7 Custom Aweber Email Signup Forms

by Derek Halpern · 157 comments

Every time I talk about the importance of building an email list, and the effectiveness of email signup forms in the right places, people always ask for the code to create awesome optin forms.

And today, those wishes are answered :-D.

You see, when you want a custom AWeber email signup form, they can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 a piece.

How do I know? Because I’ve hired designers to create them for my site and that’s what I’ve paid for them.

However, since you’re all loyal readers of the DIYthemes blog, we tasked our designer Alex Mangini to whip you together 7 custom AWeber email signup forms at no charge to you (that’s around a $700 value).

7 Custom AWeber Email Signup Forms

These forms are for AWeber only, but don’t worry. In the future, we’ll make these forms compatible with other providers too.

Here’s how you use them:

First, download the zip file here:

Click to Download AWeber Forms

Then, when you’re done, inside, you’ll see 7 different folders. In each folder, you’ll see the directions on how to install each email signup form. Make sure you follow those directions for installation.

Then, if you want to insert those forms in specific places on your website, follow this tutorial here. In that tutorial, you’ll see where we say “PASTE YOUR EMAIL SIGN-UP FORM CODE HERE.”

And naturally, just place the HTML form there, and you’re set.

What Do These AWeber Optin Forms Look Like?

There’s 7 of them. Here are them in order.


AWeber Email Signup Form 1


AWeber Email Signup Form 2


AWeber Email Signup Form 3


AWeber Email Signup Form 4


AWeber Email Signup Form 5


AWeber Email Signup Form 6


AWeber Email Signup Form 7

Do you like these forms?

If so, then please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever it is that you share things. If you like them, I’m sure your friends will too :-).

About the Author: Derek Halpern ran marketing at DIYthemes, and is the founder of Social Triggers. To get more tips on how to be confident, sign up to his list here.

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David Krug

These are epic thank you!

Annie Sisk (Pajama Productivity)

OK, I’m not sure I’d say they’re “epic” but it’s epically nice to share them for free, for sure. πŸ™‚ Thanks, guys.

Kane at Hood Web Management

No, it’s definitely epic – I hate styling submit forms!

Alex Mangini

Glad you like them David!

@Annie: What do you think we could have done better to make them epic? πŸ˜‰

Annie Sisk (Pajama Productivity)

Alex: First of all – can I commend you on your response? I’ve seen a disappointing surge of antagonistic responses to comments that are not fawningly positive on some “A-list” blogs lately, and this, right here, your comment? That’s how it OUGHT to be done.

Second – I honestly don’t think you CAN make a simple email sign-up form “epic,” without also making it of limited use to the vast majority of users. What makes them epic, to me, would be elements linking it to the individual site, blog, or blogger in question. A repeated design motif, for instance, or copy that clearly and specifically refers to the blog/blogger’s USP.

Like I said below, these are perfectly serviceable, well-designed, and of great use to a majority of site owners. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. But epic? I suspect a lot of folks responding here are responding to the generosity of sharing the forms – which I, too, commend and appreciate. But if we call everything “epic” then “epic” loses its meaning, right? πŸ™‚

Alex Mangini

Hey, I know not everything I do is perfect so the more feedback I can get, the better I will become at what I do. At least that’s what I tell myself. πŸ˜€

And I know what you mean. After all the work it took for me to make 7 of these suckers, I tell myself it’s epic because I’m excited about the work I’ve done and excited to release them for free. To me, that’s some epic stuff!

And to others, who can’t design optin forms or were having trouble with theirs before — for something like this to fall out of the sky and be ready to use on their site (while solving all their problems) is definitely EPIC. πŸ˜€

Appreciate the opinion though, seriously! That just leaves me with one question:

Do you plan on using one of these on your own site?


These came at the right time for me. I wish there was an easy way to insert an image into the code (easy for me, that is). Nevertheless, you have my gratitude.

David Krug

I’m using one on a non-Thesis site. And the reasons I called them epic is because I’ve been a bit of a negative wonker in comments lately and I wanted to be positive. It’s epic that Alex and DIYThemes partnered to make these forms. They are truly awesome and Im very appreciative.

Annie Sisk (Pajama Productivity)

Alex: Dude, I hear ya. As for whether I’ll use one: I like the two I’ve got on the PJP site, but I will probably try out one of these on my chronic pain site once I get that list ready to go. That site is kinda wild and woolly so, the way I see it, either I get a very specifically tailored form designed, or I go the other route and go way simple and uncluttered. Am leaning towards the latter, and there are great examples here.

David: I applaud your commitment to being more positive! That’s just as important in my book as not reacting defensively to criticism.


Hi Alex, awesome work, Cheers.

One question, is there any way to make custom sign up forms for Feedburner too?

Puneet Sahalot

aha… nice work! Wish you could release a set for MailChimp as well πŸ™‚


plus 1


Yes, please!

warner blake

plus 2


plus 3

but will use them on my other site.

Thanks for putting the forms on, appreciate it.

Radek Gadek

plus 4


Another plus 1!

Jane Howitt

MailChimp for me, too please :))

Though I feel a bit pushy asking, seeing as they’re free.

Must agree with earlier comment about your replies: Gold Award for Great Customer Communication, I reckon.

Alex Mangini

Guess I’ll have to get the MailChimp ready forms out sooner than expected!

Andrew Kenton

That would be epic. πŸ™‚ Had to say it..

As a MailChimp user, I would certainly appreciate it, anyway.

Mark Hallenberg



Add my voice to the requests for MailChimp.

Appreciate in advance you pulling this forward, Alex.

Chris Aitken

Hey Alex — thanks in advance for an equivalent (or at least similar!) set of forms for those of us using MailChimp!

Cheers, Chris

john r hopkins

Yes, Mailchimp. I didn’t even know what Aweber was.

Vivek Parmar

Awesome. Email forms.. Thanks for releasing it free and helping all of us in saving $700

Ralph Johnson

+1 for Puneet’s suggestion!

Dave Tong

Super awesome Derek… Thanks a mil!

Beca Lewis

Once again .. great information … making life easier! Thanks!

Mr. G

Nice… I’ll try to translate them to Spanish.

Now that we are talking Aweber, I have a question: How can i personalize my email template? I want to send something more branded, but I don’t know where to start searching.

What would be the keywords? “email templates”? “how to create email templates”?



Oh, that’s just what I needed. I spend hours on aWeber trying to make my own and usually just drop the whole thing and go with a generic one eventually πŸ˜€

Thanks a lot Derek. Have a great day!


Serious? If you have aweber, there are plenty of forms that are just as “epic” if not more so available. If you paid for these, than you wasted some cash.


It’s a good thing I don’t value your opinionβ€”rude remarks will do that.

That said, I’ll still dignify your opinion with a response. I’ve seen many of the forms available in AWeber, and I personally wouldn’t use any of them on my blog.

It has nothing to do with how nice or “epic” they are. It has everything to do with that I just don’t think they fit well on most blogs.

These forms, on the other hand, are a perfect fit, and are completely usable.

Gregory Ciotti

Hate much?

These are way cleaner than AWeber’s default forms, don’t kid yourself.

Plus, nobody ever said anything about paying for these specific forms, just that paying for custom forms carries a certain cost (for the designer’s time).

Derek Halpern

These type of people make me laugh. They’d rather try and slam other people and their work than spend that time working on their own business.


I went through each and every default form on Aweber, and Derek, you are completely right that these are so much better. You can’t even compare them!

I admire your response here, most would just hit delete on a comment like that. Why can’t people either just say thanks or click away!


Actually, it never hurts to cut a critic some slack. We should all keep in mind that what is or is not really good design is not always obvious to a lot of people.


Yeah – I don’t get it. Why bother?

I think it’s great that people disagree, but I wish we’d all do it in a way that wasn’t rude.

Thanks for the FREE custom forms. I’m stoked to try one out on my site.

I’d love to know how people make images like ebook covers cross over or extend beyond the boundaries of the form. I think those elements really make the form standout. Can you teach us that next Derek??

Thanks….love the information you give me.


I’d also love to know how to add an image (e-book cover) ABOVE the sign-up button: I’ve only had luck adding one below.

Plus, I’ve been through aWeber’s stuff and I can tell you why these are better:
-font is much nicer
-the size of the box is just right for a sidebar
-the buttons look more professional; notice the shadowing and the graduated color?
-the boxes are in general clear, sharp, and professional looking.

Thanks Derek and Alex!


Well said Derek.

I seriously doubt if that Jamie dude even took the time to check and see the forms AWeber has to offer.

Annie Sisk (Pajama Productivity)

With all due respect, and meaning absolutely no disrespect to your designer, I can’t disagree with the general comment (though it certainly could have been phrased more politely). The Aweber templates called Minimal, Modern, Sign Up Below, and Big Arrow, for instance, are all pretty much interchangeable with the ones above. There’s nothing *wrong* with your forms at all, and it’s great to have more good choices, but they’re not heads-and-shoulders better than the standard forms (which can be customized pretty easily with a little effort and very little technical skill).

Sean Davis

I take it you’re doing this for traffic? You really couldn’t be that much of an ass.

Nice work, Alex.

Linus Rylander

Great templates Derek, thanks for sharing.



It must be the cosmos becasue I just signed up to use AWeber (after much debate over mailchimp) for my new site and these custom forms are perfect! I’m still tweaking everything and plan to use your great information for building my list. Although things are not up and running to perfection at my place (site), I just had to let you know how much I appreciate all your great information.




I recently switched to Aweber from Mailchimp and I have to say it had to be one of the best decisions ever πŸ™‚ Main reason was Derek’s videos that kept talking about conversion percentages and I could not track that in MC.



I believe that I read something on your site about one of your followers horror story with mailchimp, which also help make my decisison to use AWeber. Thanks for help indirectly πŸ™‚

Jane Howitt

Oh no! Am I missing something about MailChimp and making a wrong decision?

Rats! I shall have to research this more, won’t I?

Just when you think you’ve got it all sussed…


Fantastic! I love working with thesis theme! Just finished a website on hang gliding and a night club website with thesis! Always great to have a good bank of custom email optin forms to split test! Diythemes all the way!


hey Derek. These are just in time. I’m putting together a squeeze campaign right now. I’ll totally use one of these.

~ Corey

Derek Halpern

Hey Corey, just letting you know that we don’t let people use company names in their comments. We prefer you use your first name.

And I hope you enjoyed the forms.


These are really pretty, thank so much, I love the little envelope in the mail field.

Alex Mangini

Heh, I always try to add those little icons into forms I make. Glad someone noticed!

Danny Cruz

Yep, there’s a good reason why people make custom things – To make them better! πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen the stock AWeber forms, but even so, these look great. BTW, +1 on the MailChimp ones. Unless you all can convince me AWeber is worth the extra coin over MailChimp. -Danny

Simon Jones

You can do a huge exercise in evaluating side by side, both mailchimp and aweber solutions. or…
You can save yourself a bunch of time by signing up to a bunch of mailing lists from the worls greatest online marketers… and count what they are using.
I’m gonna stick my neck out and say 80%+ are using aweber and as they say “there ain’t no smoke without fire” πŸ˜‰

Danny Cruz

Hi Simon,

Good point! I’m running MailChimp on 1 site at the moment. But I’m making marketing decisions for a new-ish site and I haven’t set up a mailing list service yet. This is the time to choose. Sounds like I should run AWeber on there after all.

I used to use Constant Contact with a company I used to work for and actually liked it quite a bit. Another company I do work for uses the horrible GoDaddy email service. So far, it seems like the top 3 are AWeber, MailChimp and Constant Contact. -D

Simon Jones

Getresponse is also much used. But I believe their value add is a better ability to “take on” single opt-ins. Valuable if this is for you, but double opt-in is the only way to go IMHO


Hi Derek,

Just wanted to drop in and say that all these lovely tips and tricks that DIY Themes has been emailing me is all very good, but I have to ask the question about Thesis.

Have you guys forgotten about the theme? I can’t believe that the once often upgraded Thesis is now dormant when other premium themes are getting some serious traction in the market.

As a matter of fact, I really like Thesis but I can’t stand still and as a result, I’ve purchased 3 other developer versions of wordpress premium frameworks. And now I am using them one new websites.

I’d love to know if you guys will be focusing on Thesis and not these silly Internet Marketing time and bandwidth wasting communications.

Come On – Stick to the knitting here and give us more of what we signed on for – Thesis 1.8.3 – 2.0 or whatever!


Chris Pearson

Jd, Thesis 1.8.2 is still competitive with every premium theme on the market.

You haven’t seen a new release of Thesis because I’ve been working for 13 months on a new version that will revolutionize the premium theme market once again.

It takes time, innovative thinking, and, quite frankly, some serious guts to create something radically different and progressive while the rest of the marketplace scrambles to gather every last dollar it can from an audience that is easily baited by shiny new things.

At DIYthemes, we’re better than that. We are here to teach, inspire, and to provide you with the best website software on the planet. That’s why we do what we do.


So, does that mean we will be getting the new framework soon?

I applaud everything in Thesis 1.8.2. I use it on many sites and they operate flawlessly.

What I like best is it’s simplicity.

I appreciate emails from you guys when you address Thesis Specific topics, how to add functionality and do design tweaks to make your website sparkle – relavant topics.

Your emails and posts about the importance of using categories and optimizing your site with built in Thesis features are great, and I’m sure everyone else would agree.

After all, Thesis is a User Interface for the webmaster.

I’m glad you’re no longer in the Brian Clark – copyblogger INC. and I salute you for getting away from him.

I love everything about Thesis, much more than the majority of the other premium themes around with few notable exceptions which I won’t get into here.

However, I have certain projects in the pipeline which I am holding back on because I’d prefer not to change frameworks after building out the sites.

A few more amazing banners for affiliates also might be helpful, I’d really like to promote Thesis more, and quite frankly – the ads should be as elegant as the framework.

I also appreciate you replying to my comment.

So here the real question for you Chris – When can we expect this revolutionary update?

I can hardly wait to take the shrink-wrap off it.


Brian Clark

Wow Chris, I think he managed to insult both of us at the same time. That hasn’t happened since the good ol’ days. πŸ˜‰


I didn’t insult Chris!

Chris Pearson

Jd, there is never any good reason to wait on a project. No matter the circumstances, I would never advise you to wait on launching a project because of 3rd party software.

Right now, we expect Thesis 2 to be ready for a private beta by mid November. From there, it will likely be at least 3 weeks before the official launch.


Thanks Chris

Look forward to upgrading.


Danny Cruz

Look… I’m with JD in the fact that I can’t wait for the new Thesis and I have undeveloped sites waiting for it. But I also know good things don’t JUST happen, you know? so, I’m sitting here, developing content instead of developing sites… for when it hits! Then, it’ll be like… Yay! -D


Hi Chris, i simply love the Thesis theme. Frankly the thesis theme and some excellent blogs on how to work with Thesis, changed the way i looked at blogging.

Waiting ardently for the new version of Thesis.

Some feature requests [if u don’t mind requesting here]

1. Custom post templates for posts from a specific category.

2. Sub-pages pulling the page template from the original page.


Chris – I hope you are able to include an API call that allows 3rd party developers to test email addresses or license keys or something, for Thesis ownership. I put in a request to you ages ago for this, and you said it was on your to do list. We could really use it. I hope it makes it in.


Mike McBride


Very nice forms, and very much appreciated. (And your timing is impeccable – off to plug one in right now …)

John Robberson

Thanks for providing great value to your readers. The forms look awesome thank you?

Has there been a tutorial in the past about how to create and or install headers before? If so could you point me towards it. thanks,

Ryan @NoMoreBacon

Great resource Derek!

I’ve already got one up and rolling on my site!


As for the hater, the standard Aweber forms just SCREAM web 1.75. They haven’t quite hit web 2.0 yet. They’re completely dated and look like something you’d find on a crappy real estate site.

Thanks for the resource!

Alex Mangini

Wow, it looks epic on your site! πŸ˜€

Ryan @NoMoreBacon

Thanks man! I was lucky cause the style/design of form #4 matched up perfectly. Woohoo!

Lance Nelson

much better forms, I will be changing to these now. thanks


Derek, I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I do think a lot of marketers tend to over value their offers and I think $700 is quite a stretch. The forms on aweber are all customizable. You can easily make them fit on your site and I think a tutorial for those who do not know how to do that would be more useful. I do love Thesis though.


Over value? I’ve hired designers to create custom forms for me, and that’s what it usually ends up costing me. That’s just the facts.

And yes, you’re right, you can make Aweber forms easily fit on your site, but as I said above, the forms just don’t work for blogs in my opinion, which is why I had these forms created. Because these are forms I’d use on my sites.

We’ll agree to disagree though. Going forward, just make sure you refrain from acting rude in the comment section. Thank you.

Michael | BuildinganOnline.com


I don’t know from which country Jamie might be (Jamie sounds English to me though).

I’m from Denmark and English is not my native language, and I see nothing rude in his comment at all. What I say here is, that basically I could had written the above (rude) comment, without having the slightest idea of it being rude.

That said, I find to be very generous of you be to share these forms for free. Yes, Aweber’s forms can be easily customized; No, Aweber’s forms are not that easy to integrate properly into a blog.

I always read your tips and tricks and make heavy use of your knowledge.

Haroun Kola

Awesome forms. I agree that awebers stock forms are a bit lame. So appreciating these!

Christopher Sharpe

WOW! I love Thesis and I love this blog, but I have to say that for me, this is the most helpful and most appreciated post you guys have done so far.

I’ve already implemented one of these and plan on using a few others.

Thanks a million!

Alex Mangini

Chris, that looks awesome! Definitely let me know where else you put these forms.

Radek Gadek

Wow! Looks really sweet…

john Falchetto

Thanks Derek, just when I was fighting with the Aweber ‘customize’ functions to make them look better inside my posts.

Awesome designs and you know you are doing something right when the haters show up πŸ˜‰

Roy C.Chukwu

Nice forms. I am already on may way to use one of them.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gustavo J.

I got an account with aWeber but I don’t know how to use it. I am trying to make an email template to send out to my email list but I just can’t find the way.
Can anyone help me with any tutorial or advice.


Peter Jones

thank you-I am still very much of a beginner so these will be of immense help


I hate to give people the impression that they should pay $700 for this kind of work. I am sorry you felt that comment was rude. I thought the offer was over blown and I think people should be able to voice their opinion and perhaps a reality check is warranted. I have a feeling anyone who doesn’t cheer on the post is going to be called “rude” . I’d call it constructive criticism.

Derek Halpern

As I had said to you, when I paid for email signup forms to be developed by a designer, they cost me anywhere from $50 to $150 each. Go see price quotes on elance to verify.

Gregory Ciotti

Hey my dude, since I replied to your initial comment I wanted to respond here to as to make things clear.

I wasn’t insinuating that you need to be fawning over anything. If you don’t like these, I’m sure Alex doesn’t mind and nobody else here is going to silence your opinion.

But the thing is, it doesn’t make the best impression when you criticize free things like this, it raises questions as to why you would be critical to something free as it obviously costs you nothing.

Secondly, and more importantly, about the price, I’ll say for a second time that nobody is implying that you should pay $700 for these, nowhere does it say this.

What Derek ACTUALLY said was that if you pay a designer to make you a form, you will pay $XX – $XXX dollars for the designers time, and his pricing of those services are very accurate, most designers charge an hourly fee and it would take a few hours to get a custom design done.

The $700 was the estimate for a designers TOTAL TIME in creating ALL of these forms, which I’m sure took Alex quite a few hours to get all the way done.

So, in summary: it takes money to get stuff like this done, rightfully so, and nobody here understands why would you make a such a critique on a freebie that somebody put in a lot of work to make available for you.

You could have just said “Meh, not for me, but thanks anyway.”

It pays to be polite to total strangers giving away free shit.

Dave Morgan

What a killer resource, Alex and Derek, you guys rOck!

Crappy form design is something that the masses suffer from, and for some reason, most don’t bother hiring a designer, me included sometimes. This helps a lot!


Thanks these are great. Don’t let your enthusiasm get squashed!

Nice to see Mr. Pearsonified here – I am a fan for life.


Thanks, Derek! What a great thing to give us. Very generous. And yes, I’ve had problems with Aweber’s sign-up forms, so you’ve saved me a lot of time and bother. And yes, considering how much time I’d spent on trying to get Aweber’s page (with not much help from their reps) to work. So this IS epic for me. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

Alex Mangini

I’ve never actually tried using AWeber’s other forms…is it really that bad? Maybe we should donate these forms to AWeber to help them out. :-p


yes, please do!

Thanks for the hard work, Alex. Really pleased to have the Ps file – I’ll be modifying some of these for my upcoming web dev projects.


Abhijeet Mukherjee

Thanks a ton! Been looking for these for ages. πŸ™‚

Jen Knox

Love them! Thanks so much for releasing them for free!

I’ve used the ones offered in Aweber and they don’t even compare to these. Nicely formed boxes, good drop shadows, clean lines….all evident here and greatly appreciated!

Ignore the rude comments. None of us were expecting these forms and they were a welcome and very thoughtful surprise. If they can do better, let them.

I especially appreciate your response to the negativity. Classy, as always!

Roy C.Chukwu

Can we use this on other templates that are not yours!

Alex Mangini

Any site you want.


Looks wonderful, but not sure exactly where to place the images. Is it wpcontent/themes/thesis182/custom/images? And then- take form #5 for example – am I only transferring the four provided images from your ‘images’ folder, or must I also include the full image ‘5’ that has been included as well? Thanks for this, AWeber’s forms can be a bit of a pain!

Alex Mangini

Hey Brian,

Yes, in whatever number folder you choose (like 5), upload just the images into the /images/ folder in Thesis.

The file, 5.png, is only there so you know what the final product will look like and does not need to be uploaded.

Then, just paste your CSS and HTML as instructed in the file and you’re good to go!


Thank you!


Wonderfully epic resource Alex and Derek

Sometimes reading comments are just as interesting and informative as the article… where would we be without the rude folks to spice up our lives.

Thank you for your generosity.

And re new Thesis version – hopefully there will be shortcodes πŸ™‚


Wow, guys, this rocks! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent searching for “pretty” opt-in forms in the past — I love Aweber, but their forms are disappointing. Great variety here — name/email, email only, horizontal… Thanks a bunch!


I have been looking for someting like this. Awebers forms just aren’t working for me. Thank you very much

Martyn Chamberlin

This is sick man. Thanks for the resource. It’s inspiring me to work on my own (nonexistent) forms.

Knowing you, I’m surprised these examples aren’t powered by HTML and your own AWeber. πŸ˜‰

Chris Pearson

Ha! Believe me, I wish they were powered by our own HTML and Aweber πŸ˜€


Saves me time that’s better spent on building my site. Saves me money hiring some-one else to do it for me. Makes my site look professional and keeps the visitors happy. Gotta love it, thank you πŸ˜€



Thanks a bunch!


Another vote for Mail Chimp forms please, if they looked as good as these I’d certainly use them!

VΓ­tor Maia

Hello people!

Love this site and content!

What about GetResponse? This forms works with this e-mail marketing brand and code?

Thank you

Jeremy Blake

Love you guys for offering these up for free. I HATE aweber’s default opt-in forms, so I’ve been looking for something like this for quite a long time.

Already installed on one of my sites.

Thanks again!

Rob @ Atlanta Real Estate

Good stuff, brosepth.

Anton Amoto

Wow, this is incredible. This are the optin forms I’ve been longing for a looong time and pissing Derek on FB sometimes on how to make this awesome Aweber optin form. I recall Derek answered “I’m not a coder”. Glad that I’ve found it here. Than you Alex, you rock!!!

Darrell Evans

Derek, not an email you send goes unopened in my inbox and today was no exception. Thanks for providing these forms. It will help me tremendously.


Thank you to both you and your designer friend, Derek! Already implemented on my site and it looks great. Much love.


Thanks guys, these forms are awesome. I was just looking for some recently and frankly it’s a frustrating pain in the neck solved by DIY Themes. I will pass them out like candy!


didn’t understood really – do i have to use ‘AWEBER’ in some way? must i pay them for a sign-up in order to make this work?



They look good – when are you likely to produce them for Office Autopilot?


Thanks for the free forms. On #2, what is the style for the header h3? It’s using my default h3 and not yours.


And actually the style of the whole form for #5 would be good – h3, text, input text. Thanks.


Thanks for this great tutorial. We have been planning an email addition to our website network and these will come in very, very handy as soon as we get the rest of our sites converted to WP – only 3 to go!

Yael K. Miller

These look amazing. I would love 1shoppingcart forms especially since they don’t provide any nice looking forms like Aweber does.

Marsha Godwin

Thank you….Thank you….Thank you! Can’t wait to use these!


Hi Guys,

Thank for the amazing and simple form design….

Lee Miller

I’m really pleased that I now have Thesis for my site. As a new blogger I’m on a budget that put’s me in the Feedburner lot. I was going to use Mail Chimp but they don’t allow affiliate promotions. Thanks for all of the tips that you send out. My head is buzzing with all there is to learn. I hope that you do some forms for Feedburner as well.


These are just amazing …. thanks for sharing.

Debra Torres

Hey Derek,
Yeah, I’m in the Feedburner lot too. Any chance these will be compatible for it soon?


Hi Derek,

One thing that I like about your Social Trigger site is the elegant use of signup forms and submit button in the same line. The 7 signup forms included in this posts, though, are all based on the standard look from Aweber.

Why don’t you share one of these great one-line-signup-forms? πŸ™‚

danny bee


Derek – your magical power invoke success.



What about customizing the text in French?…


Thanks so much for these Derek.
I actually did a bit of mix and matching with them so I could add the button I liked to the form I liked!

(P.S. The CSS in the instructions is also really good for spicing up the contact form 7 plugin.)

I saw Chris’ comment re: Thesis 2.0 and I’m really excited for you Chris. I want to see you ‘blow a few people away’ with 2.0. I can’t wait to see what you’ve created.


Anton Amoto

The optin form works fine here in my blog sidebar. I think this is such a loss profit for designers who charge around $700 bucks for 7 optin forms but is very helpful for everyone πŸ˜‰


I added the Aweber Form #3, but when I tested it to see if it would access email, it said that “the missing list is not currently active.”

Clearly, it seems, I have missed a step. Question: what must I do to activate my Aweber mail form so that I can start adding people to my email list?

Thanks for your time and help.


What is I want to add another field like a phone number? Do I just copy the code for email and customize it to read for a phone number?

Jk Allen

All I can say is awesome and thanks! Let the haters hate.

Keep hustlin’!

Matthew Kimberley

Awesome. If you could find something like this for Infusionsoft web forms, that’s something I’d pay for.


I used this on a friends project most recently.

thanks to Alex!

Pressure Washing Charleston SC

Thank you. Will be using one of these soon.

Craig White

Thanks Derek,

Just started a new site and this will save me tons of time!


This is what am searching for. Thank u πŸ˜€

Rusty Eddy

These forms are great, I like them a lot better than the canned forms provided by Aweber. I always appreciate the constant value you provide from DIY Themes. Time to start updating some websites!

James Burgin

I’m also a long-time Thesis fan and appreciate all the education and resources you guys provide. And this post is great too.
Here’s another vote for doing forms for Constant Contact too please.

And perhaps a very useful feature for all is to include some way to put in an image – so that the ‘lead magnet’ – the offer / bribe to subscribe could be presented right within the form.
The offer to ‘subscribe to my newsletter’ is so 2005 now – and, regardless of design provides little incentive by itself to convert more site visitors to subscribers.

An email address is currency and needs a powerful offer to get anyone to give it to you.



Is it possible to change the text – to another language for instance – when using your Opt-in forms? And can I use it with other mailing softwares except Aweber?

Gail J Richardson

Thanks Derek, These forms look great and I will put them to good use. Keep it up!!

Thanks so much
Gail J Richardson


Hey Derek,

Great looking Aweber sign up forms. Not overly the top with class designs but as long as it is effective in signing up customers.


Hi Derek,

Thanks for all your work. IΒ΄ll look into this:)

Trevor Watkinson

Hey Derek & Alex,

I’d like to say a BIG thanks to both of you for providing these custom Aweber email signup forms free of charge! I have them in use on my site and they are a huge improvement over the ones I used before.

One thing I did notice is that when I followed your instructions implicitly for how to add the code to my website, I stopped receiving information in Aweber for the number of times each form was displayed!

I found the piece of code that is needed near the bottom of the raw html version of the original Aweber form. It is the last line of code before the closing tag and it looks like this:

This line of code needs to be added to the other section you instructed us to copy. I am now happily receiving display data and loving the new signup forms. Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for these Alex!

They’re definitely ‘Epic’ and look fantastic on my site…

I’ve got them in the sidebar, footer and single post, still got to sort out my feature box though… then I should be set – hey Derek?

Except for getting some more traffic!


Sweet thanks for the aweber templates. Aweber should use yours.


These are infinitely better looking than the default Aweber forms. Thank you!

Amandeep Singh

Are there similar opt-in forms available for feedburner as well? Can you please advice?

Brendan Schneider

Thank you so much for providing these but I have a question. I realize this is support in nature but I’m not sure where else to turn.

I tried use the directions outlined in your download but I think Aweber has changed their Web Form Generator because I can not locate the section of text I am supposed to replace.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Felipe Garcia

I am looking for something like this for iContact. Any suggestions?

Cedric Aubry


Exactly what I was looking for πŸ˜‰

Thank a bunch Alex πŸ˜‰

All the best,
Cedric Aubry


Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to Derek & the gang. These form will come in very handy, Cheers for taking the time and effort to do this, Dave.


The comments have been just as interesting as the article and the forms. Derek, loving your social triggers too by the way.

John Hoff

Hmm… I followed the directions and my css isn’t working. Files uploaded to the image folder, text pasted into the sidebar text widget, but nothing I do in my custom.css file sticks?


Did you figure this out? My css isnt working either.


I hate to say this but the instructions that comes with these are written in such a way that whoever wrote them clearly wants people to struggle in an attempt to land some more clients that he can charge.

I’ve struggled for hours in an attempt to add one optin in my sidebar, one in my feature box and one at the end of the post.

It’s still a great share.. I just wished that the instructions were written in an attempt to help.


Not sure whats happening but the background for the form isnt working. Everything is listed correctly as is. Where can I get help?


Figured it out would be great if he styled a drop down as well! Hint, hint…