See how Thesis 2.0 makes smart web design decisions (no coding necessary)

by Derek Halpern · 208 comments

There are 3 things that you’ll find in every GREAT web design…

  1. Pixel-perfect typography (that’s both easy to read AND scan)
  2. A custom 404 error page (so people who can’t find what they’re looking for can find it)
  3. Landing pages that CONVERT (gotta turn traffic into leads and sales, after all)

Before Thesis 2.0, getting each of these three things right took a considerable amount of “tinkering,” a developer, or additional software.

Not anymore.

How Thesis 2.0 Creates Pixel-Perfect Typography (No Coding Necessary)

If you haven’t heard about Chris Pearson’s excursion into Golden Ratio typography, I’ll sum it up real quick:

Chris discovered one of the best ways to lay type on web pages involved taking advantage of what’s known as the Golden Ratio, a math equation that dictates everything in nature (from galaxy spirals, to sunflower seed arrangements, to even how to take an aesthetically pleasing photograph).

Golden Ratio Typography calculator

He created a Golden Ratio Typography calculator that output the right CSS settings for designers and tinkerers. The problem was, people like you and meโ€”people who may not have CSS skillsโ€”had no idea what to do with this output.

And that’s why Thesis 2.0 bakes this Golden Ratio typography formula INTO Thesis 2.0. No code, no calculator, no developer necessary. Thesis 2.0 just does it.

Now You Can Create Your Own Custom 404 Page In Just A Few Seconds

404 pages are one of those things…

If you have a funny one that works, it’s a nice to have, but do you really want to pay a developer to make one?

Probably not.

That’s why most people have generic 404 pages.

(I know I’ve always had a generic 404 page on all of my sites).

And that’s why sites like Smashing Magazine feature great 404 pages…

However, with Thesis 2.0, you can create a custom 404 page in WordPress… no coding necessary.

Thesis 2.0 Custom WordPress 404 pages

It’s as simple as changing a few options on the backend of Thesis and BAM! You’ve got a custom WordPress 404 page!

How Thesis 2.0 Makes Creating Landing Pages (or Page-Specific Web Designs) Real Easy

As you begin to grow your blog, you’ll want to start using landing pages. You may also want to customize how other pages on your site look (like category pages, tags pages, home pages, and all of that).

Prior to Thesis 2.0, this was all possible with a developer, additional software, or hours of tinkering.

How do I know this?

That’s because that’s exactly how I did it.

For example, when you wanted to create a landing page in Thesis 1.85, you could follow this tutorial right here.

Sure, the directions were simple, but do you really want to jump into your custom functions and custom css and mess around? What if you broke your site?

That’s why I’m PUMPED to announce that Thesis 2.0 has a template editor. A template editor that allows you to construct these pages on the back-end of Thesis without ever jumping into your custom functions or custom css files.

Thesis 2.0 Template Editor

As you can see, this template editor allows you to create UNIQUE pages without knowing a LICK of code.

The Bottom Line

Who needs a replacement ref… when Thesis makes all the right calls? ๐Ÿ˜€

If you don’t own a copy of Thesis, get it through Appsumo right here. Not only will you get Thesis 2.0 when it comes out, you’ll also gain access to a bunch of BONUSES that early buyers will get at no additional charge.

If you do own Thesis, don’t worry. You’ll get the bonuses too. You’ll also get Thesis 2.0 at no additional charge.

However, if you own the personal option, and you want to take advantage of developer’s option only bonuses, now’s the time to upgrade. You can do that by logging into your DIYthemes account and buying the Developer’s option add-on.

About the Author: Derek Halpern ran marketing at DIYthemes, and is the founder of Social Triggers. To get more tips on how to be confident, sign up to his list here.

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Excited doesn’t sum up how i feel about Thesis 2.0

JC Deen

Same here. Can’t wait to see what rolls out. And I have a project that will be ready just in time!


Yes, the excitement is building as they release more tidbits of information. Thanks for the post!

Annie Sisk

Yep, the more I read, the more Annie likey.

Wayne Liew

Exactly, David. Can’t wait for October 1 now. Wonder if there will be a line round the block if Thesis is an actual physical product. Haha… ๐Ÿ™‚


I can’t wait for this version.


I’m getting really excited about this!!!

M Green

I just purchased the current version. Do we get free upgrades?

Derek Halpern



Derek, with all these amazing updates,
are we going to see your avatar updated
to something also creatively clownish to
match the other office decor? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Harsh Agrawal

Can’t wait to see what all is coming….How about a list of all new features we getting in Thesis 2.0?

Chris Pearson

No one has that kind of time, Harsh ๐Ÿ˜€

It’ll be quicker to list all the awesome stuff you won’t be getting:

  • nothing


Excellent and concise reply. Double plus good!

Bill Eisenhauer

Guess there won’t be a Thesis 3.0. ๐Ÿ™‚


That is a big call, Chris.

Will you ship me a Wilier Izoard XP roadbike?


Exclusions with Thesis 2.
Wilier Izoard XP roadbike.

Anything else?


Well said, but we very eager to check it out.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Can’t wait, hurry up. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ooooh stop, stop please……


Hi DH… I look forward to 2.0.. I also appreciate your passion and expertise. My area in blogging is mainly with non-profits.. but my approach is still from a professional point of view. Thanks.

Raymond Parker

Interesting “teasers.” Looking forward to tinkering. However, I have some of these–custom 404 and landing page, for instance–already instituted via custom.php. Hoping my existing mods will not need to be re-worked.


Although the coding was the “fun” part, at least learning how to do it, this is even nicer and really complements the DIY part of DIYThemes.

Raymond Parker

To be honest, I was initially overwhelmed by the DIY part but the extraordinary support at the forum helped me create the kind of modifications I needed to make my site function according to plan.

I’m looking forward to seeing how 2.0 might simplify things further (I’m more interested in creating content than becoming a developer), though a bit worried that, in order to upgrade, I’ll need to rework the existing mods. Nonetheless, looking forward to playing on my test site.


I can’t wait, when is it going to be available?

Derek Halpern

October 1st

Dwayne Kilbourne

Is it October 1st yet? ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, will any child themes be available on that date?

John Bennetts

Bring on Monday 1st. Thanks Derek.


As in today, Oct. 1st?


I purchased the Thesis Developer version 6 months ago in anticipation of the 2.0 release…I am super (duper) excited to finally deploy this bad boy as we haven’t used it yet!! Yahoo!


ooooooo. Holy Crap. Is it fair to say that I am starting to feel about DIY the way I feel about Google: tingly.


I think this is the best set of features you’ve ever introduced. I can’t wait to get hands on it.

Sean E

Sounds great. What happens to sites built in 1.85? Are they going to be flawlessly upgradable?


Wow guys this is going to be awesome cannot wait, I have put a new project on hold for the next few days & will start it when I download my copy, really glad I bough the developers package a few years back. You guys rock. Lets see how long other theme developers take to try catch up, if they ever can.



I am totally thrilled with all those changes you keep mentioning. I intend to use Thesis everywhere, including all my client sites. I already thought it did everything I wanted and more, now not just us geeks can manage it.


Ok the daily teasers are getting mean. Hurry up! We are ready!

Mr. G

I’m confused by something Derek. I hope you can help me out with this:

Yesterday, I read at Chris Pearson’s blog that you should have a developer edition to be able to download Thesis 2.0. Today, you write “if you want to take advantage of developerโ€™s option only bonuses” which gives me the impression that you don’t have to own a Dev. license.

Can you clarify for me please? I’m very sorry if it’s a dumb question but I was probably caught in translation!

Thanks in advance!

Derek Halpern

That’s my fault. When I was editing the article from yesterday, I didn’t make it clear. People who own the personal option and the developer’s optoin will Get Thesis 2.0. No additional charge. We promised free upgrades when we sold it and we keep our promises.

The thing about the developer’s option is this: You get access to added bonuses that you won’t have as a personal option license holder. Bonuses that I think are 100% worthwhile for anyone who’s taking their website seriously.


When do we get to hear what BONUSES will be included in the Thesis Developers Edition? I think some clarification here may do well to sell more copies before the price goes up, Oct 1.

Mr. G

If I had known this yesterday I would have not upgrade to Developer.

I will contact support for a refund.

Thanks for your answer Derek!


I agree, it would be great to have an idea of what is included in the โ€œdevelopers optionsโ€ if I upgrade from the personal option. Beyond being able to use it on multiple sites, is it super techie stuff I just may not need? Otherwise I am really excited about version 2, you guys are really awesome!


I actually had the same question. To expand a bit, what will the “developers options” include?




Thesis is already the perfect compromise for bloggers like me, who knows a bit about code, but doesn’t have the abilities, nor want to spend several months creating a theme from scratch, and who doesn’t have the funds to pay a professional to do it. I guess v2 will make life even easier ๐Ÿ™‚

David Alexander

The posts on Thesis 2 so far have been interesting but I am aching to hear more about what is going to be possible with wp features such as custom post types / and the templates for those, custom meta fields, post formats etc. Any hints? ๐Ÿ™‚ Pretty please…

Bud Green

I’ve been stalking Thesis for a while, thanks mainly to Derek’s email marketing. That resulted from a good call-to-action for a newsletter signup, and the equally good follow-up on the email side with autoresponders that don’t blast to the point that they become annoying. When you see a solid marketing plan take shape, it boosts your confidence that the product has been thought out and developed with equal care.

What that means, to me, is that Thesis 2.0 is among the finalists for my next premium WordPress theme. All I need to hear are the magic words: “Yes, we kept the Big Ass Save Button in Thesis 2.0 — but now it’s Kardashian big.” Boom. Done.

Chris Pearson

Well, Bud, I wish I could say that the Big Ass Save Button had grown into a Kardashian Button, but alas, that’s not the case.

The BASB wasn’t really suited to the new interface, so I had to get rid of it.

[pours one out for his dead button homey]


Glad it’s gone; sick of having to revise that for every site I develop.


True, me too. I’m a conservative type guy ๐Ÿ™‚


That sucks Chris! One of the things that I really enjoy is that Truly Big Ass Save Button! Can we persuade you to keep it around?


Newbie alert*** I am a small business owner, have just jumped into Wordpress and now Thesis – – from a complete WYSWYG site – – and I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I have no idea what I just walked into – – but I’ve checked everywhere and there don’t seem to be any chinks in the Thesis armor! Really looking forward to seeing how 2.0 can help me get my site up and running without writing boatloads of stylesheets & code!

Raymond Parker

Stu, I did the same thing as you a couple of years ago. The initial conversion–from a site built with Dreamweaver, to one running on WP–was a lot of work. Then I bought a developers licence for Thesis theme. Another learning curve, but the help at the forums alone was worth the price of admission.
It’s been a long wait for 2.0, but I still trust that Thesis will deliver.

Jay Castillo

Hi Derek, really looking forward to Thesis 2.0! By the way, you said: “If you do own Thesis, donโ€™t worry. Youโ€™ll get the bonuses too. Youโ€™ll also get Thesis 2.0 at no additional charge.”

Do you mean those who already own a developer’s license (like me), but did not get it through Appsumo, will also receive the bonuses that can be seen at the Appsumo page?

Chris Pearson

That’s correct, Jay.


Hi Chris,
Will Thesis 2.0 be responsive?


Easy making Landing Pages. The holy grail! October first, come soon…


I can’t wait for this version….there is hope for none computer wizards like me:-)


Hi folks

Do you know if Thesis 2.0 will work well with skins like Marketers Delight 2?

Chris Pearson

David, Alex has plans to update all his Skins to the 2.0 platform, so you’re in good hands!

Danny Cruz

October 1st is a Monday. Kinda wish it was a Friday!

Alex Mangini

Had to give you some reason to wake up on a Monday, right? ๐Ÿ˜€


Just you hurry up and bring out more skins!!


Puneet Sahalot

Waiting for it!
Will be a great experience building more client sites with tons of new features!


I’m sold on the typography & SEO benefits of Thesis. However, I’ve heard over & over that the learning curve is steep. I’d love to see some demo & training videos pre-purchase for the new Thesis engine. The screenshot of the template editor gives me no feel for how ‘easy’ this will be for someone who has never used Thesis and is relatively new to website design.

Chris Pearson

Stan, I’d recommend disregarding everything you’ve ever heard about Thesis to date, simply because Thesis 2 is 100% different fromThesis 1.x.

I’ve taken great care to simplify the concepts, actions, and choices you can make within Thesis 2. No matter your skill level, you’ll find Thesis 2 to be both inviting and powerful.


I also purchased the Thesis Developer version about 2 years ago in anticipation of the Thesis 2 releaseโ€ฆ I am over the moon that Thesis 2 is finally being released.
I normally outsource all of my web development because its just a huge pain in the ass to create custom Landing pages etc. I have even tried headway drag and drop frameworks and quickly reverted back to using Thesis.
It looks like Thesis 2 will be a clear winner;
-Pixel-Perfect Typography.
-Landing Page Templates.
-Contact Pages -> Made Easy.
-Custom 404 pages.
– Airtight SEO

You would have to be nuts to miss out on the Appsumo deal if you dont already have Thesis.

Simon Maxwell

After Reading the second update: I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas … have a feeling there is more coming!

Chris Pearson

There’s a LOT more ๐Ÿ˜€

Steve & Sally Wharton

Derek, Thanks! You asked for feedback re: template editor use in T2… Well, we’ve been learning a lot since we literally first jumped into WP & Thesis a few months ago, but given the “Thesis 2 is eminent” announcements, we’ve held off deploying our first site live (lots of fiddling/learning) on our WAMP server test sites in the meantime) until Thesis 2 arrives. Glad we did! Your New Template Editor will be used to create a set of uniform pages for our site–which share distinct and consistent overall, site-wide design/style features as well as a subset of design features for each category group and/or landing page type. We don’t know jack about code; we’re psyched…can’t wait to get going with your new “Keep It Simple Steve” tools. We’re thinking it might be fun/useful to document/chronical our ongoing experiences as noobs–with a website, with WordPress, with Thesis (version 2 or any other flavor)–and see our progression as we crawl/walk/run with all this. It sure seems like our wait was a spot on decision! Looking forward to getting going. Thanks again. (PS – replacement refs actually got one right last night in Seattle; although my family/friends in Cheeseville disagree. Heh!)


The first of October seems far away however i have done all the house keeping and waiting patiently and hope this will be a massive change and a more simplified design

Bob H.

Stop Teasing everyone! : )


Hope I’m going to love it.

Trust that it won’t break my already heavily customized site?

And yes, I learned LOTS more about CSS and PHP than I ever intended when I first bought the theme. It was fun, but if you’ve made it easier, I’m thrilled.

How about those picture captions?

Leonardo Wood

Hi Derek, in the Template Editor, will you be able to turn the Header & Nav’s Off Completely, stuff like that? So you can have a very simple landing page with no headers or navs!

Chris Pearson

You can do better than that. You can simply drag the nav menu off your landing page template, and voilaโ€”no more nav menu on that template.


LPs are going to be killer. I have about 2 dozen different info products/services I sell around cycling and convincing people to hit the Pay with Paypal button is key. Removing all distractions is paramount.

So excited.

No more need for me to have endless OR statements and sidebar/nav strip out code.


Will the Landing/Squeeze page have pop up option built in?

Leonardo Wood

Way Cool! One of my biggest problems which is holding me back from scaling my business is this: I struggle to get other people to build sites and pages how I want them to be built – I think you can relate to my OCD on that front. When I get my hands on 2.0 the first thing I’m gonna do is go Page Template Crazy – Then, I’m assuming that even my 8yr old daughter will be able to build pages to look the way I want them to look, the way they should look, pixel perfect!…. Is that right?


Looking forward to implementing right away. ๐Ÿ™‚


I just purchased the Pro version of Thesis will I get the 2.0 version without having to pay again?

Chris Pearson



Just in time for a few upcoming website designs for our clients. After working with many wordpress themes in the past, thesis still at its current state dominates over all other themes. It truly is a fully customizable theme for web developers. I think we will redevelop our website with the thesis 2.0


Can you shed any light on cache usage? Have you done anything to make it run fast and is it compatible with super cache or will caching be build in?

Raymond Parker

Good question.



Been using Thesis for about 2 years now and very much looking forward to getting my grubby little mits on this bad boy!

Mr Pearson and the DIY crew. I doth my cap to you.

I’m hoping there is gonna be some Responsive stuff in here?



Doff.. you doff your cap. It’s possible that thou doth doff thine cap, though you would never simply doth your cap.

This is what happens as I hang around waiting to see if Thesis 2.0 is coming out today…


Can’t wait. Although when i keep hearing “no coding” it hopefully doesn’t mean, “dumbed down.” Knowing you guys, it doesn’t mean that. ๐Ÿ™‚


I am excited to see what Thesis 2.0 has in store, and look forward to seeing how easily we can create sales and landing pages.


Awesome. Curious to know how to upgrade from Thesis 1? Simply save the css files?


Hi Chris,
just want to say thx. I donยดt understand all of the questions reg. prices. I can imagine which effort you spend for the complete redesign of such a system.

This update/upgrade policy is really fair – btw Iยดve the developer version but would also pay for such an ‘complete’ new version.
All the wysiwyg system are so limited to individual design ideas…. canยดt thank u enough.
Also greeting from my cmd c + v keyยดs ๐Ÿ˜‰


Can’t wait. This is going to be just so cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob @ Atlanta Real Estate

Looking forward to 2.0 and giving it go on one of my smaller sites first.


I got the developer version of Thesis 1.8. What do I need to do to upgrade.
Would appreciate some clarification on the following quarries:
1) Any change in the pricing structure of the Client Site Option
2) do we need to buy or any new offers for any extra Child themes / skins / widgets / the new boxes other than provided by the upgrade to 2.0 for the holders of the develop edition of Thesis
3) I know your time is limited and you don’t have time, BUT when will you be releasing the list of upgrades, is this going to be prior to October 1st.
4) Since this is a new Paradigm shift, will we have good tutorials if we have to forget everything we know about prior thesis versions and start new with the version 2.o. Are the tutorials ready or will be ready in future.
5) Thank you for your time and answers.

don donadio

I can tell you this much. I got version 2 and there is not one one tutorial explaining how to use it. Saying it is a giant step backward is a gross understatement.


Hopefully this will be far less difficult to work with than the 1x version. meaning swapping out stuff like the DIY footer for your own took a coder to make happen.

Everyone seems to just love this theme, not sure if that is just crowd think or something else, but since buying thesis, i don’t have a single site running it. Too complex to make alterations, too complex to make small changes. Every thesis site out there look a whole lot like every other thesis site out there because of all the technical constraints holding back the creative implementations.

As you can tell, I’m not a fan of the Thesis theme and now that 2.0 has come out I really hope the hype is worth the time for me to check it out.

I use WP frameworks like clickbump, or the premium developers on themeforest, as examples of options that are SEO optimized, fast, and gracefully implemented.


One more question:
Older Client Site Option/ licenses, will they upgrade with my developer upgrade. Thank you

Fernando Landim

Only Thesis can make this straight forward.
I’ve tried other different tools but I did not like them.


Show us some of the skins!


Template editor looks a great addition, same goes to 404..Its really exciting to see that thesis 2.0 is finally here…I guess it will add lot more features than these…


Can’t wait to see Thesis 2.0 it in action myself.


I was about to kick Thesis to the curb and go with WP Bootstrap JUST for the responsive aspect.

Now, as long as someone comes up with a rad responsive skin, I will be all over it.

It looks FREAKING awesome.


What do you mean “rad responsive skin?” Like something that will help you convert readers into buyers or readers in the email subscribers?

Seems pointless to chase a skin and not have one developed specifically for yourself that no one else has but hey if the content doesn’t convert, it doesn’t convert.

Martin Malden

I bought Thesis so long ago I don’t remember the year – but I do remember it was version 1.2.

If I compare 1.2 with 1.8.5 it’s like comparing a Volkswagen Beetle with a Porsche 911.

Thesis 2.0 promises to be an equally large jump, which is fantastic.

However, four questions:

1. Some of my sites are pretty heavily customised, especially in the custom functions file. How much of this will be automatically transferred to Thesis 2.0 when I upgrade – e.g. will I still be able to copy my custom folder across and retain all my work?

2. If not, will there be a guide explaining how to transfer the customisations across?

3. If not, will I have to do them all over again in Thesis 2.0?

4. Will I still be able to work in the custom CSS and custom functions files (and thereby preserve my customisations through upgrades) or have those been done away with in 2.0?

Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to 2.0 but, depending on the answers to those questions, with a bit of trepidation ๐Ÿ™‚



Raymond Parker

Exactly my worries. I have spent hundreds of hours, with the help of the great folks on DIY forums, modifying Thesis to produce a relatively individual “look” for VeloWeb.

While I’d like to further individualize the site, I’m hoping that won’t mean starting at square 1.

Chuck Burns

I discovered Thesis back in November 2008 just after I started using WordPress. Before that I tried several free themes and also purchased a few. Once I started using Thesis I spent less time fiddling with the theme and more time creating content and websites. I am excited to learn and incorporate some of the new features in Thesis 2.0


Thanks Chris and Derik,

I’m still a little miffed on how to make Thesis responsive.
Is it a CSS addition?



I am a real NEWBIE. Don’t have any experience with code, just started working the WP. I need something that is usable pretty much out of the box, with slight modifications until I can afford a designer. I have already purchased the latest version of Thesis. Will 2.0 be a match for my skill level or should I go with something simpler?

Dwayne Kilbourne

Quick thing… does beta start for developer edition holders on October 1, or does everybody get it? I do have developer edition, and I know that betas of the upgrades tended to arrive here before final release. Same or different in the case of 2.0?

Sergio Felix

Well from reading the latest articles and reading all the answers here, it looks like Thesis 2.0 will most definitely be a Monster Theme.

Can’t wait to check it out!


I’m excited about the new release, but still lot more to improved in terms of
: Customized New Themes

Global iWay

Canโ€™t wait, for Thesis 2 version. This version have best set of features. ๐Ÿ™‚

Teo Seifer

Yep… Tell you what.. It was time. I was left thinking about LAnding pages about 4 months ago cause on the tutorial…. (believe it or not) there were mistakes so not only it needed coding but also need some profound concentration to get it right…

So I was just migrating to other theme when you come with this changes….


So next week is D month?


Can’t wait to dump Premise for landing pages. Can’t effin wait.

Rajeev Edmonds

With these teasers, Oct 1 looking so far.

A quick question – Will developers be able to sell their premium stuff (boxes, packages) within official marketplace?


Hi Chris,

Great version and addition, i am ready to take on Thesis 2.0!

Any plans on adding the membership functionality for the sales landing pages?

Best Regards.

Jon Rieley-Goddard

I mucked around with a lot of code-level themes and thought that I should be able to do that, but I always ran into a wall. Which is why I bought Thesis. Can’t wait for 2.0.


One big Question:
Will there be an option to work without the backend, just with code? I love the hooks and the SEO options and many other functions in Thesis, but sometimes I find it a little annoying to adjust almost everything in the backend. Sometimes I just want to code in my custom.css and custom_functions.css.


Hi, you really go over the top when you create something, and I am very exited about the coming goodies. But I just spent weeks creating my site design on Thesis, will I have to do it all over again or will there be an easy way to transfer what was done to Thesis 2.0?


Really excited with the launch and these awesome features ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll recommend my readers to try and buy Thesis now when they can still their money


I am eager to test it out, I have been waiting for this for a long time now

Keith Jones

Do you really want to jump into your custom functions and custom css and mess around?

Yes, actually I do – reading another reply from Chris, I will still be able to do just that.

Looks as though it is time to do a new site with Thesis 2.0 which is how I learnt the original Thesis.


Excited … and nervous. I am a “non-coder” and through the forums have tediously found ways to make my site “kind of” how I want. Will I have to take out all that code stuff and just use the interface? I was just thinking this week about going back to a regular website because I think it’s easier to format (but that will be a lot of work!). I’m anxious to see if this upgrade helps me!

Fabio Schenone

I can’t wait to explore all the new possibility. Coding is fun, but it can lead you away from your creativity.

I have so many ideas !!!


I think you should write an article about “bonuses”. It looks that you are playing with words and you give only a half of Thesis 2.0 to people like me with (now only) personal licence. ๐Ÿ™

Shirdi Sai Baba

Easy making Landing Pages. The holy grail! October first, come soonโ€ฆ


I’m so glad I got a developer license ๐Ÿ™‚

Karri Avinash

What about the SEO options ? Are there going to be any drastic changes so that we can get better Google search rankings ?

Goan S

Waiting for 2.0 desperately now reading all ths comments.


Will Thesis 2.0 work with BuddyPress? I know prior versions of Thesis technically do but with what I think of as substantial modification. It would be great if 2.0 worked out of the box with BuddyPress or with minimal adaptations. Sorry if this question was asked already, I didn’t see it elsewhere in the comments.


It doesn’t seem to, I just installed them both on a clean install and it is still a mess. I know Kristeralla created the thesis/buddypress child theme that was supposed to work with previous versions of thesis, but it doesn’t work with 2.0 sadly ๐Ÿ™


Really Excited about Thesis 2.0, and must, the Design and options panel is heavily redesigned, a lot of work done behind the scenes for sure.


Derek & Thesis Development Team,

Absolutely Amazing! I understand all great things come to those that (patiently) wait. Is their any reasonably accurate projected timeline for the 2.0 release?

You all are killing us with the “teasers”!

Non-Thesis Users – don’t wait for 2.0 to be released – get all of the heaps of benefits that Thesis Theme already provides – It really is a small investment; it will set things up for you faster, run better and you will have more traffic when you use all of the built-in SEO features! I have been a user since v1.6 and incredibly happy! The support community is also second to none!


OK – Before anyone calls me blind – I just noticed the Page Title of and in reading this post by Chris Pearson Thesis 2.0 comes in just 5 more days! Whoopee!

David Wikenheiser

Dear Derek:
I am excited about the new level of DIY functionality that you will be releasing with Thesis 2.0. How will you be addressing the issue of mobile device functionality with your new release?


6 Days to go and counting!!
Thank you for making our life easier.

David Goldstein

Hi guys, Thesis 2.0 looks fantastic but like I’ve read in other threads, I’m completely confused about the “developerโ€™s option only bonuses”.

Is this meant to be a surprise? Or is it an unknown at this time?
If these have been finalized, can you specify details?

Come on guys, play fair ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey, I just bought Thesis less than a month ago, will this be a FREE upgrade??

Glen Craig

I get that Thesis 2.0 will be easy to use, and I’m excited to see it at work (I’ve had a dev license for years now)…but how easy will it be to upgrade to 2.0 if I already have lots of customizations in my prior Thesis?

When I upgrade will my site still look the same or will I have to reformat a lot?



Glen – I’d recommend looking into creating child themes. It’ll make your life much easier in the future for upgrades as well as other aspects of web design/dev. Here’s a tut: There’s also some info in the Codex, of course, but it’s a little more “technical” in nature:



If we utilize one of your responsive skins with Thesis 2.0 how does your new editor handle building the site out with an existing responsive skins? Does this bad boy scale along when editing the responsive skin or is heavy css hard coding still required for such?


I’m buying before Oct. 1 just to get the Pearsonified skin bonus. Love it. So, five questions from a Thesis virgin: i) Will I be getting the Pearsonified skin updated for 2.0?
ii) Have all the guidelines found in been implemented in the Personified skin, or do I still have to assign tags myself? iii) Does the skin come as an empty shell, or does it contain dummy content? iv) Is there sufficient SEO-optimization in Thesis 2.0 to obviate the need for Yoast SEO or All in One SEO plugin for the general user? v) Can you identify which commercially-available skins have already been updated for 2.0?


I know typography is an important part of Thesis, so how easy will it be to add additional fonts to V2.0?



I just upgraded to the developer option; I’m anxious to see what the bonuses are and how it’ll help me. I really need some of the things already mentioned and I am SO excited to not have to spend so much time trying to figure out the coding. It was all trial and error for me trying to follow info on the forums. Thanks for a great product!


Could you tell me if it is easy to upgrade to thesis 2.0 please

Alan Kirk

Since I live in Australia and we are a day ahead of you Guys/Gals
Do we get it earlier:)-


Cant wait till Oct 1!!
Whats the update process like going from 1.8.x to 2.0. ?

George Serradinho

Wow, seems awesome and just a few days to go. I was starting to wonder when Thesis would come out with features like mentioned above about the template editor.


Really excited to see the features in Thesis 2.0, waiting for the release to make my theme colorful..!


All sounds great…

What happens to all existing Thesis 1.8.5 sites when upgrading to Thesis 2.0? Will I need to start from scratch or should I leave them Thesis 1.8.5?

I wouldn’t want to “destruct” when wanting to “construct”…


Yep, we are all excited…
I was just migrating to another Wordpress Theme las week cause I m not a coder but stayed and solved it with a skin. Lucky I didnt move thanks to the helpful guys at the Thesys Forum. I installed the skin last saturday. If you want o have a look…


So…Sept. 30 is here. Is 2.o going roll to out eastern time first? I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!


Well thought I would take a peek for a early download of thesis 2.0…. no such luck….. drat … oh well… time to go do more work countdown to Thesis 2.0…. is on….

Kate Foy

It’s been October 1 for nearly 16 hours down here in Australia. Guess that means it’s not a global rollout! Looking forward to the upgrade soon.

Kenny A

Yes, I stopped everything when I realized the date and zoomed over here…

Dwayne Kilbourne

It is 4pm here (16 hrs now) on October 1, 2012, and I do not see it yet either ๐Ÿ™


Weds October 3, still not seeing it ๐Ÿ™


its already 1 october.. cant wait for it to go.. Thesis 2.0.. awesome !


Ummmmmm. love the ideas here but, I get a large blank space which is obviously a splash of some kind. I just can’t see it. When will Thesis 2.00 be ready to download?


Are we live yet????

I Can’t Wait!!!!

Feels Like Christmas Morning!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hashim Warren

I don’t care about the Golden Ration stuff, but I love these other features.



I seem to be having trouble finding the link. Has anyone found it?


Will there be an easier way to use sprites/images for the nav menu buttons?

And Chris, I’m so glad that I purchased a theme/developer’s option from a company where its head honcho and leader – YOU – doesn’t shy away from taking the time to interact with his loyal fans and respond to most of these comments.
That shows humility and lots of character and for that (beyond all the other benefits) you will retain my loyalty!

Can’t wait to see 2.0!!

Thanks for all you hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

Global iWay

Here Oct 2nd in come within 3 hours. ๐Ÿ™

Roy Hicks

What time will 2.0 be released today? I cant wait!


Hi! Waiting. May we have this please? Thanks!


It’s afternoon in Texas on Oct. 1st surprised that it’s not out yet? Was really excited to get my hands on thesis 2.0? ๐Ÿ™


In 4 hourse itยดs 2nd October and I got no update of thesis.. any problems with the global rollout? Should i use the moneyback guarantee?…. have to think about!


Ummmm…. wasn’t 2.0 coming out today????


Hi Chris & Derek
Thanks for the awesome development, October 2 now and I have not received an e mail link & cannot find an update link on the DIY site to download Thesis 2.0, I bought a developers license a few years back, maybe I was just looked over or have you not released the product yet.

Waiting and wondering



9:20pm here in Ireland (GMT), and nothing yet here either. Here’s hoping it coming soon.



Its not coming out today, is it?


I can’t believe people on the other side of the planet are wondering why it’s not released yet.

To those down under, some Americans are still having lunch on launch day.



Now 7 hours into 2nd October here in Australia and no sign of an email for existing holders of developers license and can’t find a mention of how to download on the DIY Themes site. Have I missed something about the upgrade process for longstanding developers license holders?

Kate Foy

Exactly. Where is it?




Still quite a few hours left in Oct 1st in parts of the world.

Kate Foy

Glad I’m not holding my breath, then. ๐Ÿ˜‰


No, I certainly wouldn’t advise that you ever do that.

While I appreciate the work CP does, the track record isn’t great for getting stuff out the door. I mean, we’ve been talking about 2.0 for two years.


Thesis 2.0 plugin downloaded – see Chris Twitter page @pearsonified


1st October is about to end in Europe. And no Thesis out yet…


As I believe a lot of Thesis-fans are waiting for the new version perhaps Derek would be kind enough to let us know when we can expect it?



Is there a thesis 2? Can Derek or someone update the status? Hope I wasn’t fooled into buying this!


The natives are getting restless. US central time 18:49 still nothing. Did thesis dev jump the gun and got us going for nothing? ๐Ÿ™‚


So it’s the end of the business day in the US. Where is it?????

Global iWay

No….. I think Thesis still development stage. It is 7am here on October 2, 2012.


they must be having some issue. but they should let everyone know about this as we are part of their community. we appreciate their work on it, so hope that all will be fine and we wish to hear from them soon.





Where is this bad boy. ๐Ÿ™‚


Thesis 2 is here! ๐Ÿ˜€
I’ve downloaded and getting dirty with this new shinning baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rajesh Namase

Finally Thesis 2.0 released, waiting for it long time, thanks. Guys you’re doing great.


You can download Thesis 2.0 here:

(You need to be logged in and have a valid license, with a developers license for the old Wordpress it works).


Firstly, Derek, much respect to you for the past help you’ve given. And much respect to Pearson for starting all of this. But this… Unless the best tutorial ever shows up and enlightens the loyal patrons of Thesis (including myself) as to how 2.0 will work better for the majority of users, this may fizzle HUGE. I’m messing with 2.0 right now, and this is not why I signed on with Thesis. The bulk of this article is over-selling aspects that were already possible with a bit of research. I’m feeling like I ordered prime rib, was brought a shoe, then the waiter tells me that the fork is new.


Agree that it’s a very, very steep learning curve and I’m frustrated by the current interface – but I would be really surprised if they don’t come up with some excellent tutorials. Given their track record of support, I have confidence they will come up with good documentation very soon ๐Ÿ™‚
Might not have been the smartest move to make big announcement and then release something that no “normal user” (=no coding experience) can use without documentation, but since I’ve always received excellent support in the past 2 years where I’m a customer I cut them some slack and wait for the help files ๐Ÿ™‚


I trust that the tutorials will be there. I’ve trusted these guys for awhile with quite a bit. But I am just not enjoying the fact that they gave me a different product with an inferior interface. To have to “drag and drop” everything then open and close each module seems a chore, but I’m doing the best I can to wait and see what tools they can give me to help with the learning curve.


I’m about to attend the webinar through BYOBWebsite. Despite my initial skepticism, I remain optimistic.


So, Thesis 2.0 has finally arrived. First impression, it looks awesome. Second impression, this could be a steep learning curve without tutorials. Third impression, this could be a nightmare to convert existing sites over [especially where there is a lot of php/ccs involved].

A few good tutorials on 1) How to make a Skin 2) How to make boxes 3) How to make packages would be VERY useful.

All that said & done, I can’t wait to get stuck in… Exciting times ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

Danny Cruz

Your comment stood out. You’re right on all counts. But, people are always reluctant to change. I got it, and I installed it on a test site first. I’m obviously not going to go a load it on my star website just yet. Gotta learn it first. Not only that, but this is the time when most updates happen. So, I’m guessing we’ll be seeing everything from new updates, to tutorials, to skin downloads, to boxes, etc, etc. Remember all those tutorials posted on the blog for Thesis 1.8 and older? Something like that.

I don’t expect to be fully converted to 2.0 for the next month of so. But that’s change for you. Kinda slow sometimes.


Thanks James
Yep just downloaded it now, yes be logged in and I have developers so it worked, just got to work out how it works now.

Asher Ariel

What happened to the 1 October scheduled launch of Thesis 2.0?



Thesis 2 is now up and running.

Very first impressions: I am kinda lost. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t get it to do what I want. Things that were super easy for in Thesis 1, all of a sudden have become dauting tasks. E.g. how do I change column with, get rid of the internal borders, etc.

This is probably the nature of the thing. Gotta get used to it. Everything has its learning curve, and Thesis 2 may turn out to be super easy to use, once you get the hang of it. Or it may not. Will see. I am pretty sure it will frustrate a lot of users just coverting from Thesis 1.

Which leads me to my point: TUTORIALS, guys! Lots and lots of tutorials, explaining even the most basics settings and tasks. Also, make them video, they are easier to follow through.

Demento Lรช

Thanks for your work. Now, I’m waiting for official tutorials.


where is the bonuses that developers are going to get. i did not see any section over there.


These bonuses are published later. See:


Honestly, the back end just doesn’t make sense for me. How do you add…anything? Should we go to University to be able to use a WordPress theme? I don’t think so.
For the time being I’ll use 1.8.5 as I’m not into learning how to spin an ellipse when you could well spin a circle.
For the beginners must be a charade using Thesis 2.0 when you could use a theme/framework that looks like a WP theme in back-end.


Cool, looking forward to this. I thought it was coming out October 1st? Was I wrong about that? What’s the expected release date?


So… where is it? It’s Oct. 2 now and I’m not seeing an update through my sites, or on the DIY home page. Am I missing something?


Ah, my bad, I saw the link in the comments just now.


A few good tutorials on 1) How to make a Skin 2) How to make boxes 3) How to make packages would be VERY useful.

Itยดs very very confusing.. the Thesis 2.0 …:-(

Christophe Glaudel

Hello, according to the 1.x install, one have to rename the custom-sample folder. But in the zip of thesis 2, there is no custom-sample folder. What do we have to do ??


I also thought it was coming around October 1.? Any news or is it a secret?


Anyone know if there is an easy way to import all of the hooks code when upgrading? I realize with the boxes model that 2.0 no longer uses hooks, but it seems like an arduous process to import into 2.0 all of the code that we had put into various hooks.


I’m a writer in the middle of a marketing push. What I need is good SEO, an an easy design and options page like in 1.85 and a way to upload a background like I upload a header. I love the idea of 2.0, but I can’t afford to stop and learn how to operate it until my next vacation.

Jason Mathes

I would really love to see some tutorials about how to convert existing CSS code snippets – say for the awesome Email Sub forms Chris created for use with Thesis 2.0!

The code itself is a snap to add. To style it? Um, not so much. Thesis 2.0 is really starting to grow on me though.