So Fresh! Thesis 2.2.4 and a Classic Responsive Skin Update

by Chris Pearson · 41 comments

Starting today, you will have access to Thesis 2.2.4 via automatic updates in your WordPress dashboard.

While it’s primarily just a compatibility update, this new version includes some subtle enhancements to the Thesis Admin as well as refinements to various Thesis API components. Check out the 2.2.4 changelog for details on all the changes.

One particular bugfix worth mentioning is the return of Thesis options on WordPress terms pages. The WordPress 4.6 update knocked out the Thesis functionality for extended category/tag/taxonomy SEO + content, as well as the ability to select custom templates for these pages. This functionality has been restored in Thesis 2.2.4.

Finally, I noticed a CSS bug in the Classic Responsive Skin while preparing the Thesis 2.2.4 update, so I went ahead and squashed that as well. After installing the update, be sure to save your design options to take advantage of this particular bugfix.

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. You should follow him on Twitter here.

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Kevin Tan

Awesome! Classic Responsive is still the best and my all-time favorite Thesis skin. Thanks for the update.

Chris Pearson

Glad you dig it, Kevin!

Clarence Johnson

I second that!


Thank you!
Is there a way to get the Flex theme updated to show comments by default?
Also, Disqus plugin does not seem to be working with Flex.!

Chris Pearson

Dinsan, the Flex comment area is designed to be click-to-reveal because it creates the impression that the page loads faster and also reduces the overall scrolling height. These points are especially crucial on mobile devices.

You can add your own Custom CSS that will force the comment area to display in full by default. All it requires is a display: block; declaration to be added to the appropriate HTML element, and you can use Google Chrome Inspector to determine the precise element.

As far as Disqus is concerned, you probably just need to add a simple hook (or similar integration code) to get it working. I know there are plenty of threads about this in our forums.


Thanks Chris! Your hard work is appreciated. I love thesis – it is so clean, fast and pretty. This helps me keep using it.

Chris Pearson

Thanks for the kind words, Mac!


Oh thank you. thank you, thank you, for this early Christmas present…

“One particular bug fix worth mentioning is the return of Thesis options on WordPress terms pages.”

This was stressing me out so hard!

Chris Pearson

Me too. Sorry it took so long to fix!


Hello Chris,
I am probably an unimportant person for you with a small blog, but I really need your help. I use thesis theme with my wordpress. Recently I upgraded to wordpress 4.7 BUT as soon as I upgraded, the navigation menu on my website disappeared. I got very tensed and then I had bluehost service people help me downgrade to the previous version of wordpress to have my navigation menu back. They said the problem was because of the Theme. I love THESIS and I do not want to change to anything else. Can you please please help me so that I can upgrade to wordpress lastest version as well as do not lose anything from my site including but not limited to navigation menu etc.
Thank you so much and I really hope you reply.
Dr. Astha

Chris Pearson

Hi Astha, please open up an official support request, and we’ll get that navigation menu working for you!


I have a similar problem. My WordPress is running at a crawl since 4.7 update and I suspect it is the theme causing the problem. Is there a bug perhaps?

Chris Pearson

Thesis is almost certainly NOT the problem, but we can help you determine why your site is running slowly. Open a support request, and we’ll be happy to take a closer look.

Daniel Parsons

Hi Chris,

Really like Classic Responsive & have recommended Thesis to all of my website visitors for about 5 years now. Very quick & enjoy the ability to put boxes just about anywhere !

Chris Pearson

Love it, Daniel! Sounds like you are a seasoned veteran with Thesis.


Do we have to Restore Default Data?


Found in changelog:

The 1.3.1 update does not require a CSS update, but you do need to save your design options after updating.

Chris Pearson

Nailed it!

Marcus Harris

Hey thanks for the quality work man. Your skin Pearsonified has done wonders for my blog!

Planning on using Thesis for other websites.

Chris Pearson

Why thank you, Marcus! I wish you the best of luck with your site(s) in 2017.

Bilal Ahmad

Thanks Chris for keeping the Thesis updated. We feel proud to be part of the Thesis community.

Chris Pearson

We appreciate your support, Bilal! Thanks for stopping by.

Vivek Parmar

Hi Chris!

Thanks for updating thesis to latest version. Using the classic theme and working on to customize it 🙂


Thanks for updating! You mentioned in your email that this update helps with PHP 7+ compatibility. What changed to make compatible with PHP 7?

Chris Pearson

Hi Adam, the PHP compatibility change was in the main Box class. Specifically, the rotator() method was handling its arguments in a way that conflicted with the PHP 7 global variable pool, and this was causing wonky output in some circumstances.

Daniel Parsons

Really like the ability to customize my sites with the Classic Responsive. Thesis does a great job showing my content whether the person is on a computer, tablet or phone. Chris ~~ Thanks for keeping us updated and compatible with the new cloud updates on WP 4.7


I wish that I will soon meet a website designer to modify a this new version of framework to be professional look as a tour and travel package website.
Thesis is the only one answer for the faster loading page in a very bad internet conection like in my country.

Ravi Chahar

Hey Chris,

I have been using Thesis for a long time now and apart from the classic, I have another Thesis skin.

From the last couple of months, I am off from the thesis framework. I guess, i should update it.

Thanks for the new update.

Anita Clark

I moved away from Thesis awhile back when I hired a new developer for my WP site and have regretted it. I may be “coming home” again soon.

Gowtham V @

Few of my thesis clients moved to a new theme after thesis 2 but they dint link it very much. Most of them have switched back to thesis again. Some of them din’t like the learning curve of the new thesis 2 framework. But after learning how thesis 2 works it much easier than the thesis 1.8 for customizing things yourself. 🙂

Love thesis 2. Hope many people use it than using genesis which din’t offer anything close to the Thesis Editor feature.

Gowtham V @

Awesome Chris!

Classic responsive is one of my most used skins on my thesis sites.

Thanks for the new update 🙂

Kit Supermum

Happy New Year and thanks for the update, Chris. I have been using Social Triggers but I love Classic Responsive – I keep getting a blank website when I preview it. Everything is up to date on my dashboard. Please help.


I really one to have a travel website built in thesis framework. Do you think it is easy to customize it?

Jakob Boman

I really appreciate the changes to Google fonts API.
Love working with Thesis.

Bican Marian Valeriu

One of my favorite themes.

HD Wale

Hey Chris,
Thanks for changes in Google fonts API, I really like the changes.

I want to purchase Thesis, do I purchase it with PayPal? I have recently purchased Sociallyviral from Mythemeshop’s official site.

Thanks & regards,
~ HD Wale

Chris Pearson

Yes, we accept PayPal (and you can also pay with a credit card through PayPal).

Vella Di

Some new features…. i really likes the changes.

nancy gomez


Do you accpet Paxum? I have Funds in there and my paypal is blocked.

Chris Pearson

Hi Nancy. At this time, we only accept PayPal or credit cards via the PayPal interface.

Mike Grath

thanks for this update, really appreciate it.