We’ve Reinvented WordPress Themes…Again

by Chris Pearson · 328 comments

Well, folks—it’s been a wild ride.

The ride began in 2006, when I designed a theme called Cutline that became one of the most used themes on WordPress.com because of its simplicity, no-nonsense design, and typography.

That early success was great, but I realized that there were many problems facing the theme space…problems that I was going to have to solve if I wanted to make a theme that millions of people could use over many years.

In 2008, I created Thesis to solve some of these problems. As you know, it quickly became the industry standard for premium WordPress themes, thanks to innovation in key areas.

Not only did I bake the best SEO functionality directly into the theme, but I also empowered users to tweak their designs with point-and-click controls.

Shortly thereafter, many WordPress design shops went into catch-up mode to incorporate similar features into their themes.

But now times have changed.

Over the last couple of years, innovation in the WordPress theme space has completely stagnated.

Yes, people pumped out new designs and began adapting some of their old designs for the responsive web. Although this stuff is great for users, it’s not innovation, and it damn sure isn’t good enough for me.

I didn’t want to just release a “new coat of paint” for Thesis.

I wanted to rebuild the whole engine.

And believe me—it wasn’t an easy decision.

My marketing partners yelled at me the entire time because they wanted something new to promote. Customers grew agitated because they saw new coats of paint coming from every theme shop on Earth, yet I was curiously silent.

Heck, I even had to question my own sanity because I left millions of dollars of revenue on the table.

But this was never about revenue. It’s about building the best website engine on the planet. It’s about solving the problems that prevent you from running a website that is everything you want it to be.

And it took two years of work to build the new engine that will define the future.

With that said, I’m proud to announce Thesis 2.0. You’re absolutely going to love it.

What Can Thesis 2 Do for You?

If you run a website for any length of time, you soon realize that you need to do 3 things to stay on the cutting edge:

  1. Implement a new design from time to time
  2. Add functionality as your site or business grows
  3. Incorporate the add-ons from step 2 into your design

Each of these steps has a host of problems associated with it, and worse—any of those problems can derail your website performance and momentum if not handled properly.

Thesis 2 solves these problems in innovative, powerful new ways.

Thesis Skins: The Answer for Your Design Needs

Prior to Thesis 2, all skins and child themes were either collections of template files or a bunch of PHP code that made your website behave a little differently.

While this worked and allowed people to produce all kinds of cool customizations, it was difficult to work with and understand. Essentially, this was a “developers-only” kind of environment.

It’s easy to see why this was a poor long-term solution: What if you, the average user, wanted to make some changes yourself? Well, you’d have to sift through some code if you wanted to do that. Fail.

Ultimately, it was clear that skins needed to be something real, something you could see—not just something that existed only in cryptic combinations of hard-to-read code.

And that’s where Thesis Skins and the new Thesis Skin Editor save the day.

With Thesis 2, everyone from novices to experts will interact with Skins through the Thesis Skin Editor, an amazing new visual environment for building templates and managing your design.

Thesis Skin Editor

Figure 1. Working with templates has never been easier. The Thesis Skin Editor lets you “see” HTML for the first time! [click to enlarge]

The Thesis Skin Editor brings your Skins to life by allowing you to click on, move, and interact with the elements of your website.

editing a nav menu in the Thesis Skin Editor

Figure 2. The Thesis Skin Editor gives you a new, visual way to edit HTML that makes working with templates fast and easy. Pretty soon, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. [click to enlarge]

Thesis Boxes: Add-on Functionality on Steroids

Simply put, Thesis Boxes are add-on functionality done right.

For the sake of understanding, let’s compare Thesis Boxes to something you’re already familiar with—WordPress plugins.

How many of you have tried to incorporate a plugin into your site, only to be told that you had to insert some PHP code into the “appropriate template file?”

[cue sound of a train screeching to a halt]

Instead of this approach, wouldn’t it be nicer if you could activate a plugin and have it incorporated into your site in a way that didn’t force you to muck around with template files and code?

I think so, and that’s part of what Thesis Boxes are all about.

Activate a Thesis Box, and boom—it gets queued up for use in your current Skin, no matter which Skin you’re using!

You’ll be able to drag the box where you want it, change its settings if necessary, and basically get the exact result you’re after…without messing with code or template files.

Even better, you don’t need to be an expert to do this stuff. Everything is point-and-click in the Thesis Skin Editor, so you’ll never be limited by your knowledge of code.

From now on, you no longer need to worry if your Skin supports a particular feature. With Thesis Boxes, you will always be able to add precisely the piece you need, when you need it, and where you want it.

Thesis Packages: Conquering CSS Once and for All

Honestly, the CSS/design landscape is pure and utter madness right now.

Stylesheets are getting bigger, more complicated, and less efficient because no real innovation has occurred in the CSS space in over 10 years.

Sure, we’ve gained new properties and behaviors, but none of these things has made our lives any easier. Worse, these new features have only led to larger and harder-to-maintain stylesheets.

Some people might look at this situation and see progress. I see a serious problem for normal people who want to run cutting-edge websites, both now and in the future.

The problems don’t stop there, either. Let’s say you’ve added a plugin (or a Thesis Box because you’re super savvy) to your site, but now you’d like to customize the look of this add-on in some way.

For years, custom CSS—something I introduced back in 2006 with Cutline—has been the answer to this extremely common problem. But writing custom CSS requires you to know how to…write CSS.

We can do better. Enter Thesis Packages, which allow you to deploy even the most complicated CSS without writing any code.

To understand how Thesis Packages work, just think about a dropdown navigation menu (like the one that Thesis 1.x has had for years).

Dropdown navigation menus consist of complicated structural CSS coupled with simpler elements that everybody understands, like colors and fonts. The complicated elements are especially tricky because they play a huge role in determining whether or not your design is cross-browser compatible.

Thesis Packages allow us to do the hard work for you, while leaving you to interface with the stuff you actually care about—colors, fonts, and other simple properties.

Thesis Package Editor

Figure 3. CSS doesn’t have to be an overwhelming maze of code. Thesis Packages give you point-and-click editing capabilities that just make sense. [click to enlarge]

It’s hard to convey how excited I am about this particular facet of Thesis 2.

Let me just say this: Within a year, we’ll have Thesis Packages that handle almost every design element imaginable. From typography to email forms to nav menus and beyond, we’ll have it all.

Thesis 2. October 1. Are You Ready?

It’s official. Thesis 2 arrives on October 1, 2012.

Shortly after launch, we’re going to be changing our pricing structure and benefits packages to nail down the value that we provide.

Before we change the structure, I want to make sure that every one of our existing customers has the chance to maximize their Thesis 2 benefits at the lowest possible price. Here’s how it will work:

If you’re already a Thesis customer and own the Developer’s Option, you don’t need to do anything. When we switch our pricing structure, you’ll be grandfathered into the maximum benefits package.

If you currently own a Thesis Personal option, you’ll still get Thesis 2.0 for free. However, if you wish to get the maximum benefits package for Thesis 2, you’ll need to upgrade to a Developer’s Option before we change our pricing structure.

Right now, the cost to upgrade is only $77; after we change our structure, this cost is going to rise. Therefore, if you want the maximum Thesis 2 benefits at the lowest possible price, you should upgrade to a Developer’s Option as soon as possible.

If you’re already a Thesis customer and wish to upgrade to a Developer’s Option, log into DIYthemes.com and then click here to buy the Developer’s Option add-on.

If you’re not yet a Thesis customer, you can pre-order Thesis 2 through AppSumo.

This is the cheapest you’ll EVER be able to buy Thesis 2. We don’t do sales, so if you’re thinking about waiting for a better price, you’ll be dead before you get Thesis 2.

And hey, even if you’re already on the Thesis train, you should check out the Thesis 2 deal on AppSumo just to see my sweet mug on video. You know you love it 😀

See you on October 1!

PS: I’ve barely scratched the surface of Thesis 2 in this post. If I even attempted to talk about all the new features and cool things that Thesis can do, you’d be buried under an avalanche of awesome. We’ll be looking at all the new stuff in detail over the coming days, so stay tuned!

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building effective websites.

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The editor looks sexy. Can’t wait to start using version 2.


ya, i really like editor because it’s easy to use compare to previous versions and i really love thesis now i am waiting…………..

Happy Hotelier

Okay boss
time to change your clownish avatar…

Philip Hox

Really? That’s what he needs to do? Your avatar looks like you sell bush’s baked beans bro! I’m all about old folks getting on computers but not to bitch to people about what they should do.

pwning 24/7

Steve & Sally Wharton

Philip! Chill dude. An opinion (about an avatar) doesn’t warrant an aggressive personal insult. Besides, Bushes Beans are yummy; the best. It’s all good Bro. Visualize world peas man



Whats wrong with Baked Beans.


Narrrggggh. The fun of Thesis will reign supreme. Time to leave your avatar as is 🙂


Yeh! I agree with Happy Hotlier’s humor – time to change your clownish avatar with a new clownish avatar 🙂


Yeah, or why not offer a choice of avatars like you can customize the Big Ass save button. There’s plenty of room.

Leonardo Wood

It’s ON!!


Hell has frozen over! Thesis 2.0 actually exists!



Jason Manheim

Can’t wait to try and break this. 😉

Jason Manheim

By the way, is Oct. 1st the official release? Is there no beta, or was I just not privy to it?

Chris Pearson

October 1 is the official release. Given the time constraints, we only have time for a limited-release alpha, so there will be no beta period.

Marcel Brown

Living on the edge! I love it! Hopefully 🙂


And be buried under an avalanche of awesome… I feel quite a learning curve coming compared to the way I’ve been doing things.

Seth Ellsworth

Huzzah! So stoked for this. Can’t wait to drip some creativity in to the new framework.

Rob @ Atlanta Real Estate

Cool beans brotha!

Been a long trail, but a good one.

Dan Tudor

Right when the leaves are falling, something new springs up. Very psyched to take 2.0 out and put it through its paces.

Tom Nunamaker

Looks FANTASTIC Chris! Worth the wait.. and thanks for clarifying what existing developer license holders can expect!

Oct 1st can’t get here soon enough!

Matthew Horne

Oh its been a long time coming, and the fact that it has taken so long, is a point to consider, this isn’t about simple changes, but about progression in web development.

I am 100% sure this is gonna rock the world of wordpress and force it to take a look at itself. I look forward to the 1st october to check out all the new features and take my site to a whole new level.

Thanks Chris, I know you have been hard at work with this and im sure it’s gonna pay off big time.

Grant Griffiths

Congrats Chris and I know I can’t wait to see what you have done with Thesis 2.0.

Keith Messinger

Time for me to upgrade!


Glad to see the vision hasn’t died.

I actually thought the end has nigh for Thesis.

I look forward to Oct 1st.

Chris Pearson

The only end that was ever nigh was the status quo and everyone who is wedded to it.

Thesis owners ARE the future.


As someone who’s been a Developer Licence owner for over four years, I know that talk of this release has been a long time coming. I even remember when you were talking about ‘Cosmo’ and I was meant to get that free with Thesis when it came out, lol

I’m really hoping 2.0 exceeds expectations. If you’ve been working as hard as it would appear, rewards will be reaped and we’ll all benefit.

Annie Sisk

Yep, me too, Melanie. Looking forward to seeing this – though the pricing structure “changes” … well, let’s just wait and see. 🙂

Brian Bennis

Can’t wait for the launch. Thanks.


Congrats! Excited to play with it!

Lynda Graham

OK but what about us regular people who have built their own site on current Thesis? Will I HAVE to upgrade to 2.0? Will it be an easy migrate? Why do I have to go to the developer version an pay extra $$$ More info please.

Chris Pearson

Lynda, you will NOT have to upgrade to Thesis 2, and we will continue to support the 1.x lineup for as long as it makes sense to do so.

To clarify, ALL current Thesis customers will get version 2.0 at no extra charge. However, if you want to receive all the benefits of our new pricing structure, you’ll need to upgrade to a Developer’s Option.


Will there be an upgrade path for taking our 1.x sites to 2.x though ?

Silver Magpies

Hi Chris –

I’m in the same boat as Lynda. I know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to code…which is why I like Thesis so much. Will switching over to 2.0 be akin to doing an upgrade or will it be something more complicated like a site migration?

And if we do switch over, will the information/code/configuration options we have set in v 1.8 ‘work’ in 2.0? Or will we have to start from scratch?

~ Nan


I would love to know the answer to that too. And I would prefer to find out before I change anything…if it is gonna be a bother I’ll need to make sure I have plenty of time to fix what I’m certain to mess up.


Hi Chris

Wow this sounds amazing! Currently have the personal option and wondering what specifically are the “benefits” we will get for upgrading (apart from getting it at a better price now) – is this the same as the current Dev Options (ie. client site/unlimited use etc)


Susan T. Blake

My thoughts exactly…

Chris Pearson

Nik, Silver, and Susan, upgrades are a unique challenge for us.

Users who have very little customization or option-panel-only customization will be able to upgrade swiftly and easily.

For users with extensive customizations who wish to upgrade, we’ll be standing by to assist on a point-by-point basis.

Ultimately, though, Thesis 2 is completely different from Thesis 1.x. Hooks, for instance, were a key piece of the customization puzzle in 1.x, but in Thesis 2, hooks will be irrelevant for almost everyone.

Despite this, Thesis 2 contains more—and better—hooks than Thesis 1, so the “hardcore programmer” route is still available to anyone who prefers to operate this way.


Whew! That is good news. I am looking forward to 2. Hope I can make a fancier site.

Island Jim

More hooks: Awesome!

Question Chris: Where does responsivity fit it with the new Thesis? More and more of my clients are asking about mobile devices now, and it is still something I am trying to get my head around.

Uber excited about 2.0 … it’s like xmas is coming early this year 😀


That sounds good. I liked the hooks…but if there is an easier way…I’m all for that.


Hey Chris…

Will I still be able to use the hooks that work in 1.8?


Jeff Goins

I am intrigued…


Great stuff, as always. Some companies follow, some lead, some just jump off the map entirely and blaze a new trail where nobody expected one. That’s the DIYthemes way. I have never regretted getting a developer license early and sticking with Thesis. I’m looking forward to great new things from Thesis 2

Peter Guiliano

I’m with you Dave, one of the best things I spent money on and so no regrets for me either. 2 sounds like a pretty stunning step up that is clearly going to be a challenging ride for me. But I like a challenging ride.

Lisa McMahon

Can’t wait to see it all and give it a spin!

Bill Gassett

Wow that is great news. Thesis rocks and congrats on this latest development.


I’m wondering if you could be more specific about how customers who just own the personal thesis package will be affected. Will we have to pay for Thesis 2.0?

Derek Halpern

If you own the personal package, you won’t have to upgrade to the developer’s package to get Thesis 2.0.

However there will be added bonuses for people who are developers. As they’ll be migrated into the new ‘top tier’ plan which will cost more than 165.

Susan T. Blake

Good to know, thanks!

saul markowicz

i’m confused …

Chris said/wrote:
If you currently own a Thesis Personal option and wish to get the maximum benefits package for Thesis 2, you’ll need to upgrade to a Developer’s Option before we change our pricing structure.

please clarify …


Derek Halpern

You’ll get Thesis 2.0 at no additional charge. But there will be some added bonuses for people who own the Developer’s package.

We have not revealed what they are just yet, but stay tuned.

Veso M

Guys, if you haven’t thought so, perhaps it will be a good idea to include a mini infographic about the cost in the different situations (owner, semi-owner, no-owner …) on the launch date.

It should be straight forward, yet we see people get confused.


Any idea if those bonuses will be revealed before the pricing structure changes? (I have a tiny blog, so I have no need for the Developer’s package as the description currently stands, but I’m concerned that the features available in the upgraded Developer’s package might be different than currently described on the site, so how will I know if I would benefit from/want those at this point?)

Susan Walsh

I’m confused. Will you reveal the benefits before the option to upgrade has expired? You’ve got a sales pitch in place to upgrade to the Developer’s option with no information on what that buys.

Derek Halpern

We’re just getting started with the Teasers. Keep looking at the blog this week.

Brett Morrison

Check out the app sumo offer mentioned in the article. I believe that gives you an idea of some of the extras, but I have no inside knowledge.

Jair Mendes

AWESOME! I can’t wait. I just launched a thesis site today.


This is awesome! I am very excited about this. Many of our clients can’t afford customized, fully-built-from-scratch themes and websites, so I find Thesis to be a great middle-solution from a cheap and ugly template and a fully-custom site.

Making Thesis 2 better than the first (already awesome) theme is only going to help us help others more effectively and efficiently! Thanks so much!

P.S.: You know we want the developer’s version! 🙂

Louis, CircleMarketing.com

Jim Hutchinson

The visual editor looks great. Will it allow splitting the content area and putting the nav menu in between while still having 3 columns? I want that… just to be different.

Chris Pearson

Jim, you’ve touched on one of the coolest and most interesting aspects of Thesis 2.

Right now, you and everyone else is in a position where you think about your site in terms of Thesis 1.x and its basic design.

Thesis 2 sheds this connection entirely. In the future, you may opt for a responsive skin that has 2 columns, or maybe you’ll prefer a 3-column layout that looks nothing like the Thesis 1.x design you’ve come to know.

Best of all, no matter which Skin you use on your site, you’ll be able to move the elements (Boxes) around to wherever you want. With the Thesis Skin Editor, this kind of change is only a click + drag away.

Jim Hutchinson

Total control of the layout too without manual coding? SOLD!
Now where did that BUY button go? Oh yeah, there it is.
Thanks Chris!


I wanted this ability and STUPIDLY bought some crap called Headway (that I could never get to do ANYTHING). I am so looking forward to Thesis 2.

Sheryl Georylcom

LOL! same sentiments here @HeelShields…

Leo Gono

can’t wait to use it.. editor looks sexy.. 😀

Craig Addyman

I can die happy. I have just pooped a little with excitement. I got my developer licence 2 years ago for this very reason, finally paying off! Its been emotional 🙂


dont understand, do I have to pay again for the theme? I already have the developers license, I see all these new extra super expensive options. I dont use thesis on anyones sites, except mine. Will existing users like me be able to download the new version without extra expenses?

Chris Pearson

Rick, since you have the Developer’s Option, you will get Thesis 2 for free, and you’ll receive all the bonus add-ons that we’ll be giving to people who have the Developer’s Option.


thank you very much Chris. Awesome! Can’t wait.

JK Pedapudi

Thank you.


Hi Chris

Your timing is perfect. I bought Thesis 1.7 some time ago and haven’t implemented it yet due to time and lack of understanding about editing the design.
It looks like Thesis 2.0 could solve all of my problems.

Lisa Firke

Yay! Bring on the awesome.


I normally dread new upgrades of anything as they often break something or another. This time I am anticipating the new changes. Almost as good as a new Apple gizmo coming out.

Chris Pearson

Damn. I was really hoping people would be more excited for this than they are for Apple stuff.



Where do we camp out?


Yeah…I am more excited, I’ve got to say. I’ve got all the Mac hardware I need…what I really need is more control over my sites…*super stoked* (Thanks for the hard work, Chris and Co.!)


I am super-excited! Hard to believe it could get much better…

Chris Aitken

Hi Chris: thanks for the update and definitely looking forward to trying your newest creation. Just to clarify, you mentioned something on the AppSumo video last night about not having lifetime upgrades anymore … I’m assuming that does *not* apply to those of us with Developers licenses, right?

Cheers, Chris

Chris Pearson

Indeed, EVERYONE who has purchased Thesis before we change our pricing structure will be grandfathered into free lifetime upgrades.

Dragan Bosnjak

Thx Chris, I’m sure this will be a no-brainer! As an owner of a developer licence, I’m really looking forward to testing it on some of my sites


Great news! I’ve been expecting this landmark release for months! The interface looks great, can’t wait working on new customizations for my site… and looking forward to reading more on this “upgrade on demand” functionality.


Bring it on!

Ana Hoffman

She’s a bute, Chris! Easier and simpler does it…


I like innovation… Can’t wait for 2.0


Rock On!

James Dreesen

Can’t wait for the release! I’m super interested to see the new skin editor!

Yael K. Miller

Will there be tutorial videos? I’d also like to see a document: “this is how x feature used to work, this is how x feature works now.”

Is there a beta version we can test?

Chris Pearson

Yael, there will be tutorial videos, but at our current pace, I don’t expect to have many of those ready by October 1. That said, we’ll be doing our damnedest to document everything and bring the community the clear, simple instruction it needs to make the most of Thesis 2.

At this time, there is no beta available for testing. We have a closed and extremely limited alpha test this week, but given the lack of time between now and October 1, that’s the best we can do.

Steve & Sally Wharton

Chris, thanks for the encouraging news about documentation/tutorials/videos… While the Thesis Theme User Guide pages (“rtfm” heh!) are comprehensive, they still seem like they are written by coders/experts–in the sense that a non-technical user (even an RTFM’er like myself) can struggle to follow them. Here’s hoping the new body of support/help for V2 will be as geared to and useable as the very non-coding, non-technical users you describe in your announcement. Looking forward to it! Thanks,

Chris Pearson

Steve & Sally, the new stuff will certainly seem simpler and more accessible than the old stuff. Onward and upward!

Steve & Sally Wharton


Yael K. Miller


Pepa Cobos

And the existing users with personal licenses? Would they have to pay to upgrade? We also bought life-time upgrades!!

Derek Halpern

You’ll be able to upgrade to Thesis 2.0 for free.

But if you want the other developer’s option only bonuses, you’ll need to upgrade.


Looking forward to the latest release it is long over due will automatic updates will be added anytime soon?

Chris Pearson

Thesis 2 contains automatic upgrades for everything—Skins, Boxes, Packages, and Thesis itself.


Automatic upgrades, that just sold me. I hate doing those things! I am always afraid I am going to mess something up. Thank you!

Kevin Worthington

I hate to leave a “me too” kind of comment, but I seriously can *not* wait for this. Thanks for all of your efforts Chris!

Jim Stalker

This is great – just today I started looking for a new theme.

So I get this right, no cost to use 2.0 for those with Developers license?

Derek Halpern


Zoe Snyder

Very excited! And, pricing is presented piecemeal. Let me get this straight: WITH a developers option, 20. is available at no extra cost, however certain bonuses are only available WITH an extra cost (developers & personal licenses alike?).


As far as I understand it:

Whether you currently own the personal option or the developer option, you will get Thesis 2 at no extra cost. Everyone gets a free upgrade.

However, if you own the developer option you will receive additional (currently undisclosed) bonuses.

That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Chris Pearson

Everyone who currently owns Thesis will get Thesis 2 for free.

You can add Skins, Boxes, and Packages to Thesis 2, and each of those will be sold separately from Thesis.

The bonuses we’ve hinted at for the Developer’s Option include Skins, Boxes, and Packages that would all cost more if purchased individually and without a Developer’s Option.


I have the Developer’s Option and have purchased several Client Site Options to install Thesis on client’s sites. Will I need to pay extra for Skins, Boxes & Packages for my client’s sites? Or, do my client’s need to purchase something in order for me to add these features to their sites? (Not sure if I, or my clients, need to take action before a future…undisclosed deadline.)

Very excited…can’t wait to take 2.0 for a drive!

Ahmad Awais

The editor and drag drop interface is what I predicted at my social circle about thesis 2. But the CSS thing will really turn the tables. Let’s see what come’s in. Further I would like to review complete Thesis 2 Framework at my blog right at the day of launch, any chances of that?


Very excited to put this thing to use. I spent several months moving my few dozen sites to WP w/Thesis a couple years ago…but, since have been watching others progress…just waiting to see if this day would ever arrive.

Looking forward to it!

Simon Maxwell

Hey, This looks awesome … I don’t have a clue about code so I am really grateful! Can’t wait for Oct 1.

Kittie Walker

Really excited about this. Can’t wait to see how it has turned out. Been a long time coming, but am pretty sure it will have been worth the wait. Thanks to DIY Themes for sticking with the project!

Matt Lawrence

Very stoked for you, me, and everyone in the community.

Puneet Sahalot

This is hell lot of new stuff! It’s going to be fun using Thesis for future projects. I am sure it’s going to turn WP Themes market upside down! FTW!




That sounds @#$%^& GREAT! Can’t wait!

Art Di Segna

Hey Chris, we never left Thesis just got siderailed a little. We welcome the new Thesis and all it brings. Can’t wait!


Chris, when I bought thesis (I bought the personal version) one of the selling points for me was the “Lifetime Thesis upgrades” (which is still a bullet point on your pricing page).

Now, seeing a $77 upgrade fee to get access to 2.0 seems to go against the terms I agreed to. What gives?

Derek Halpern

That’s not the case Jared.

If you have a personal option, you’ll get Thesis 2.0 for free. You just won’t get the developer’s option only bonuses.

David Bennett

This looks INTERESTING !

Jeff Young

Awesome! I have very happy to hear this!


When’s 3.0 coming out?

…I know, bad joke. But you know someone has to be a jerk.

Ruthanne Reid

Oh, my word. This looks like everything I hoped it would be. I can’t wait!

Doctor Of Content

My vote this year is for Thesis 2.0! Can’t wait to use the new features, but I’ll never give up on coding some things myself.

Chris Pearson

You’d think that…



Chris… you just made me laugh so hard that I almost woke my kids up…
I freaking love your above answer to Doctor of Content; you made me so exited that I am heading right now to bed to meet my wife. lol

Kidding aside, I love what you wrote, it shows confidence in changing the way people see designing a website. I freeeeaaaakinnnnng love it. I sincerely believe that Thesis 2.0 will equal more bread and butter for me and my wife’s web design business and will give us the ability to be limitless in what well have to offer our clients.

October 1st of 2012 will be an awesomeness of a date for me 🙂

Best success to you and your Thesis 2.0 Brother.


Bill Eisenhauer

Congrats, Chris!

Dig the video. Now that you have Thesis 2.0 nailed, perhaps you can tell me where to find an affordable MCM house in Austin! Ha…

Have lots of questions, but will just wait to kick the tires in a few days. Hard to imagine a successful cross-browser CSS engine, but if you nailed that, that is awesome.



I’m very happy that the day has finally come. Thanks for the update.

Richard Bohn

I am ready for the new release! Let’s go!

Also, I am glad that I watched the AppSumo video. You are better looking than the Avatars that you use!

Chris Pearson

Awww, come on now. My Groucho avatar wins the internet.


Dude, I love the whole Groucho with the Muppets Background in you Avatar. I think it ROCKS!


Well done Chris. Very excited.


I can’t believe it! As I was tweaking some sites last night I was thinking “Thesis 2.0, my foot…” And lo and behold!

I’m looking forward to Thesis 3.0!

David / chillibox

This is definitely going to be awesome!

Joshua @Contriby

Is Thesis 2.0 going to work with shopping carts (Woo) without a bunch of hacking?

Chris Pearson

Joshua, I’ve never worked with WooCommerce, so I don’t know any details there. Integration of *anything* should be pretty easy relative to the way things are now.

Kemal Kaya

Hi Chris, This is great news and good to know. Thanks for the update.

Sergio Felix

I don’t know if it’s true that this update has been in the oven for TWO years already but I don’t care, if it is here, then I’m REALLY happy!

From what I can see, regular users will have a LOT more control of what their Thesis site looks like and I’m really excited because I know Chris (Pearson) knows about people like Corbett Barr (from ThinkTraffic) and a few others that are using Thesis in some really sharp-looking sites lately.

To be honest I’m totally clueless on what to expect but I’m looking forward to it because I know it’ll be VERY GOOD.



New functions look great. So long as nothing that’s already there breaks during update. That would be bad.

Felicia Fredlund

Man, when I saw a new thesis blog post was up I knew something was up. I was like: “Is this about Thesis 2? Is it? Is it?” And my stomach felt tight and uncomfortable (in a good way…). I was hoping. And it was!

Wow! I totally dig this. I’ve been planning a good redesign. Guess I’ll have to start thinking about it now. Best time to redesign after getting Thesis 2 I bet.

The wait is soon over, and won’t it be sweet?


I’ve recently started trying some other frameworks and while they all have some things i love they also have many limitations and/or frustrations. Mostly they generate really loads of useless code to pick through. I look forward to trying 2.0 and from the small taste above, it seems to be right up my alley. Hoping that things like the size of columns aren’t limited to the usual 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 type of thing that many shortcodes already give.


Same here. I’ve used previous frameworks that offer some form of visual / drag and drop design and “simple” css settings only to find that the code is bloated and never validates. In fact, I had given up on the idea of a drag and drop, seo-optimized framework.

I assume you guys found a way around these previous half-assed attempts?

I own a developers license and can’t wait to test all this out.


Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka

Congrats, Chris & Theme Thesis. But, hope I can really adapt to this?

P.S: I’m not afraid of change though.


I don’t understand what do you exactly mean with “bonuses” for a developer licence. I have only one personal website so I need an upgrade or not? I think this is not good for me – sorry. 🙁

Chris Pearson

The upgrade may not be for everyone, but the bottom line is that Thesis 2 allows us to help you with your site more than we can right now.

By purchasing Thesis Boxes and Packages, you can tweak your Skin and its functionality to your exact specifications.

The bonuses include some starter Boxes and Packages as well as two skins (more info on this soon), so there’s a little something for everyone.


OK, thank you for your answer. But if I buy a Thesis 2.0 skin from – for example – Alex’s Kolakube will I need these Boxes and Packages?

Chris Pearson

Alex will provide everything you need to run his Skins, so you won’t have to worry about needing additional Boxes and/or Packages. They’re just there in case you want them (because you will certainly need to tweak or enhance your site from time to time).


I can’t believe that Thesis 2.0 actually exist .

Eagerly waiting for October 1st.

Sean Davis

Once again, it’s on.

Shan @ Skewed Design Studios

I’m so glad I have the developer license. LOL And that I’ll finally be able to try skins on Thesis. I hated that the use/implementation of them varied from developer to developer and now it looks like they can be utilized easier with 2.0.

Danny Cruz

Oh. Heck. Yes!

I was particularly interested by your mention of dates. Thinking back to when I started using Thesis, and how time flies… I’m can proudly say I’m a long time developer user. I even got the company I work for to buy a license for their one site. I think it’s time to have them upgrade!


Looks good, probably about time for me to change some of my old themes for some new ones.


So great,
really seems much powerful. Hats off to you Chris. Thesis always rocks…

Rod Cole

The Developer’s Version free upgrade confirms that I made the right decision when I originally purchased Thesis. Thanks Chris for your generosity!


I am absolutely thrilled – though slightly frustrated- about the new release. Mainly because I’ve spent the last month or so redesigning my site, and I’m not a coder, so I’ve been going crazy trying to get it to look like what I want.

The whole time I was working on my site I was wishing somebody would do a point and click/drag type of thing, instead of coding, which I hate.

Of course, just as I nearly finish with the redesign, I find out that Thesis 2 is coming out….


I know you don’t really want to reveal the new bonuses that the developer’s option will have, but I hope you’ll do so before the price goes up. I’d like to buy it, but I really want to know what extra stuff I’ll get first. I’m not a developer and I don’t plan to be one; I just need to be able to design my own personal site.


Chris Pearson

Rachel, the bonuses include two Skins, some Boxes, and most likely some Packages to help get you accustomed to what is possible with Thesis 2.



Thank You!

Chema Ballarin

Hi Chris,
Understood that, as I have a personal license, I won’t have to pay to upgrade to 2.0 unless I want the “advanced” options. Question then is: is there anything I can do today with Thesis 1.x that I won’t be able to do if I upgrade to 2.0 without the developers license? Say, for instance I can tweak the css code with Thesis 1.x but I won’t with 2.0 without the developer’s license. That’d be really bad, can you comment on that?
I guess the question is: will the features in 2.0 available only with a developer license be add-on features or some of them are already in 1.x?


Chris Pearson

Chema, I will NOT be limiting features based on the product level purchased. You’ll be able to do everything with a Personal Option that you can with a Developer’s Option.

Wayne Harriman

I’m a little confused about the developer’s license and bonuses. If I’m not a developer, just a personal user, what is the benefit of me paying $77 for the developer’s license, and will the bonuses be of any use to me? I know I get free upgrades to Thesis 2.0 and beyond, but I’m just trying to justify the $77 upgrade fee. Thanks, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of 2.0!

Chris Pearson
Pat Bloomfield

Sounds awesome!!!

However, since I’m using the Thesis “Marketers Delight” skin alarm bells are ringing. And one of my website’s Scrambled Egos Music Downloads has a critical audio plugin that stopped working when I tried upgrading Thesis and skin together a while back. I had to roll back to the older version. Therefore:

1. Will it be possible to upgrade to Thesis 2.0 in a safe way where it’s possible to roll back?

2. Is my Thesis skin now redundant and I’ll need to redesign my layout?

3. Do you recommend testing on a separate website first and if so, will you give guidance of setting up a local copy of WordPress for testing?

Hope that doesn’t sound negative, this release sounds absolutely mega! But I am worried about blowing up one of my live websites in the process 🙂

Chris Pearson

1. You’ll be able to roll back to 1.x at any time, even after installing 2.0.

2. Your Thesis Skin is not redundant; Alex from Kolakube is all over Thesis 2 and will be updating his skins accordingly.

3. There won’t be a need to test on a separate website. We’re working on functionality that will allow you to preview Thesis 2 while still running 1.x.

Pat Bloomfield

Thanks, that sounds awesome!!! 🙂


Pretty cocky saying theme dev has stagnated. Au contraire – one of many improvements is the kind of usablity that left thesis in the dust losing users by the truckload.

Chris Pearson

That’s the thing about being good, Karen. You can be cocky, and people actually *like* it.


awesome! I’m glad I bought the developer’s option. It’s a great feeling to know that my investment keeps on paying me back! Thanks Chris, Derek and team!


Fantastic! If you had a DIYThemes store, I would camp out.
One question: When will you disclose the bonuses of the Developer’s Option?

Chris Pearson

Ted, we mention the Developer’s bonuses on the AppSumo deal page. They include 2 Skins, some Boxes, and likely some Packages as well.

Each of these things will be a paid add-on under the new system, so this is a chance to get a few of them at a significant discount.

Allen Venables

Awesome, can’t wait.

Alison Moore Smith

Hallelujah! Can’t wait!


You got me! I’m thrilled!

Craig Jacobson

The best looms like it is getting better. I’m in!


This looks very cool. When does the pricing structure change please?

Jim in Roanoke

Here’s to Girlie, Philip and GodHammer! May they continue to be our patient hand-holders.

Sean E

Amen to that.

Kate Foy

Thesis 2.0 in less than a week? Well, I’m excited! Whacko!

Haroun Kola

All this hype is worth the wait for Thesis 2. Even more so for me who started with the 1.5 version


Is T2 going to be mobile first/responsive with media queries?

I’ve been using it for ages on VeloNomad (it’s become a dog’s breakfast) and am considering moving to WP Bootstrap or Eddie Machados Bones for the responsivity.

The pricing still doesn’t make sense to me. If I own the T1.8 dev option,
a) do I get T2 for free, and
b) if so, is it the full dev version

By the way, it all looks awesome.


Chris Pearson

Tim, since you already own the Developer’s Option, you’ll get 2.0 and the maximum benefits package for free.

Thesis 2 isn’t technically “responsive”—it’s a template engine, and its output, Skins, are what could be considered responsive.

With that said, YES—I expect that nearly ALL of our Skins will be responsive.


Hi Chris,
Rad times.

I am ditching desktop dev for mobile first dev (50% of my mailing list reads all emails on iOS!) so this is critical.

And, thanks for taking time out to respond.



I am curious to find how Thesis 2.o may help with building websites for clients who want to serve the increasing mobile users without building an app or a custom mobile website – what responsive design or other features it may have to this end?

Clients are adding on an array of features – articles, membership (with content access based on membership levels), diretory, jobs board, etc in their atempt to thought leadership, how can we help them integrate these better with Thesis2?

Are sub-themes or skins for common applications – real estate, media etc coming with Thesis?


Chris Pearson

Hasnain, everything you mention is an idiosyncratic add-on. In time, we’ll be covering as many of these bases as we can.

For now, the thing you need to know is that Thesis can accommodate all of these special kinds of functionality in a way that far exceeds what any other software is capable of.


I feel as though you, Chris Cross makes Wordpress go jump-jump, would be most well-placed to tackle the membership area.

I have scoped a plugin but have no capital so am stuck trying Premise, Wishlist, Amember. All are failures in my opinion.

A membership function with content areas made available from day dot, and then made available signup+X days would be most-joyous.

I sell subscriptions and want to drip feed content to people (integrating with, say, MailChimp doth not cutteth thy mustard) AND want people to be able to be site members (paid or free) and have a membership area available with certain content.

I tried Restrict Content Pro – Chris Coyier uses it – but it sllllllows WP right down and isn’t quite there.



This is fantastic news, but I so wish this had come a few months earlier! Just spent a heap of time redesigning my site and I’m not a developer so it goes without saying that it was a labour of love 🙂

When will you be announcing what the developer only bonuses are?


Thesis 2.0 is super duper awesome. Thank goodness I waited for Thesis 2.0 to release. I pushed back my site redesign just for this. Now, I know I’ll not be disappointed. Great work Chris and everyone who worked behind this awesome upgrade. 🙂


Sounds great. Been waiting for the new version for a very long time, so I’m really excited to dig in and start to use it. Congratulations on your team’s efforts!

>> One question for now, is there a migration path for 1.x sites? Will they easily port over to 2.0, or will we have to redo them from scratch?

Thanks and good luck.


Ok, Sounds Amazing.

A question from an affiliate.

If a person buys the theme with the developer option between now and the launch date, they are good for all updates without the price ever going up with all the bells and whistles… Right Chris?

Chris Pearson

That’s correct, Jim!


Any special creatives???
; )

Chris Pearson

We don’t have any yet, but yes—we’ll be making special creatives to go with Thesis 2.

We’re gonna grease up that affiliate program as well 😉

Steve @ IngeniousInternetIncome

Is the deal on Appsumo for the Developer Edition? If not, couldn’t I just purchase the Developer edition on your site and get the upgrade for free, just not get the bonuses? I’m hoping that the answer is that you get the developers edition with the Appsumo deal. I might have missed that in the video, but I want to make sure.

Chris Pearson

Steve, the deal on AppSumo is for the Developer’s Option.

And if you purchase the upgrade from us, you’ll still get the bonuses.


I am long-time Thesis customer. I wonder where can I claim the bonuses after I upgraded the Developer’s Option?

Elizabeth Adams

Simplified CSS! How wonderful!

Hello, Chris…

This couldn’t come at a better time for me. My website needs a makeover,
but I’m not a techie, so I’ve been dreading it.

Also, I’ve been reluctant to get into the pile-on-the-plugins game.
With Thesis 2.0, it doesn’t look like I’ll have to.


I surely would like to hear what you have to say about how Thesis 2.0
offers an additional layer of protection against hackers!

There’s a plugin making the rounds of the inboxes that promises to
nuke hackers and, although I have trouble believing it, I’ll sleep better
knowing you’ve got that base covered!

Thank you so much for this stellar contribution to an easier life
for technophobes!

warmest regards…



Chris Pearson

Elizabeth, you’ve asked a great question about hacking. Here’s the scoop.

Most WordPress themes (read: not Thesis) are collections of HTML/PHP files. In my experience, these files and plugin files are the most commonly-hacked files on a server.

These files represent great targets for hackers because their output is predictable—hackers know they can inject links or affect your search engines by messing with these files.

Thesis 2 doesn’t contain any “theme files,” as they are known in the old paradigm. Therefore, hackers have no place to put anything that they want to show up in your site’s output (links, malware, or anything else).

Because it’s data-driven instead of file-driven, Thesis 2 is a nice improvement in security as well.

Steve & Sally Wharton

Excellent news indeed! This IS likely one of the biggest sense of concern for us non-tech folks–robust security–or at least from the pov of wondering about/being helpless with regard to vulnerabilities. Sounds like a great marketing bullet point (as if you need anymore anyway!) Thanks!

Rick Beckman

Being data-driven, does that mean Thesis 2 will be more database intensive? If nearly every piece of output is being drawn from the options saved in the database, will caching be built-in to the system? If not, is Thesis 2 tested with the top five or so WordPress caching options?


Hi Chris,

Could you put that into techno-geek terms for those of us who understand both the tech side and the security side? I have no idea what you are trying to say… 😀

In all seriousness, I’m a computer security pro first and the ability to say “this is pretty darn secure” is important to my tribe and me, but short of doing a full-blown code audit and pen test against it (which is just below “root canal without an anesthetic” on my list of “pleasurable things”), I’d like to know a bit more detail about the security side of things (and yes, the above really doesn’t make sense to me. It’s OK if you want to call me “weird”…).

Thanks for any clarification you are willing and able to give.

Best regards,


Congratulations on your Thesis 2.0 launch Chris!


Shivanand Sharma

Blink blink. [pinches himself].

Finally is it there? Hope you’ve not mistaken 1st Oct as 1st April 😉

Thanks for keeping up the innovation!

James Burgos

Four questions:

1. Are customizable per page / per post structural layouts going to be possible via the skins editor?

2. Are there any administrative role options for restricting access to theme options or customizations?

3. Is Thesis 2.0 still considered a theme “framework”, or does its evolution to a more user-centric point and click theme render the need for a developer obsolete?

4. If the answer to 3 is no, where do you anticipate the opportunities will be for developers to consult and monetize within the Thesis eco-system (affiliate programs, notwithstanding)?

Chris Pearson

1. Any template, any time, any where. You have EPIC control that is probably hard to even imagine right now 😀

2. No administrative restriction OPTIONS yet, but Thesis admin controls are only available to users who can “edit_theme_options.”

3. 2.0 is a framework, but in a different sense (read: better) than Thesis 1.x was. It might help to think of it as an engine rather than a framework. One of the goals is to diminish the need for developers, but obviously, developers will always have their place.

4. Believe it or not, developers will have FAR more opportunities to consult, monetize, and build within the Thesis ecosystem in the 2.0 environment. The really savvy developers will be building Skins, Boxes, and Packages to satisfy market needs and demands.


“We’re working on functionality that will allow you to preview Thesis 2 while still running 1.x.” coolio!

Awesome Chris just in time to redesign my site… looking forward to October 1st


By any chance is Thesis 2.0 now compatible with wp e-commerce (getshopped)?

Chris Pearson

I don’t know about specific compatibility because we do not develop around 3rd party platforms, but I can say this: Based on the way Thesis is built, it should be relatively easy to incorporate any platform you wish to use.

Megan Heaney

Chris, this all sounds so awesome. I’m currently desperately trying to clear a whole day next week just to play around with 2.0!

Thanks for all your hard work. The DIYThemes ethos is one of Thesis’ strongest selling points – I didn’t know exactly what direction it was heading in when I bought it all those years ago, but I knew it was a wise investment because I believe in your ethos. Thanks dude.

Chris Pearson

Welp, now you’ve made me blush. Thanks, Megan!


If we upgrade through diythemes do we get the AppSumo bonuses too?

Jason Mathes

Quick question… if people sign up using the old affiliate link – will they be automagically updated to Thesis 2.0? I’d like to try and pimp Thesis and get some sales in before the big 2.0 gets released!

Chris Pearson

Jason, affiliate links will be unaffected by this switch to 2.0, so you’ll be able to pimp and earn as much as you like.

Rick Anderson

Over at BYOBWebsite we’re going to have a launch day PARTY! We’re excited about what you’ve done and are looking forward to playing with it.


Good to see that those of us with the developers license are being looked after. Can’t wait to start tinkering around next week

Bob Hafemeister


Will 2.0 be available to current developers before Oct. 1?

Chris Pearson

Bob, due to time constraints, we won’t be able to offer Thesis before October 1.


Hi Chris,
I can’t wait to get my hands on Thesis 2, as I have been needing to do a complete redesign on my site.

Just one question, will it be as fast and efficient as Thesis 1.8?

As my tests have proved that the Thesis Framework is the fastest WordPress theme

Chris Pearson

KJ, Thesis 2 is faster and far more flexible than Thesis 1. Performance is an absolute priority around here, and that isn’t going to change.

Yael K. Miller

Are the bonuses that people who have purchased the Developer’s Option get the bonuses listed at http://www.appsumo.com/thesis-pr/?

BONUS: A classic skin.
BONUS: A responsive skin.
BONUS: A Pearsonified.com skin.
BONUS: A SocialTriggers.com, high conversion skin.
BONUS: A Thesis social media add-on that integrates social media buttons within the blog design (without the use of a WordPress plugin)
BONUS: A list building add-on that makes it extremely easy to collect email addresses from a blog. It will integrate with AWeber and Mailchimp.

Chris Pearson

Yael, those are the scheduled benefits, yes.


I have been using Thesis (developer option) for about 8 months now. Love it! Am I correct in assuming that the bonuses mentioned are only available for new customers? It would be great if they were available to existing customers at the developer option level. Really looking forward to all the new features. Sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere. I couldn’t find the answer and just wanted to be clear.
Thank you Chris (and team) for all the hard work on 2.0.

Yael K. Miller

People who have the developer’s option before October 1, receive the bonuses.


That’s great. Thanks for the response. Can’t wait to check it out.


Where do we get the bonuses from? Do we need to register with appsumo if we already have the developers version or do we get them through some other site?



Thesis 2.0 appears to be a fantastic hybrid of some other top premium themes out there – but with the ability to easily customise and keep making tweaks to your site to keep up with trends without the headaches. What you’ve given us a teaser of definitely justifies the time taken – given you are a smaller team with that great personal touch. For Chris Pearson – Thesis is your love child and I appreciate the personal relationship you have with your work. It’s not just about the money. Congratulations on the pre-release announcement. Can’t wait for 1 October!

David Chin

Super looking forward to this.

Tried other professional themes but keep coming back to Thesis.

Now to go off and check if I’d bought the Developer version…

Russ Stewart

At the risk of appearing that I have been held in a state of cryonic suspension
since the early seventies, I am about to upload my recent purchase of ‘Thesis’.

I can imagine the smiles on some of your faces but the greatest challenge I have (for now) is simply uploading it to my host – GoDaddy. I only found out yesterday what an FTP file was.

When I opened my email this morning and found out that another version of ‘These’ was coming out I though I’d been ambushed, just when I thought it was clear in my head I got a scrambling sensation between my ears.

It’s all good fun though, can’t wait to get the new version; it will be even better once I know how good the old one is.

Russ Stewart

Usman Latif

Great news.. finally! Can’t wait to test the latest version. The best part is, now a non-developer like me can edit the skins. It excites me the most.


Thanks for that Chris. Very informative. Link from @WeejeeMedia RT-ed, Favorited, Shared. And subscribed.


Well I think I should now quit any thoughts of doing PhD in CSS 😉

God Bless Chris for making our lives a lot easier.

Raymond Parker

Looking forward to playing with this in the sandbox … and hoping I won’t need to start from scratch with existing mods.

Adam Pervez

Thanks so much! Looks like I can change the design of my site without hiring a developer this time. Thanks!

GoingVegan UK

Thank you! I am so pleased to hear this news. I was seriously thinking of ditching Thesis because the process for making changes required me to use code is too hard to understand. Now it sounds like I will not have to!


Ok, I’m all excited about Thesis 2.0, but now I’M WORRIED.

I paid money to get a custom skin made for Thesis 1.x. Is it now obsolete and my money wasted?

If not, how will I easily take this Thesis 1.x skin and upgrade to Thesis 2.0. I do not have any coding experience whatsoever.

Thank you

Lee Hughes

Thesis user for 3 years now and will not change. I was a bit confused at first regarding the pricing as I thought (I have developers version) that I’d have to pay for the upgrade.

I thought about it for about 5 seconds and I could totally justify paying extra for 2.0. What’s a little bit of extra money for a quality lifetime product that makes my life so much easier.

I think I’m more excited than Chris about 1st Oct 😀


I’m so excited. I’m the perfect test case. I’m a non-developer with developer license and little knowledge of CSS. Also working on new site that will be great to switch over. Looking forward to hit – and hoping for great documentation.


I still don’t understand peoples who says “Thesis is expensive”, come on, you will get more than your imagine. If have touched it, you will realize the price is cheap.

The best way to get thesis more cheap is buy now with develover option.

Thank you Chris for your great work. I’m happy with it and apreciate it 🙂

Hesham Zebida

Congrtulations for launching 2.0, now I am preparing myself for upgrading my skins!

From what I see, I know that upgrading to 2.0 will break my old skin options page, well.. at least hooks are still there 🙂

Can’t wait to get my hands on it, and I hope it won’t take long to come up with a brand new options page and some cool new features.


Wow, what a great surprise in my Facebook feed this morning!!

Really looking forward to the launch, Chris. Well done thus far. I can’t wait to see what the community does to extend it, as they’ve done so successfully with Thesis 1.

Rajeev Edmonds

When I bought thesis back in 2010, I knew I’m investing in the best framework. Now, the competition will again try to replicate 2.0’s features, UNSUCCESSFULLY.

I’m sure Girlie, Philip and GodHammer are going to drink lot of coffee in the first half of October.

Terry Walton

I’m REALLY, REALLY keen, Chris.
As a total rookie (and an old bloke at that) in May 2009 I got hooked into the whole WP blog thing by Yaro Starak. I enrolled in his course on how to make money on the net and in the learning process somehow heard of the upcoming Thesis Theme. Never made any ‘dosh’ but at least, today, I have a competent, helpful resource site thanks to Chris Pearson.

With the net full of charlatans and ne’er-do-wells I was lucky my research unearthed a couple of gems. What struck me was the simple honesty of both these guys, Yaro and Chris, that engendered a trust and confidence that enabled me to dive in.

I quickly saw Thesis was pretty much plug and play like no other option I was aware of at the time and so I upgraded to the developer’s licence in November 2009. I just knew it was extraordinary value for a non-tech rookie. The support from forums, guides and Thesis aficionados has been amazing. Got me through.

I run a couple of sites that you’d identify as Thesis theme – modest – not overly fancy – distinctive enough from each other – but they work. However, I admit, after a life-threatening illness and a complete hack and annihilation of my sites, all at the same time last year, I lost heart a bit. I had reached my plateau of energy and competence, and was reluctant to steep myself in more endless learning curves to get my sites to new levels. I’ve recently been thinking when I can afford it I’ll get some whizkid to up the game.

Meanwhile…the interesting, clever, quirky Mr Pearson has magically upped the game for me. Looking forward to more plug and play in Thesis 2. It’ll be like Pandora’s Box. Whizkid indeed.

Veronika Freeman, dotcalm

Excited! I feel so much more skilled at Wordpress since I purchased Thesis! No more stumbling around and hoping that the template will let me do what I want… the backend makes it easy for me to be creative. Thanks, so looking forward to October 1!

Terry Walton

Oops! the dates should read 2008

Mike Goad

Thesis was my third premium theme platform when I bought it 2 or 3 years ago and I am very, very happy with Thesis as it is — though, like others, I have been anticipating 2.0 for what seems far too long.

One of the strongest selling points for me was the “Lifetime Thesis upgrades,” so I’ve been a bit puzzled by the questions from others about whether they’d have to pay for 2.0.

Since I own multiple sites, I went with the developer option, though I didn’t care for the price at the time — but, after using Thesis and having virtually problem free results, I have no problems at all with the initial cost.

I saw a little bit of bad press on a couple of blogs on the ethics of teasing folks about the “maximum benefits package.” One stated that it bordered on black hat marketing. However, I don’t believe that. Since you revealed it in the responses to comments, it didn’t seem like there was any intent to keep the package contents secret for marketing purposes. I’m sure that there are others who are a bit concerned about what “maximum benefits package” means. Maybe you’ll clear that up in a future blog post along with some of the questions that you’ve answered here. (Not many people are going to read through all of the comments, questions and answers to find out what they want to know.

Jay Tanna

So we won’t have 1.86 anymore!! Would you be updating the tutorial documents section for version 2.0?



The waiting is over! Can not say how glad I am – only a few days to go …



I am excited about this upgrade , I will be waiting …


Theoretically I am enthusiastic about Thesis – but I have found 1.8 it is not an out-of-the-box product for non-developers like me. I was just about to bail on Thesis and buy a basic industry specific theme that I could load myself. But if I upgrade to your new developer’s version will I find the platform to be more user friendly? Are the bonus skins new to the marketplace or something that is already offered? Thanks!

Robert Loeder

Can you talk about Thesis 2 as a Responsive Design, please? And thank you for Thesis, Derek, Alex and all the power of possibilities you all give us access to!!!


I look forward for the new version and I think from what you describe Thesis 2.0 to be the best option for wordpress on the road for the best and simple cms needed…


Some poo came out…

Thank you Thesis team. Simply cannot wait!


I’m very excited about it, while I’m brand new in all this. I have just started a blog, so I’m glad that I might not need to learn as much before I can get an okay looking page. I’m not quiet sure if I should upgrade to developers version though.. hmm

Per olsen

The news form diythemes are one of the few i always read, and the news about Thesis 2, makes me certain its time to join the Train

Keep up the good work 😉


It’s been very interesting to watch Thesis 2.0 unfold over quite some time now. (Has it been two years?).

Very impressed by the determination, hard work, and vision that must have gone into ‘raising-the-bar’… again.

Congratulations to Chris and the DIY team for what has apparently been a monumental effort!

Mark Williams

Chris regardless of what anyone says, keep the groucho avatar – it’s very important to be consistent with your branding =)


Awesome! I can not wait either.

Brad D

Sweet! Have been hanging out for this bad boy to drop for a while.


I had been checking your blog every day for this big news. Excited to have got it today finally. And yes I like your idea of not coming up with a ‘new coat of paint’ every now and then.

Ross Joyner

Can’t wait until Oct 1. Have been a developer for a few years now and it seems like we have been waiting longer than 2 years for 2.0. Thanks Chris for all of the late nights and very hard work. This looks and sounds just awsome!


Hi Chris I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the hard work that you are putting into this theme. I think we don’t quite understand just how much work goes on behind the scenes as we just use the theme.

I just wanted to ask one question. Alot of us relied on the OpenHook Plugin which was not something that came with Thesis. Is there anything that might make that part easier as I’ma alittle nervous about the upgrade effecting the OpenHook Plugin that I’m using. Ideally I’d like to run it without the plugin.

Thanks and again, I sincerely appreciate your time spent just to make life easier for us non-techie guys.

Rick Beckman

I’m hoping Thesis 2 completely obsoletes my OpenHook plugin. Whether there is an official upgrade-path, I don’t know.


Will Thesis 2.0 be build with actual html 5 standards?


I cant wait anymore.. waiting for the D Day..! the new interface looks really cool..!

Lisa Casson

Very exciting guys! I have been waiting for this for a long time and you can tell how excited everyone is just by the amount of comments!!

One question – please tell me we will be able to upgrade Thesis from within WordPress in the future? My only nightmare every time you update Thesis is having to download and updates 20+ client Thesis themes. We definitely need a better solution for this!


Looks really awesome to me 🙂 .. Waiting for it .


Hi Chris, I’m a WordPress developer new to thesis, delivering my own and client sites by customising existing themes or using a theme builder. So far these solutions are a pretty poor DX (developer experience) – there, I’ve coined a new acronym on your blog 🙂

I’ve been reviewing developer options for my next small project and looked briefly at the panoply of offerings and ruled them all out as no better than what I have already. However, having heard what you have to say about thesis 2 I’m going to jump in and evaluate it.

So I’m going to buy, as soon as I post this, but I’m a little concerned that nowhere has there been any revealing (or even enquiring) of the pricing/terms for the essential Thesis 2 “extras” we’re all going to have to buy: i.e. skins, boxes & packages. So I have some questions.

Firstly, is there a moneyback guarantee?

Thesis 2 Extras
Now to Thesis 2. I like the sound of Thesis 2 from a customisation standpoint. Boxes for example are I think a great innovation, designed to offer an improvement over, and potential replacement for plugins.

I like the idea of getting in there and building and selling these and other components, while delivering websites that clients can maintain largely without expert help (that’s how I sell my WordPress service).

But I can’t judge this without information, or even an outline of pricing/terms on skins, packages and boxes for a) developers and b) single site owners.

WordPress Plugins and Thesis 2
Obviously we can still use existing plugins, can’t we?

But can we integrate them even if they need us to hook into theme files?

Will there be certain kinds of plugin that simply aren’t going to work with Thesis 2, or will be too difficult to integrate, making them useless.


Mark (in London)


Very much looking forward to this, as much as I love Thesis, I have always questioned the way it looked, hopefully we will be able to make pretty sites more easily.

Hashim Warren

Congrats on the release! Thesis is what Dreamweaver wanted to be when it grew up.

Steve Crossland - Austin Realtor

This is good news. Looking forward to the rollout.

DJ Morris

Chris, I assume that Thesis Openhook will no longer be compatible or necessary? I have a ton of customization to my homepage, so I guess I am going to have to revamp to make it look similar….ugh, but I am excited with the new functionality!


Just to let the user know that I would install Thesis 2 on a test site to check it out. I would not upgrade immediately, but watch the forum for awhile to see what problems people have with Thesis 2. There could be a chance that we might have to redo the customizations when upgrading.

Most of us Know that the “Team” does not always communicate the details regarding a new theme, but relies on the user to figure it out.


A question for those of us who will be upgrading.. Currently I’m using some plugins with Thesis such as OpenHook (http://www.rickbeckman.org/openhook/) to simplify customizations. Have you guys been working with the plugin authors that have created plugins specifically to work with Thesis so they can get their stuff updated or does 2.0 have some of this type of functionality built in so we may not need them any longer. Specifically I guess I’m thinking mainly about OpenHook.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing 2.0!

Rick Beckman

DIYthemes hasn’t contacted me regarding OpenHook, nor has it ever officially acknowledged that OH exists (that I can find or have seen). If there’s an official upgrade path, I’ll be ecstatic — I’ve been waiting for Thesis to obsolete OpenHook for two years now.

Claire Doyle Ragin

Excellent timing! I’m getting ready to redesign my website and will look forward to doing so with Thesis 2.0. But damn, you’re going to put us CSS-savvy designers out of business if you make things too easy. 😉


Can’t wait!!!! Bring it on!


So excited to try out the new Thesis 2 ! Love the new CSS options and add ons!
Will this version be more compatible with other Wordpress plugins than the current Thesis?


Can’t wait to get my hands on new thesis. It has been the most awaited. I bought Thesis 1.5 years back thinking 2.0 will be released soon but I had to wait for so long. Finally its here… 🙂


Question for you: It is my understanding that Personal Option users will get a free upgrade to 2.0 but then will be placed in a lower tier customer section that will not receive free upgrades on a go forward basis.

Is this scenario in fact true? If so, how do you correlate this policy with the Lifetime Thesis Upgrades you currently advertise with your Personal Option?

Derek Halpern

Everyone who owns the personal option will be grandfathered into lifetime upgrades of the Thesis Theme framework for Wordpress.


Wow Chris, Oct 1st will be marked red on my calendar. I am really eager to buy and try your awesome theme 😉

Leonardo Wood

1st October: National Thesis Day – I will be taking the day off to get stuck right in to 2.0! Who’s in?

Chris Bryant

Phew! Been very interesting to watch Thesis 2.0 unfold over quite some time now. (Has it been two years?).

Very impressed by the determination, hard work, and vision that must have gone into ‘raising-the-bar’… again.

Congratulations to Chris and the DIY team for what has apparently been a monumental effort!


Hi Chris Pearson,

I have purchased today Thesis and paid $ 164 and got only thesis 1.85. Where are the bonuses?

BONUS: A classic skin.
BONUS: A responsive skin.
BONUS: A Pearsonified.com skin.
BONUS: A SocialTriggers.com, high conversion skin.
BONUS: A Thesis social media add-on that integrates social media buttons within the blog design (without the use of a WordPress plugin)
BONUS: A list building add-on that makes it extremely easy to collect email addresses from a blog. It will integrate with AWeber and Mailchimp.

Anand Kumar

Hi guys – a few Qs for you:

1. If someone buys Thesis on October 1st or later, will he/she have the option to download and install 1.85 OR 2.0? I.e. will the files for both versions of Thesis be available for download to a new customer?

2. If someone buys on October 1st or later, does he/she need to buy the Developer’s License to get access to free upgrades for life?

3. If someone buys the Personal license before Oct 1st, he/she will get free Thesis updates for life, yes?



Awesome. I just hope I can see a comparison of what I will get as of now (regular, non-developer package) versus what I will get if I upgrade, before the pricing structure changes. I want to know exactly what I am buying, should I decide to upgrade. Again, before the price goes up.
Looking forward to 2.0!

Anand Kumar

Hello Chris Pearson,

Thanks for such awesome news. Is it available to developers as beta version?



I am more exited about the landing pages, because in thesis 1.x you have to add custom functions. But thesis 2.0 landing page will surely be good for conversion too.


Wow, looks exciting, can’t get to wait for the launching of 2.0…

Brian Hazard

I hope it will support retina-enabled graphics.


Hey Chris, how are post images handled in 2.0?

Great work, and thanks.


Absolutely outstanding – cant wait to get moving on it!
THX for the efforts!!!


Will Thesis 2.0 have an export function so that when a site has been designed, the designer can simply email the exported file to the buyer which he can then upload to their site?


Exactly what I want to know too! Thanks!


Like a lot of other people on this comment thread, I am very excited about Thesis 2.0! Thesis was my first premium theme when I came online and it has continued to be my go-to theme over the years. Love it.

Curious about how those of us with Developer’s Options will receive the upgrade and bonuses? Will you send an email or have us log in to get these things? Really looking forward to all the new features! Thanks.


Thank you! Excellent question, 3fatbirds, I am piggybacking it. I want to know this, as well.


Oh yeah, I’m excited!


Hi, just upgraded but purchased on your site and seems I should have purchased thru the sumoapp site to get the freebees. I screwed up….tell me how to remedy this, if at all possible. Really wanted those freebee items. Holly


I’m pretty sure I purchased the developers package, but it’s been a long time. Is there any way to verify that information?I don’t account details when I log in. Am I missing something?

Jamillah Warner

Hi Maria,

I had the same question and this is what I did.

1) login to diythemes.com
2) click the “MORE” tab at the top of the page and scroll down to “MY ACCOUNT
3) once your “MY ACCOUNT” page loads – at the bottom of the page you’ll see your “PAYMENT HISTORY.” It’ll tell you what you bought and what you paid for it.

Hope that helps. Looking forward to Monday.
– MsJ-


What time Oct 1? 0001 GMT ?? ???

I am waiting with a sleeping bag near your shop!


It’s already October 1 on my time zone, I’m dying to get Thesis 2.0 😀


very nice and easy to customize .. i like it chris !

Harish goyal

I am eagerly waiting to use thesis 2.0 version..I have already developer versions.


Is Thesis 2.0 still in bed? If so, what time will he be getting up?
Its been the 1st of October for a good 14 hours here

Malcolm Edwards

Well, it’s now 16:00 in the UK and no sign of Thesis 2.0.
Is the release still scheduled for today?


Great work and ready to upgrade!

Jason Mathes

Where is Thesis 2.0? Yes, I’m impatient! Is it not going to be available on the diythemes site as your going to mass mail the App Sumo group first?

Any type of update would be fantastic!

Steve Crossland - Austin Realtor

Same question. I have a developer license, for several years. I’d think we’d get an email or something letting us know when the download is available.


Did release get pushed back? Developer license here too and no word.. 🙁 I quit working on a new site after the announcement and had planned on jumping back into design today using 2.0 instead.. Day is pretty much gone now…


ETA or release process, anyone?

Ken Ronshausen

…patiently waiting for Thesis 2.0 to hit the street. The Google ads are already out there working, but linked to the older version.


I bought the dev license when I got 185. When will 2.0 be available to to us? will there be an email or will the upgrade be seen in the upgrades sections of our WP dashboard?


It’s almost 2 october here in the Netherlands, but still no Version of Thesis 2.0 visible on your website.
Just can’t wait….


I have a developer’s license and I’d ready roll…. where is 2.0???


Alright Chris, being a total NOOB, when can I(we) expect some tutorial vids? I gots NO idea what I’m doing, but I couldn’t pass up the SUMO deal to create my own website/blog.


It’s October 2 and the #¡%#¶ 2.0 version it is not avaliablr yet !!!… What’s the idea folks?

Norman Holden

I have also “delayed” things in anticipation of Version 2.0 being available on October 1 . Rather disappointed that there has been absolutely no advice as to what is going on — especially in view of the pre-launch hype !!

Chris Lynn

Looking to gets Hands on ASAP,Looks Awesome

Dragan Bosnjak

Was October 1st some kind of April Fools joke? 😉

Mark H.

Hey Chris,
From what I’ve seen so far on byob, this is going to be great for developers.
I don’t want, or need any theme other than Thesis! You guys rock!

Thanks, Mark


Hi there’s no custom-sample folder in the zip download. Or is it just me? Or in this version 2 it’s not needed?



Dave J. (Scoop0901)

Click on the TERMS OF SERVICE link on the DEV DOWLOAD page … new window spawns with the TOS, checkbox, agree button, and the download begins.

Sarah E. Wilson

Free upgrades for only one year? Not for all eternity?


Why is the DIYthemes site broken? I can’t navigate anywhere. Where’s the support forum? Where are the “skins”?


I’ve downloaded Thesis2.0 and installed it locally under a clean WordPress on Ampps.

The preview is blank so I have not activated it.
There is no support on DIYThemes.com (no guide, no forums, no articles – just marketing)
My pre-purchase questions (above) have not been answered.

Anyone else seen this “live preview is blank” situation with Thesis 2.0. Did you activate it, and if so what happened?



Ok, I leaped and activated despite the blank live preview. Its ok, once you activate and click the green button (in the dashboard after activation) to install it. I have Thesis 2.0 running.

Other points still outstanding:
* There is no support on DIYThemes.com (no developer guide, no forums, no articles – just marketing and the feature videos)
(There is a early and useful 3rd party “review” here, esp. for those that don’t want to sit through all those videos (like me): http://www.famousbloggers.net/thesis-2-0-review.html)
* My pre-purchase questions (above) have not been answered.
* I have just two skins (Classic and Blank) to play with, NO boxes, and NO packages.
* I don’t have access to any of the numerous promised “bonuses”.



So I can just update to 2.0 without breaking my site or purchased child theme? Yay !!

If that’s a no then the migration path needs to be simpler …. can someone please advise?


Do you install 2.0 the same way as previous versions? changing file and folder permissions, and renaming customs folder?


It’s very cool. I love Thesis!

sholom mossman

Just activated 2.0 and think I’ve figured out how to move content to new theme.
My question is that when I go to 2.0 site editor, I don’t get the red header with navbar like is shown in the videos, etc. I just get a list with no formatting like this. What did I do wrong?
Thanks! Sholom


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404 Page
Home Page SEO
Select Skin
Skin Editor
Select Boxes
Select Packages
Thesis Blog
User’s Guide
Support Forums
Affiliate Program
Version 2.0
View Site


You guys are awesome. I just tried Thesis 2, and I can say that it looks much better than any of the earlier versions. Kudos to the entire team!