The Anatomy of a Web Business

by Shannon Whealy · 10 comments

You might remember my article about the 9 Essential Body Parts of a Web Business from earlier this year.

Now you can see it as a cool graphic.

Click the image to see the full size version (there’s awesome quotes to tweet there, too):

The Anatomy of a Web Business

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About the Author: Shannon Whealy is the owner and graphic artist behind Turnaround Design. She's passionate about creating powerful brand identities—through logos, websites, packaging, marketing collateral, and more—for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Ivan Walsh

Nice one, Shannon

think this would go viral if the blog body could make blog babies 🙂

just saying….



The visual helps so much! Thanks Shannon 🙂

vp ahmed

Very Nice. Enjoyed well.

Annie Sisk

Very cool, Shannon. Some folks are much more visually/pictorially oriented (as opposed visually/verbally oriented, responding to words), so infographics are awesome to help those folks grasp the “big picture.” Ha. I made a punny. 🙂

Regina Mize

Nice graphic, Shannon. I really like the way you integrated human anatomy with the different areas of running a web business. This will be great to print out and post as a visual reference. Thanks.

Shannon Whealy

Thank you all! I so appreciate your feedback. 🙂

And many thanks to Derek Halpern, who worked closely with me to bring this infographic to fruition!

Rob @ Atlanta Real Estate

this one is a stretch

Tamal Anwar @Social Media Consultant

Indeed a very very good outline + the artwork, I love it. I would like to add one more part (which is off course inappropriate for this picture, but we are adults here right?) that would be “#11. Pleasure” in business we need to find time regularly for the things we always wanted to do, have fun, party or a vacation. Business itself is addicting, but we would like to spare time for learning new things, going out and meet people other than business contacts.


Beautiful presentation!

Advanced organizers, like the analogy you presented, really help learners organize and remember information. It becomes easy to apply the learning to actual situations.

Thanks for sharing.

Simon D. Davies

Excellent! Never thought of a website being like body parts, but how true.