields and submit button are all aligned horizontally?

This is great for at the bottom of posts, footers,etc.

Alex Mangini

Hey Jeremy,

If you check out any of the other tutorials on AWeber, MailChimp or GetResponse, there is an optin form for that. See the post above for links.

Melanie Jongsma

I’m having a little trouble too. I think I’ve followed the directions correctly, copying and pasting from your “paste” files into my custom and custom_functions. But I get this message when I try to move around in my dashboard: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<' in /hermes/waloraweb011/b1780/moo.lifelinespublishin1/wp-content/themes/thesis_182/custom/custom_functions.php on line 105

Alex Mangini

It looks like there’s a messed up ‘<' somewhere. Could be from your other functions.

If you email me your file, I can take a look: alexfrais at gmail

Melanie Jongsma

Thanks Alex! I just sent you an email.


I am getting an error code when I paste the code into custom functions php. Can you tell me the exact code that goes into that part only as I am obviously getting something wrong here? Thanks.

Alex Mangini


Be sure to read the instructions clear. Upload the file optin_widget.php to the /custom/ folder then open paste_custom_functions.php. Copy the contents of that file, and paste them into custom_functions.php in Thesis.


Screencast DIY Screencasts. You know many people have no idea about accessing half the stuff in those files let alone adding custom code.

If there is one thing a coder should know about posting DIY tuts is screencasts. Half the tuts you guys post leave out so many details. It isn’t DIY if you can DIY you know. Learn a few things from the Sitepoint guys..

anyways thanks for the cool new option.

Alex Mangini

Thanks for the suggestion. I made sure these instructions were as clear as I possibly could.


Hi, I would like to position the opt-in form in the header image, like your Marketers Delight (1) skin had. Is it possible to do with this new widget?
I am a very beginner and know nothing of coding.
Thank you for help!

Alex Mangini

Hey Alex (woah…),

If there is a widget area in the Widgets section in WordPress, then yes, you can. If not, then you’ll have to paste some code into the custom_functions.php file to get it in the header or create a new widget area.

Sergio Felix

Fantastic resource Alex,

I don’t know how the heck did I miss this but I’m glad I just stumbled into it, going to check it out ASAP.


Alex Mangini

Glad you like it Sergio! It really makes managing these forms easier down the road.


Really appreciate the effort and everything works great until I get to custom.php. I am pasting EVERYTHING from your file directly into the custom.php and getting the white screen of death each time. This is the paste code:


* Paste the following code
* into custom_functions.php


Any ideas?


No idea why, but I closed out, reopened and re-pasted and it works great. Thanks!

Melanie Jongsma

I tried that too, but I’m still getting the same parse error (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected β€˜<' in /hermes/waloraweb011 /b1780/moo.lifelinespublishin1/wp-content/themes/thesis_182/custom /custom_functions.php on line 105). It seems like I'm doing the same things you're doing, Dougβ€”copying and pasting the entire paste code into custom.phpβ€”so I don't know why it's not working. I've had to delete the code for now, until I can learn what I'm doing wrong. I'm eager to start using this widget though!

Alex Mangini

Mel, see my reply to your first comment. Probably just a minor mistake somewhere. πŸ˜€


Hey Alex, Thanks!
Just one, incredibly thick probably, question. Why do you actually need this opt in form? I’m about to hook up to Mailchimp and/or feedburner and I thought they supplied their own opt in forms??

Alex Mangini

They do. This is a widget that you can install into your site to make adding those optin forms easier. Also, in our past tutorials, we are providing the optin form designs. Since the default forms from Mailchimp/AWeber/Feedburner/etc. are…not so pretty.

Sean Davis

Gotta love these guys… always coming with the goodness.

Well done.

Alex Mangini

Thanks man!

Ryan Shell

Alex, one question came to mind. Are you able to easily take out the “name” field of the forms?


Alex Mangini

Yessir. But, you’ll have to create the form inside your mail service provider with the name field removed.


I love the idea of this but can’t get it to work. When I add it to the sidebar, it closes the options and doesn’t let me customize it. Any ideas?

Alex Mangini

Hey Barbara,

Can you expand on this? Screenshots would help.


Alright I followed all the instructions, I’m not a newbie, but no pro either. The “widget” is in my sidebar but the styling and images are not being applied.

I’ve checked and rechecked everything. I’m trying use this with feedburner if that matters. But what can I trouble shoot to see why the styling and images aren’t being applied?

Alex Mangini

Hey Paul,

Did you paste the extra CSS code from custom.css?

Minesh Rai

Can we use this for FeedBurner……:)

Alex Mangini

Yes! Just get your FeedBurner HTML code, and you should be able to follow the tutorial file to format your form better.

Minesh Rai

Thanx Alex…….

Minesh Rai

Hello I have uploaded all files as ur instruction. I want to customize it but ur customize instruction is quite difficult to understand like you have written “Find the tag that holds your name and email (hint: look for the
tag that has something like: name=”name” or name=”email”) and place”

here plz tell me where to find tag ?????

Harsh Agrawal

Thanks Alex very useful share and going to try on one of my site..
Also saw your new skin and great work with it.. πŸ™‚

Alex Mangini

Thanks. πŸ˜€

Brad Ferris

Guys I followed all the instructions and as soon as I saved the customfunctions I get this message: wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 866

I’ve gone through and tried my best, but WTF…..what would be on line 866 that’s extra? What can I do to fix this?

Alex Mangini

Hey Brad,

Sounds like something went really wrong somewhere. Shoot me an email – alexfrais at gmail – with the exact things you did during the installation process.

Scott Painter

I followed the instructions and now I’m on the white screen. How do I get back out of this?!?

Alex Mangini

Hey Scott,

Are you sure you uploaded everything into the custom folder?


Beautiful job on this – install went very smoothly. Now for the stylin’.

Thank you so much!

Lloyd Adams

Thanks for the cool widget Alex! I’ll use it soon.

Alex Mangini

Let me know how it works out for you. πŸ˜€

Silvio Bianculi

Alex I’m working with Silvio who uses your Thesis Business Theme on his site. is it possible that the business theme code already located in the custom_function.php and custom.css files is interfering with the addition of your widget? Should I uninstall your business theme first and then re-install after installing the opt-in widget?


Alex Mangini

You shouldn’t have to. Just upload the optin_widget.php file to the custom folder, and paste the simple:


into custom_functions.php


Thanks for the information. I’ve noticed alot of blogger’s mentioning about building a e-mails list if you want to grow your business. I had no idea it would be that serious, i will be building my e-mails list thanks to this post!

Alex Mangini

Yeah Ray, email lists are huge these days. Just read a few articles around DIYthemes and you’ll really understand!


I can’t get it to work, it seems that the css code included in the download is not functioning in my site. Can anyone advise me what I did wrong?


Alex Mangini

Hey Sarge,

Did you paste it into custom.css?


This may be why people are having problems.

I could be mistaken, but the “paste_custom_functions.php” code you provide includes a start php tag

or copy only the include(‘optin_widget.php”); line and paste it between two existing php tags.


This may be why people are having problems (try 2)
My previous comment included php tags which were removed.

My comment was:

Your paste_custom_functions.php code includes a start php tag but no end php tag. If you copy your entire php file and paste it at the bottom of an existing custom_functions_php file, I do not believe it will work.

I think you either need to add an end php tag or, copy just the include line and paste it between existing php tags in the custom_functions.php file.

Alex Mangini

Great point! I’ve reorganized the instructions to make that easier.


Yeah man. This works like a charm.


Couldn’t get much better !!

Jurgen Braungardt

I appreciate these wonderful instructions. I have a slightly different question: Which mail service do you recommend? Is it possible ( or does it make sense) to also use google groups as the provider?

Alex Mangini

Hey Jurgen,

I’d definitely recommend using AWeber. It’s the most powerful and easy to use (in my opinion).

I’ve actually never used Google Groups (or heard of it), so I can’t say much there.


I’ve disagreed about email marketing for years. But, with something this simple to set up I’m curious about giving it a try. It would be a way to connect all my sites in one place for readers to pick through what they were interested in from the new content. I don’t want to start a new account anywhere so I am hoping it can work on it’s own or with Yahoo or Topica email lists (where I already have freebie accounts).


Hey guys,

Great widget here, thanks a lot! I’m running into a bit of a problem (and last time I started playing with the .css file, my site went down until my Hosting Provider could help out, so I definitely want to ask before I start dabbling in there).

I think I still have the “AWeber optin form” from here: still in the .css and possibly custom_functions file, and it seems to be overriding the optinbox widget. Any specifics on how to eliminate that, or get the optin box to override that other coding?

Thanks in advance!

Alex Mangini

Hey Adam,

Open your CSS file and search for anything in your CSS called #optin and delete it. That should have all the old optin CSS in it.

After that, you should be clear. πŸ˜€



Thanks for the response. I did that, and it still didn’t seem to fix the problem. Any other possibilities as to why the widget isn’t taking charge?



I am having the same issue as Adam. The styling is not showing up in my widget. Thanks!


Thanks for the opt-in widget! I have been working with Thesis since last July, (my blog) and know some basics. I tried installing the your widget and thought things were going great until I looked for it in the Appearance/widget area. I read all instructions at least twice, got this far without errors, but the widget is not showing in the widget area.

Any thoughts about what I did to cause this?

Thanks. Mary


I just bought Thesis and also downloaded the optin widget. I debated posting this question but I think I have read everything several times and still have a major:) disconnect. I figured that if I was having this problem that maybe others did or will so I decided to ask for help, something I don’t like to do:)

I followed the instructions to install it and had no problems with that. My problem is how do I get an optin form like the sample you posted.

I went to my GetResponse account and copied the HTML, pasted it in the optin code area and the form that was generated by GetResponse shows up but the other options included in the widget show up above and below the HTML generated optin box. I looked at the HTML code from GetResponse and I’d swear that the most basic form has 50 pages of HTML in it compared to the sample Aweber code that you show in the customization file.

I’m guessing that the answer to this is simple and that I missed something but for some reason I can’t figure this out. I think I need some step-by-step hand holding to get me from the point of successfully installing the widget and ending up with an optin form like your sample.

Thanks in advance!!


Widget installed and working great, thanks!

Any pointers on changing the background to get a result similar to the image you posted above?



Could you give us a nice Feedburner sign-up form? A lot of folks could really use that…

Yael K. Miller

First off, thanks for creating this.

Second, the CSS isn’t registering (or whatever word you use) in my site Yes, I put the CSS in custom.css and yes I FTPed it up. I did delete all the indexations — does that change anything?

Yael K. Miller

I meant I deleted all the “indentations” in the CSS.

Beca Lewis

The widget is working great – thank you, however, the CSS is not registering. Yes, it is pasted in .. any ideas? Thanks, Beca

Alex Mangini

Hey Beca,

Make sure all caches are cleared, and if you’re on Thesis 1.8.3 – enable Design Mode to rebuild your CSS.


OK – I did enable Design Mode and that definitely registered some of the designs of the CSS (like the images) but not the shading or borders.

Could something else be affecting this?

(thanks for the tip on enabling Design Mode in 1.8.3)


Ok so I did everything correctly and it installed. Customizes easily, yet every so often now.. i get an error and I have to reload wordpress… its an 866 error with pluggable.php… any reason why this may be happening? it doesn’t take the site down, but I have to reload my admin panel….

Alex Mangini

Not sure if the optin widget would have caused that. Can you take a screenshot of it next time it happens?

Jerry Nielsen


I can use this with all my AWeber optin forms just fine. Is there anything I need to know or do to make it work with iContact? I a couple of clients recently acquired who have been using iContact for some time and are unwilling to make a change. I would still love to be able to use this widget on their Thesis themed blogs.

Jerry Nielsen – iMarketOnMac

Alex Mangini

Hey Jerry,

Sure, just follow the instructions in the optin styling section. I used AWeber as an example, but the instructions should still apply if put into the hands of someone who knows even a little coding.


Hi Alex –

I’ve followed the instructions and everything is working nicely – except my form doesn’t work – it sends me to a form inside mailchimp where one must re-enter and re-submit the information. Per mailchimp, I am using the correct form tag – however- there is a discrepancy somewhere between that and the widget. I understand that you don’t use mailchimp, but am wondering if you have any idea what that discrepancy might be and where it might be hiding. I really like the widget and want really badly for it to work – any ideas, suggestions, advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks –


Hi again – found the update on the installation, put it in, the submit function works perfectly now – however – the styling of the other widgets in the sidebar has gone awry – there is a bullet beside each widget title and the title fonts and spacing have changed.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Looking forward to feedback –


Hello Alex,

Thanks for this widget. It looks great and I’d love to include on my site.

Here’s where I’m stuck:
3) Now, open up custom.css from your Thesis installation and paste the CSS code
from paste_custom.css (you received in the download) into that file.

Yes, I’ve read through your instructions several times and also read through all the related comments. Where exactly do I paste all of the text from the paste_custom.css? It’s not clear if I post it at the beginning, middle or end. Please clarify.

Then I must ask the same question for this next step:
4) Next, open up custom_functions.php from your Thesis installation and paste
the contents of paste_custom_functions.php into it.

So, in the words of Denzel Washington . . . “Tell it to me like I’m a two year old!”

Thanks again. I appreciate your time and response,

Alex Mangini

Hey Pamela,

As long as the CSS code from paste_custom.css gets pasted into the custom.css file, the position doesn’t matter. Try scrolling to the very last line at the end of custom.css, press Enter a few times and paste it there.

Same for the custom_functions file. You can throw it at the bottom.


This widget excited me and I could not wait to try it out. Having followed the instructions and read many of the replies here I have been trying to get this to work / look correct for about an hour.

I am a huge fan of thesis and have used it on many of my sites. For me, this widget is s great idea but not fit with the Thesis ethos of simplicity.

I feel most users would benefit from it being configured to act as a plugin. Personally, I would even pay for such an add-on to thesis but just feel that setting this up has not really worked for me despite following the instructions.

May be a plugin version of this would be good. The free one could contain an attribution link with a paid for version with no attribution link. What do you think?

Unfortunately, I am now off to find an alternative plugin.


Alex Mangini

Hey Lee,

You must have gone somewhere during the process, because plenty of people have set it up too. If you’d like to email me about it, I can help you: alexfrais [at] gmail.

This widget really will make inputting an optin form easier, and is a HUGE upgrade over writing functions to input an optin form to your site.



Thanks again for your earlier response. Different question . . . . Can this coding be used on a non-Thesis website?


Can we add an image of our free ebook at the top ouf the optin form? How do we go around doing that? Thanks.


Hey Alex,

Thanks for the great plugin! You did a great job. I set it up no problem, but I am trying to customize it now. Following your directions from Customization file. I tested your code, it looks pretty good, can I use that code for the time being if I change your website name? Or how does this work? I am just learning the basics of coding….Is this possible to use without Aweber for now? Is so, how can I tweek the code to make this work with no Aweber service for now and with an eventual Aweber account? Thanks again! It is on my site now.


Amandeep Singh

Great share, Alex… I am going to try this with Feedburner on one of my sites.. Hope it goes well with Feedburner….

sean b

This is totally awesome. So simple. One question: how do I change the background color of the widget? I’m a total novice. Hope it’s not a dumb question.

Scott A. Dennison

Hi Alex – this looks great, however I can’t get the .css to show up, so the form looks quite ugly. I’m just a bit more than an amateur, so I don’t see where my error is either.

Its currently showing on

Any ideas on what to do differently?

brandon lovejoy

Hey Alex,

I’ve got MD2 running with Thesis 1.8.5 and…
just tried to install the opt-in widget
i get the following error when I add
to custom_functions.php

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Optin_Widget in /home/transfo7/public_html/floatingworld/wp-content/themes/thesis_185/custom/optin_widget.php on line 117

line 117 in the optin_widget.php file is just a }

I’m sure it’s simple but it’s been a while since I’ve done any of this..
Thanks for any suggestions,



Your instructions are very clear, and I have read, followed and repeated several times.

When I go to appearance->widgets, the following appears at the top of my dashboard: Warning: include(optin_widget.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/michafu0/public_html/ablogblog/wp-content/themes/thesis_185/thesis_185/custom/custom_functions.php on line 49

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘optin_widget.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php’) in /home3/michafu0/public_html/ablogblog/wp-content/themes/thesis_185/thesis_185/custom/custom_functions.php on line 49

I also now have a “optin_widget.php” in the pulldown in my Custom File Editor. I guess that makes sense, but something is amiss.

If I go to the widgets screen, there isn’t an ‘optin’ widget. There is a ‘Thesis >> subscription’ widget that is malfunctioning, however.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help, and all your cool (and free) contributions to Thesis owners.



Just wanted to report back that I received a notice from my hosting company about atimthumb.php file that they found and corrected. When I logged in today, the Optin widget was there, and everything seems fine now.

Thanks again for your all your work and generous help!


Alex – just the thing I was looking for. I followed the steps, but curiously, when I add the widget to my sidebar, it doesn’t stay there. The system (perhaps just mine) removes the widget when I refresh the browser. Any ideas on why this is happening? The site is running Thesis 1.8.5. I will also be emailing you here – alexfrais [at] gmail.


From tinkering with it a little bit more, I see the widget is working, though my code (from MadMimi) is not. I suspect that’s breaking the widget. I have asked them to help me with this. If you can respond to my email, I would be grateful. Thank you, Alex.


Hey Alex, thanks for this, it looks cool and i got it almost working BUT i think i put the images in the wrong folder and they are not showing up…. do you mean put them in the “/custom” “/images” folder or another images folder?? where exactly do i need to put the images so that they work?? thank you!


Hello Again, where do we get the opt in code? is there a service or a Wordpress Plug-in or something we can use which is free of charge but good ( I am not ready to start paying AWeber or someone per month as i don’t have a list built up yet and it may be a while… )
Thank you!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to set this up for a while now! Everything works great and I was brave enough to try the customisations you’ve suggested. Trust me, I’ve read through every single comment here before bothering you about this (seems like one guy here tried customisations as well and is stuck exactly where I am!).

The problem is with this part of it:

Find the tag that holds your name and email (hint: look for the tag that has something like: name=”name” or name=”email”) and place this as an attribute:

Where do I find this tag? I’ve searched in the custom & custom_functions file for it.

I’m an absolute novice at this but I’ve pretty much managed to build the site by trial and error! I would really appreciate some help on this though…I’m going nuts!



Just figured it out!

Joil @ reliefpain

Hi Alex, Is this opt-in form comes with autoresponder?
Sorry if my question is silly πŸ™‚


Joil @ reliefpain

Hiiiii is anybody in there? Is this code is working with thesis theme only?