Updating CSS After Skin Updates

Whenever Thesis Skin updates include revised CSS, you’ll need to take two steps to get the new CSS and also to adapt your Design settings to this CSS.

Many Skin updates do not include CSS updates, so you will not need to do this every time you update a Skin. We’ll be sure to let you know if a specific update includes revised CSS, and then we’ll refer you back to this page as a reference.

The following procedure, which uses the Promo Skin as an example, may be applied to any of our Skins.

Step 1: Applying the Updated CSS

restore_default_dataAfter updating your Skin via the green Update button for that specific Skin in the Manage Skins panel, navigate to the Skin Editor panel. Click the Manager button in the horizontal menu at the top of the Skin Editor. Once in the Manage panel for your active Skin, click the blue Restore Defaults button in the Restore Default Data module.

restore_skin_css_defaults_3A ‘Restore Default Settings’ panel for that specific Skin will display. Uncheck all options except for Skin CSS; leave that option checked, then click the green Restore Selected Defaults button. A confirmation panel will then display, asking ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ This panel will also inform you that an automatic backup of your current settings will be created in case you decide to revert. Click the OK button to complete the process. Your Skin CSS will then be updated to incorporate the official updates made to Skin CSS.

Step 2: Re-saving Design Options Settings

Once you have restored default CSS settings for the Skin—thus incorporating the updates to Skin CSS—navigate to the Skin Design panel (Thesis AdminSkinDesign) and click the green Save Design Options button.

That’s it! You have now applied your Skin Design customizations to the updated Skin CSS.