Flex Skin Gets Big Videos and More in Version 1.3

by Chris Pearson · 13 comments

Now featuring big video support on the Front Page template, the Flex Skin is ready to help you deliver a rich multimedia experience for your visitors. This new video support is a nice complement to the big image + action button that has made Flex so popular since we first introduced it.

Other significant enhancements include new design controls for the Call to Action area along with a redesigned Latest Posts area on the Front Page template (with more control over the output, too!).

See all the changes here, and read on for specific details about how to get all the new functionality associated with this update.

Update Instructions

Flex version 1.3 is an automatic Skin update like any other, but existing Flex users will also need to update their Skin data to take advantage of all the new features.

First, all Flex users should update their Skin CSS and CSS Variables after applying the version 1.3 update.

Second, in order to incorporate the new video functionality, users will need to update their Boxes and Templates, but it’s important to note that this process will overwrite any data changes you’ve made to Boxes or Templates.

Attention! Because of the nature of Box and Template updates, we do not recommend this process to people who have heavily customized Flex sites! If you are one of these people, please open a support request so we can assist you with this update.

If you have not made Box or Template modifications while running Flex, then you can use the Skin Data Manager → Restore Defaults → Select Boxes and Templates to complete the update.

Once again, if you have made extensive modifications to Flex but would still like to incorporate the big video functionality without compromising your existing work, then you can open a support request, and we’ll help you out!

Don’t have Flex yet? Here’s how you can get it…

If you’re an existing DIYthemes customer, simply log into DIYthemes and visit the Get Skins page. From here, you’ll be able to purchase any Thesis Skins you don’t already own.

If you’re not yet a DIYthemes customer, now is a great time to consider purchasing a Thesis License so you can run the fastest template engine on the planet.

Remember—speed, performance, and responsiveness are the most important aspects of your site both now and in the future. All the bells and whistles in the world don’t matter one bit if your visitors can’t access your content quickly and conveniently.

We built Thesis around these principles so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are running the most efficient, customizable, and maintainable website possible.

Finally, if you have any questions or comments about this Flex update, please let us know in the comments below!

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building effective websites.

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Thanks, looking forward to check it out.

Mike Grath

good to see you are improving theme and care about your customers, these things makes a company better than others.

Miguel Wickert

Enjoying the update. Thanks. Any plans on providing some tutorials to help users make the most of their flex skin? If there’s something already out there please share.

Chris Pearson

Hi Miguel, have you checked out the Flex Skin documentation?


Hi Chris, I am ready to get a flex skin after reading your post. However, when I checked the information on adding the video, I didn’t see any info on adding your own video besides a youtube or vimeo videos on the documentation. I have searched the forum and couldn’t find any information either. Is there a simple way on how to add your own video to the post?




Maybe I will understand on how to add your own video, if you can explain, who is going to provide the embed URL as mentioned in the
Thesis Theme User Guide, i.e.,:

“Other providers will also have an embed URL that is not the same as the Link URL you use for sharing a video.

Once a video embed URL is provided, a play button will appear in the Featured Image area on the Page or Post.”

Would it be generated by the Flex skin itself?



Matthew Horne


When you upload a custom video to WordPress it has a link to that video in the media library. You would use that link instead of a special embed link required by YouTube, Vimeo and other external video sites.


Matthew Horne


I just updated the docs to give you an example of how the link would look for WordPress uploaded videos.




Unfortunately I’m not a DIYthemes customer. This time I’m serious about Awesome flex skin. I can do a lot of cool stuff on my personal blog. sounds good. but before buying this skin I would love to know, is it possible to customize video background? please let me know. Thanks

Chris Pearson

Otis, you can customize the area BEHIND the video with Custom CSS (and this is very easy to do).

Don Petersen

Hi : I have Thesis Theme and want to set up a video website designed for mobile users. I plan to use Wistia to host the video. Search Engine Watch warned site owners that “[w]hen you load most web pages, you don’t load a video (but you do load images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Obviously, autoplay will be switched off. Which Thesis Skins do you recommend as meeting my requirement that the video NOT load?

Chris Pearson

Any of our Skins are perfect for this, as the practice of loading or not loading a video has nothing to do with the Skin.

Don Petersen

Thanks Chris ! I have been very happy with Thesis for several years and appreciate your taking time to answer my question. Don