7 Custom Get Response Email Signup Forms

by Derek Halpern · 31 comments

You may remember the email signup forms we whipped together for AWeber and MailChimp.

Well, now we’ve got them for Get Response too!

7 Custom Get Response Email Signup Forms

Before you download these files, first, make sure you give a shout out to Alex Mangini in the comments of this post. He’s our designer, and if you have any requests, leave a comment, and we’ll see if we can accomodate.

Note: These forms are for Get Response only. If you want the other forms, try the links I linked earlier in this article.

If you’d like to see what these forms look like, go ahead and see them right here:

Here’s what the forms look like.

Now here’s how you use them…

First, download the zip file here:

Download these Get Response forms

When you unzip this file, you’ll see 7 different folders. In each folder, you’ll see the directions on how to install each email signup form. Make sure you follow those directions.

Then, if you want to use those forms on your Thesis website, follow this tutorial here.

You’ll see how you can add those forms in the 4 key places on your blog for high conversions. All you gotta do is replace “PASTE YOUR EMAIL SIGN-UP FORM CODE HERE” with the code from one of those files.

And thats it.

Remember, leave a comment and let us know what you think!

About the Author: Derek Halpern ran marketing at DIYthemes, and is the founder of Social Triggers. To get more tips on how to be confident, sign up to his list here.

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What do you mean by “Get Response”…….

Are you talking about customizing the “confirm subscription” page?

If so…here’s mine…


(The video was a $5 investment on fiverr.com — love that site)



Oh….these are more webforms. OK, I get it. But maybe next post you can talk about maintaining the “bread-crumb” relationship by customizing your “confirm subscription” page when someone signs up. A great opportunity to build your brand and message to your audience that many people miss out on.

Thanks for these great posts.



The idea of a video after subscription is very good. And by the way your video was really interesting 🙂

Calum Garvey

HaHa thats Pretty Good! Definitely grabs the viewers attention!

Linda Varone

I hope you will be adding custom email response forms to Constant Contact to this great resources. I and a lot of my small business entrepreneur colleagues use Constant Contact. Thanks.


Thanks for the forms, but we do not use any of these mail services, so web forms that are not linked to any mail providers would be great. 🙂


Hi Alex. Great forms!!!

Richard Bohn

How about some great forms for Infusionsoft some day?

Happy Thanksgiving,

Rich Bohn

Anne Wayman

I love get response, but the samples point to aweber… are they the same? I hope?

Derek Halpern

The examples (as shown in that Aweber section) are the same as Get Response. Just download the zip file.


Hi Alex!

Thanks so much for these awesome forms!

Happy Thanksgiving,


I would like to use this one of my website.

Richard Maybury

Another request for Constant Contact forms please Derek. I respect and value your work and love (yea – love) Thesis


The forms are really beautiful. I have customized two of the forms for my Feedburner subscription and it’s working great 🙂

Brian Kelly

Thank you for the Get Response code. I am really new at this. The opt-in box shows up well. After inputting the name and email, I am receiving an error from Get Response on the handoff of data. Get Response places “friend” in the Name field and ask again for the email and if typed in again it does go. What resource do you recommend to debug my handoff error?


I had the same problem too.

Alex Mangini

Hey Brian + Enrico

Did you adjust the code to match your own Get Response ID?


yes I did


Same problem here. I guess there’s something wrong with the code; once it’s redirected to the getresponse page (with the “friend” field), you can write the name & email, hit the button and it works; there’s no error there. So… it must be the code, right?


I have the same problem. Would love a solution to this if possible as it’s hurting ye old conversion rate.

While I’m here, I love the content on the site Derek. You’ve done a fantastic job.

Hesham Zebida

There is nothing wrong with the code, really!

When using forms that asks only for email, GetResponse still adds a name to each subscriber and record it as “friend” !!

I have no idea why I have to call my new subscribers friends, while I don’t even know their names or who they are!

You can do a some simple trick to change (not to get rid of) the “friend” name, this can be done by adding an extra hidden field anywhere in the form and set its value to anything that makes sense to you (example: member) like this:

However, it still doesn’t make sense, but well.. this is a GetResponse thing!

I hope this helps.


I’ve the same problem. I had to remove your opt-in box and replace it with standard Get Response box. It’s not as nice…. Waiting for the solution to the problem.


There’s a guy called Tomos who already solved this issue. As we were guessing, the error was in the code.
Go to this post (http://diythemes.com/thesis/feature-box-download/) and scroll down in the comments section. Look for “Tomos” and read carefully; he has uploaded the corrections in the code and it’s really simple to solve.


Thanks for the great forms.

I had the same problem and found a solution. Add name=”name” for the name input and name=”email” for the email input.

Change this:
<input class="name" type="text" value="Enter your name"

To this:
<input name="name" class="name" type="text" value="Enter your name"

Hope this helps

ralph@retirement lifestyle

How about forms for iContact?

Larry Ross

Form shows up beautifully. But what does “Get Response” mean. No context has been offered. Also, can you clarify:
Does “paste it over the current code” mean to delete the current code? Thanks.

Derek Halpern

Get Response is an email service provider.


so i need to buy a subscribe option from get Response to use this code.


Thanks Alex for these designs!

Pretty clean and easy to look at. The first one is pretty smart with the email form quote;)

Anyway, thanks for helping everyone out here and giving all of us a nice looking sign up form that looks professional. I’ll be looking forward to more things like this to help me with my website.


Any chance something like this can be produced for MadMimi? I know there are a bazillion email marketing service providers out there but MadMimi is perhaps the friendliest of the bunch (their customer service truly rocks).


What font is being used for the tag?