5 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic from Pinterest

by melanieduncan · 25 comments

Do you ever wonder what everyone else is doing to get tons of traffic from Pinterest?

Are you one of the many who just don’t see what the buzz is all about?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, I’ve got good and bad news for you. The bad news is you aren’t using Pinterest correctly—or at all! There are crucial strategies that you need to be applying to get results.

But the good news is, I can teach you what you need to know.

And by the end of this article, you’ll understand what you need to do to start getting more traffic from Pinterest (aside from adding a Pinterest Pin It button to WordPress).

I’ve got 5 specific tips for you, and they are as follows:

1. Create Your Own Original Content to Pin.

Did you know that over 80% of pins are repins. [Source: RJMetrics] That means that if you are just repining everyone else’s stuff you’re not going to get anywhere. But if you learn how to create valuable visual content of your own, you have a virtual army of people waiting to circulate your pins and get you tons of exposure.

So what is valuable visual data? Anything from videos, to Infographics, even an image of text on a colorful background works. In fact, the simpler the better.

Want to see a huge surge in traffic? Give something away in your pin. Have a cool new tool, template or app to share? Promote it in a pin and link to where they can sign-up or go to get it.

Even if you’re not the creator, you could write up a great post about the resource and how you are using it so that you can still get people to your blog. People LOVE pins like this.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to edit your pin and ADD A LINK after uploading an image to pin from your computer. This is one of the most common mistakes that I see. So many people miss this step and it results in zero traffic. If the image it is not pinned from a website, Pinterest defaults it to a dead link until you add one.

2. Pin More Tutorials and Teasers.

Common to popular belief, it is useful not just beautiful information that wins on Pinterest. In fact, tutorial pins see a 42% higher click-through rate than the average pin. [Source: Pinerly]

People love to learn. But beyond that, people love to store and share helpful information. Think about what kind information your audience would find valuable and make some pins out of that!

Through my own research, I have found that teaser pins intrigue people and get them to click through at a very high rate. A teaser pin typically is just some text on top of an image or colorful background, that states what you will learn on the other side. For example, “How to Create Better Content”, or “The 5 Things You Should Always Do Before You Publish Your Post.”

You don’t teach them anything in the pin, you just peak their curiosity.

What’s great is this strategy works equally well for bloggers, product or service based businesses.

3. Focus on trending topics.

A highly underutilized technique is to incorporate trending topics into board titles or as keywords within captions. Pins featuring trending topics see a 94% increase in click-though-rate. [Source: Pinerly]

Relating our content, products or services to current events is easier than you may think. The department store, Barney’s New York, did so simply by creating a “Valentine’s Day Gift Idea” board in early February filled with gift ideas from their site.

Blog posts could be pitched in relation to trends, conditions or general sentiments felt by the community. What is hot in your industry right now? What is everyone talking about?

4. Include “call to actions” in your captions.

You know all the powerful marketing strategies that you are using in other areas of your business? Yeah, they probably work on Pinterest too. Did you know that featuring a “call to action” increases the engagement (repins, comments, likes) of a pin by 80%? [Source: Pinerly]

Time to start including “click here,” “comment below” or “repin this” in every caption. You could even include a CTA in the actual image of your pin. Don’t wait and see if your followers can figure out what you want them to do. Just tell them!

SPECIAL TIP: Pair that CTA with a link in your caption and you’ve got referral traffic magic.

5. Host a Contest on Pinterest.

The travel deal site, Jetsetter, ran a contest on Pinterest and saw a 150% increase in their traffic. [Source: Mashable] Want to know how you can get in on that same kind of action? Host a contest where participants must either pin content from your site, or repin pins you already have on Pinterest that link back to your site.

Truth is, there are a lot of great ways to structure contests on Pinterest. You can look at brands like Sony, Bergdorf Goodman or even Land’s End to learn more.

What is crucial is that you get other people to share pins that promote your site with as many people as possible. To aid in that pursuit, your pins should feature content such as I have outlined above. The winning participant should be someone who has created the most overall exposure. For example, their board has the most followers, or their pin has the most re-pins.

Follow these 5 tips and you are sure to see your traffic from Pinterest increase. Statistics don’t lie, and I’ve given you some simple yet extremely effective ways to create compelling content that will create crazy exposure for your business.

Now you know what was missing, and what you need to do to start leveraging Pinterest as a major traffic source for your site.

About the Author: Melanie Duncan is the founder of the Entrepreneuress Academy and creator of the Power of Pinning program. She teaches thousands of people across the world how to get more traffic and sales with her Pinterest marketing strategies. To learn more tips, attend her free webinar here: www.PowerofPinning.com/webinar.

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You forgot to make this article PINNABLE!

John Dumas

Every article is pinnable with the Pin App!


Gosh it would be nice to pin this but no image in the post. 🙁
(FYI – I am part of a board for a blogger network and we pin from posts with helpful info).

Haroun Kola

I’d love to pin this post too 🙂

Bill Romer

I’m thinking a graphic banner that says, “5 Ways To Get More Blog Traffic From Pinterest” or something crazy like that 😉

Lance Clancy

Now I know I have to include at least 1 image in my blog posts so that I can pin them at Pinterest. Thanks for all the useful information here.

Tom Nunamaker

Do you have some examples of how to implement your suggestions?

Melanie Duncan

Examples are now up!


i had use pin longtime and a had more traffic from this..
Thanks for tip..


Thanks for the great tips. If you could provide some specific examples that would be great.

Melanie Duncan

Updated. 🙂

Jay Venka

I got crazy repins when i pinned trending news related content that is interested. So I would vote for news+interesting pins = huge exposure in Pinterest.

Thank you
Jay Venka


Pintrest is the new in-thing. Lets see if it can challenge facebook, currently its only in beta so many of the above actions seem avoidable


I’ve been slow to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon but this post definitely inspired me to move forward. Thanks for the tips!


nice tips by Melanie.. actually I just started to use Pinterest, thanks for this useful tips for me… really help me..

Melanie Duncan

That’s wonderful to hear!


Thanks Jay for your feedback on posting trends.

I posted video pins and have seen some additional traffic. One question for everyone: is there a way to get hyperlinks to work on the mobile Pinterest app?




i have the pin button on my site but don’t use it that much. i guess, i’ll have to pit more efforts into it after reading this post…


I’v been doing this for my blog. I like to write my blog post and if possible I design an infographic that illustrates the subject or I’ll pick something from my article and turn it into a little poster with a phrase.

I experimented by logging into Google Analytics to see the live visitors. I then pinned my blog post infographic and within 3 mins there were 11 new visitros and people had already repinned my pin. Prett cool stuff.


Pinterest is definitely here to stay…as it also offers videos to be pinned which dint even start taking off. For now pictures are doing great and for any one trying to capture visitors, they will have to be where people are..and people are on Pinterest for sure. The above mentioned tips will surely help a lot of people effectively use Pinterest and to get a lot out of it.

Dorothy at ShockinglyDelicious

Can you explain this comment more:
“IMPORTANT: Make sure to edit your pin and ADD A LINK after uploading an image to pin from your computer. This is one of the most common mistakes that I see. So many people miss this step and it results in zero traffic. If the image it is not pinned from a website, Pinterest defaults it to a dead link until you add one.”
I am to edit the image that I just pinned to one of my boards? How do I edit an image? If the image is not pinned from a website, where would it be pinned from? I am stumbling on understanding this advice, but it seems crucial.

Melanie Duncan

Hi Dorothy – for a walk through of strategies like this join me on one of my webinars here: http://www.powerofpinning.com/webinar.

Barbara | Creative Culinary

I can’t deny having reaped huge rewards from Pinterest. I blog about food and cocktails and always have a photo. Seems that has been a perfect fit for Pinterest; I forget that lots of bloggers blog about topics that don’t have a coordinated image; great info.

David Sharp

Thanks for this great article Melanie and if I read you correctly I need to create a unique picture or graphic for each blog post and link it correctly, also make sure I have the pin plugin on my site. That seems quite easy and doable, thanks again.



Thanks a lot Melanie for this awesome share. I now know that i am guilty of doing lots of things. I didn’t know the rocket science behind it and didn’t get a clear way of getting traffic from Pinterest, instead i have been filling photos, though with links, getting little traffic. Really appreciate for your good guide.