WordPress Ecommerce Store with MemberPress or Easy Digital Downloads

Our ecommerce special was a huge success! We’ve turned the results into a done-for-you ecommerce service using FOCUS + MemberPress.

If you’ve ever run—or attempted to run—an ecommerce site on WordPress, you already know how difficult it is to get everything set up and working properly:

  • Getting your products to display how you want
  • Configuring checkout pages so people can actually buy
  • Preserving site speed with all these new ecommerce components
  • SEO concerns

Worse, you’ve probably dealt with the design headaches that come with any ecommerce implementation:

  • Account pages don’t match the rest of your design
  • Many elements aren’t relevant, look bad, or are simply out of place
  • Playing whack-a-mole with responsive design issues

Bottom line? It’s hard to set up ecommerce with WordPress. And no matter who you are, you’re probably going to need to help with some—or perhaps all—of the issues listed above.

Get the Perfect Ecommerce Setup for Your Website 🔥

This is why, for the first time ever, I’m offering my private ecommerce codebases for both MemberPress and Easy Digital Downloads.

That’s right—you’ll be able to use the same code I’ve been using to run both DIYthemes (Easy Digital Downloads) and the Golden Ratio Typography Calculator (MemberPress).

But that’s not all:

  • I’m going to install and configure everything for you,
  • I’ll set up your templates and account pages to match the look of your site, and
  • I’ll optimize everything for speed and SEO once I’m done.

This is something I’ve never offered before—it’s a hybrid product and service. And it’s superior to building out an ecommerce site on your own because you’ll be working with a proven foundation designed for peak performance.

(Perhaps best of all, it’ll be easy to maintain. You’ll be able to focus on making sales rather than worrying about technical issues on your website.)

Whether you’re already running an ecommerce site or looking to start a new one, contact me using the form below, and we’ll see if this ecommerce solution is a good fit for you!


Inquiry form has been removed. If you’re interested in the best WordPress ecommerce solution, check out FOCUS + MemberPress.

The Fine Print

Things you might want to know before getting started…

  • Sites must be running FOCUS to be eligible for this service!
  • However, if your site is not already running FOCUS, you don’t have to switch your Theme! In fact, it may be smarter—and far easier—to run your store on a subdomain or in a sub-folder. This way, the ecommerce components will not slow down the rest of your site!
  • The final price is dependent upon your precise setup and how many add-on components you want to incorporate. Easy Digital Downloads, for example, can become quite complicated with things like Recurring Payments, Software Licensing, and an affiliate program.
  • Got any other questions? Contact me via the form above, and I’ll answer them!