Introducing the Social Triggers Skin

by Chris Pearson · 146 comments

Looking for a Social Triggers Skin demo? Check this out.

Social Triggers Skin screenshotI’ve been waiting a long time for today, and I know you have, too.

Today, I get to introduce you to the first official add-on Skin for Thesis: Social Triggers.

These days, most theme companies brag about responsive designs, SEO, and other nifty features like HTML5 and microdata (markup schema).

But in 2013, we believe that’s the just price of admission when it comes to creating a Thesis Skin.

So naturally, the Social Triggers Skin offers you a level of value that goes deeper than that.

I’ll go into the details in just a bit, but first…

They thought I was crazy…

For years, my friends and business confidantes told me I was crazy because I wasn’t selling child themes, even though Thesis was perfectly positioned to dominate the market.

But here’s the deal:

Despite knowing the massive appeal and sales potential of Skins, I refused to release any official ones because I was never confident in how code-intensive, idiosyncratic, and hard to support they would have been on the Thesis 1.x platform (or on any theme that follows the standard WordPress theme and child theme architecture, for that matter).

Furthermore, the thought of my software causing you anguish or leading you down the wrong path is sickening to me, and I can’t release anything I don’t believe in 100%. Hence, no Skins.

But as of today, all of that has changed.

Thesis 2.1 is here, and so is the first official Thesis Skin, Social Triggers.

This new Skin proves that my friends were right—I was crazy…like a fox!

A Thesis Skin that’s tailor-made for higher conversions

Yes, the Social Triggers Skin features a snappy, responsive design to go with the requisite “nifty features” like HTML5 and built-in Article markup schema.

But as I said earlier, that’s just the price of admission when it comes to creating a Thesis Skin.

So what other good stuff can you expect from the Social Triggers Skin?

  • 3 custom templates that are crafted specifically for higher conversions
  • an attention-grabbing, battle-tested feature box (more about this in a moment)
  • built-in email signup forms cleverly placed in high-converting locations
  • integrated logo support (simply upload your logo, and the Skin will automatically make it responsive for you)

Here’s the thing though:

How do most companies create themes or child themes?

They have a designer come up with a design that they think “looks good” and “does the job.”

Some smart designers even attempt to take advantage of the latest industry best practices for generating leads and converting sales.

And we applaud them for that.

But this Skin—the Social Triggers Skin—is different.

This isn’t something that just came from a designer’s imagination. It’s a design that has been repeatedly tested and fine-tuned for high conversions over the last 2 years.

“Wait, what? Aren’t you just releasing this today?”

Well, yes.

But we’re calling it the Social Triggers Skin for a reason—it’s based off Derek Halpern’s blog, Social Triggers.

And it’s the exact design that he’s tweaked and tuned over the last 2 years to build his audience from scratch to more than 100,000 subscribers.

(If you don’t know who Derek Halpern is, he’s widely regarded as one of the top experts on conversion psychology.)

And now, with the Social Triggers Skin, you can have an even better site than he has 😀

Even better than the original

The Social Triggers Skin is designed to convert, and it’s also designed to make it really easy for you to get started building your own email list.

With 4 email signup forms in high-converting locations and 100% integration with both MailChimp and AWeber (popular email campaign providers), you’ll be ready to hit the ground running the second you install the Skin.

On top of that, you can use the built-in feature box to highlight can’t-miss content (and, of course, a can’t-miss email signup form).

(We also wrote about how the feature box is one of the best way to increase conversions.)

And since the Skin is integrated with Thesis’ patent-pending color scheme picker, you have the power to create amazing color customizations in just seconds.

Social Triggers Skin color samples

Figure 1. Use the Thesis color scheme picker to style your Social Triggers Skin precisely how you want. (And yes, that’s a picture of yer ‘umble author when he was just a wee baby.) Click to enlarge.

The bottom line?

There’s no easier—or more optimized—way to run a top-tier website that’s designed for lead generation and sales conversion than with the Social Triggers Skin.

At this point, there’s only one question left…

How can you get your hands on this Skin?

If you have a Thesis Professional License, a Thesis Basic Plus License, or a grandfathered Thesis Developer’s Option, then you can download the Social Triggers Skin right now (login required).

If you have a Thesis Basic license or grandfathered Thesis Personal Option, then you’ll need to upgrade your account in order to get Social Triggers. To upgrade, log into DIYthemes and visit the My Account page.

Not yet a Thesis customer? See which Thesis option is right for you, and then try the Social Triggers Skin today!

Finally, if you’d like to see a demo of the Social Triggers Skin in action, check this out.

Enjoy the Social Triggers Skin, and let us know what you think in the comments.

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. You should follow him on Twitter here.

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Michael Aulia

Awesome! I’m still using the good old Thesis classic skin + some of my own customisations. Gonna give the Social Trigger a try

Derek Halpern

Social Triggers ;-).

It’s definitely worth a try.


Yes, Thesis is a great theme in most webmaster and blogger’s mind and it’s the best advantage to include such an easy feature


I am still using the 1.8.5 version. Does this skin go well with it or do I have to upgrade to the latest version to be able to use it. The only reason I didint upgrade was that I thought I might break something while upgrading 🙂

Chris Pearson

Parminder, the Social Triggers Skin requires Thesis 2.1.2, so no, it isn’t compatible with version 1.8.5.

When you’re ready for a new design, that will be the perfect time to switch to Thesis 2.1.2 and the Social Triggers Skin!


Thanks for the qucik reply. I just upgraded one blog to 2.1.2 and it was easy 🙂 didint break anything but I would like to know if this skin can be used without having to sign up for chimp or aweber? The blog I run is such that it makes no sense for me to have it. I agree it is a great addition for every other blog out there.

Chris Pearson

You do not need to sign up for MailChimp or AWeber to use the Social Triggers Skin.

To skip the email functionality, simply install and activate the Skin, and then navigate to the Skin Content page.

In the Display Options section, click on the Email Forms button, and then de-select the 3 checkboxes there. Click the blue OK button to confirm your changes, and then hit the green Save Options button in the corner to save everything.


Where is the demo link?


I second Robert. Is there a way to have a look at a working version please.

Derek Halpern

I know he’s working on it!

Max Turner

That would be awesome – I really would like to see it as well.


Haha no worries. Don’t mean to hassle.

Chris Pearson

Why is this better than Genesis or Headway? I don’t get it. What’s the difference?

Chris Pearson

Compared to Genesis, Thesis is faster, more flexible, requires FAR less custom code to add functionality or change your design, and is 100% controllable from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard (no FTP, text editor, or code required).

Thesis is also smarter, as it scans your WordPress environment to determine precisely which custom post types or custom taxonomies you’ve added. If Thesis detects any custom content, it will automatically create templates for it, thus integrating your custom content into any Skin you use.

Compared to Headway, Thesis delivers FAR more efficient, optimized output (you can use Google Page Speed insights to see just how much faster and more optimized Thesis is).

In addition, Thesis offers world-class SEO tools and deep WordPress integrations (post meta, custom category/tag/taxonomy content, etc.) that Headway simply does not.


Oh I want this (and not just because I am secretly in love with Derek Halpern!). But I haven’t been able to upgrade past 1.8.5 because I am such a novice and it’s SO different and….well, I’m just plain scared! It took me long enough to get comfortable with the old Thesis (like a couple of years, lol!) and not sure that I won’t totally screw up my existing sites. Any advice Chris?


Ditto (being a 1.8.5 novice … not being in love with Derek). 😉


I have a test blog set up just for this purpose and to test new things before I use them on my live blog. I just upgraded my 1.8.5 to 2.1.1 a few mins ago and it went smooth.
If you cant get it right on the test blog then there are people out there who would do it for you for a fee.
But I personally believe it is best to learn how to do it yourself. Its nothing complicated to be honest.


Laura, David – yes, I found v2 scary and avoided it for ages (especially as it was launched without a proper manual 😐 ) so I know how you feel. But I made the leap a couple of months ago as I was developing my sites and thought I’d better be up to date. I got someone on oDesk who is familiar with v2 to help me for a few dollars. And now if I want something done I can go back to them. Meanwhile, I’ll pick it up as I go along – at least I know there is someone (or some people) who can save me time learning it all.

This new skin looks very cool…


Indianapolis real estate

I use Genesis now and know nothing about wordpress…is it easy to switch?


Yes. And see my comment above about oDesk. Or Fiverr for that matter.


Chris Pearson

Indianapolis real estate, switching from Genesis to Thesis is simple—all you have to do is install and activate Thesis (and both steps can be performed from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard).

Best of all, once you’re running Thesis, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your site (including your templates, and even custom templates!) from the WordPress dashboard, without needing to resort to an FTP client, a text editor, or convoluted code.

Patrick Wagner

Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this forever – Finally I can use this simple design that has worked so well for Derek Halpern’s Blog. I appreciate you sharing it Derek.

Derek Halpern

You know it.


Yeah – thanks Derek and Chris 🙂

Chris Pearson

Our pleasure, Malc—we’ve been working towards this moment for a long time!


Nice skin!
I love the design classic.

Danielle Parsons

Any chance we will be able to use this skin with another autoresponder besides Aweber or Mail Chimp? Have been with GVO since 2009 and I have a list built there. I prefer to keep my marketing tools all in one place.


Seconded. I use a different autoresponder and would like to be able to enter the code for it to work.

Jeremy Maher

yeah, Infusionsoft is a big player and should be on there too


I just upgraded one blog to latest 2.1 thesis but this signing up with aweber or chim is a deal breaker for me. I would go broke if I started paying for sending e-mails.

Any way to not use the e-mail sign up thing and still use the skin?

Rich Sheraton

Mailchimp has a free option that is not bad if you don’t have many prospects. I think it is up to 2,000 prospects and 12,000 email per month. You don’t even need a card.

No, it’s not a trial, it is free forever 😉


Derek Halpern

I know that’s in the cards. Stay tuned.


I would need Office Autopilot. But I expect I could find someone to code that in for me.



I request for more flexible to others autoresponder like GetResponse etc …


Yeah, I just wanted to ask this myself too. I am with Getresponse and would love to be able to integrate it with the Social Triggers skin.

Chris Pearson

Excellent question, Danielle (and others interested in other email integrations)!

Right now, we have plans to release Boxes for the following email campaign providers:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • iContact

Unlike the MailChimp and AWeber Boxes, these other email campaign provider Boxes will not be free (they are actually a ton of work, but obviously, they’re totally worth it because of the benefit they offer users).

So, when the time comes, you’ll be able to purchase a Box for your preferred email campaign provider, and then you’ll be able to integrate that Box into your Social Triggers Skin (this is as simple as uploading a data file that we will provide for you).

Finally, regarding InfusionSoft, we’re looking into a potential integration, and we’ll let you know more when we find out what direction we’re going to take.

(All of these email campaign providers are different. Some are exceptionally easy to work with, while others are much more challenging.)


I’m really interested, except that it looks like is NOT responsive. So, how can I test out the social triggers skin to make sure it responds as I want it to?

Derek Halpern

It’s not responsive, but it will be soon.

Max Turner

Will the responsiveness be included in DIY theme or just your site Derek?

Chris Pearson

Max, the Social Triggers Skin for Thesis is indeed responsive. Derek is still running Thesis 1.8 on his site because he runs a complicated setup that is difficult to upgrade.

I’m setting up a demo site now, where you’ll be able to see the Social Triggers Skin in action.

[edit: The demo site is now complete.]


Well at least YOU’RE quite responsive, even if you site isn’t yet…. 🙂


I would like to see a working demo as well…kinda basic to put a link to a working demo inst it?

Chris Pearson

Not when the working demo has to be seeded with content that isn’t generic WordPress babble (and enough content to show off all the functionality of the Skins).

Either way, I’m almost done with the demo; it’ll be accessible later today.

[edit: Here’s the Skin demo site.]


Thank You for this gift!

Chris Pearson

You’re quite welcome, Scott! We hope you love it.


Laura: there are folks that can convert it for you. You can also check out some of the tutorials out there to see what 2.x is all about. All I can say about 2.x is that it is miles ahead of 1.8.x. I have used both and once you understand where 2.x is you would never go back.

Chris Pearson

I have used both and once you understand where 2.x is you would never go back.

This is so true, Doug, but it also highlights the biggest challenge we face right now.

We’ve got to demonstrate the benefits, ease of use, and incredible efficiency gains Thesis 2 affords, and Skins like Social Triggers are a great way to begin that process.

Peak Marketing Systems

With an introduction like this… it hard not to have a peek. Looking forward to giving it a go.

Chris Pearson

I know! I’m so bummed that I didn’t have a demo ready when I published this post, but I’ll have a really sweet demo up later today.

[edit: Check out our Skin demo site.]

Dave Jackson

As Doug said, “Once you understand 2x”. That is a hurdle I didn’t have time to get over. I didn’t even need a manual for 1.8, and now I need to go to css school to understand 2.X. I was a huge thesis fan, I wish they would write a “thesis for dummies” manual. When it first came out they sent me to a third party site to watch tutorials. Derek has there been more tutorials made by diythemes?


Yeah, third party and oDesk/Fiverr, Dave. 😐

There are a lot of YT videos now.


That has been the dealbreaker for me too. No tutorial, and no, it’s definitely not self-explaining.

Chris Pearson

Sonja (and others who are holding onto the false notion that we have no documentation for Thesis 2), that was true way back in October of 2012, but it’s not true now.

We’ve acknowledged the problems with the 2.0 launch and follow-up, and we’ve worked since January to correct each and every one of them.

Thesis 2.1 was the first step in this process, and as you can see from our output over the last two months, communication is the second—and most important—step.

I encourage you to check out our updated documentation, as we now have a Getting Started Guide and lots of short videos that will get you acquainted with the interface and functionality without sapping a bunch of your precious time.

We don’t treat anything within Thesis as self-explanatory. Instead, we are striving to create the finest documentation in the industry, and we are also continuing to foster the Thesis support community so you’ll have somewhere to turn whenever you need a helping hand.


Guys…how is there not a demo?

Chris Pearson

Darren…check out our demo.

Don McClure

Are there any plans to integrate with Infusionsoft?

Chris Pearson

Possibly. Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and iContact are definitely on the horizon, but InfusionSoft makes it much harder to build a distributable tool (like a Thesis Box) that can tap into the InfusionSoft API.

We’re working on this, though, and we’ll update the blog with the good news if we are indeed able to incorporate InfusionSoft in this manner.

Mark Blackard

According to Chris via Twitter, here’s a site that’s using Social Triggers…


Looking foward for the DEMO site..

Chris Pearson

No need to look forward, muazfaris; you can look at the demo site right now 😀


I would also like to see a demo of what you are talking about. Yes I have a licence and like many others, have found Theses very complicated, why?

As far as can see, the Social Triggers Skin is just another complication!!!


A demo would be worth about 1,000 words right now.

Stephen Byrne

I agree.

Chris Pearson

Gents, here’s our Skin demo site.

James Dreesen

This is great! What color should I pick?!?

Chris Pearson

It might be too much pressure to pick one. Instead, you could just use the Thesis ColorScale to change your color scheme every day 😀

Naveen Kulkarni

Excellent skin for Thesis,
I like the simplicity factor here. And even the white space.

Rich Sheraton

Great if you just have a blog.

I prefer magazine style skins and found a a great Thesis skin from NXThemes

He has some well done designs with features I haven’t seen often.

I would use Social Triggers if I was just doing a blog. Would love to see a full blown demo of it in action though 😉


Chris Pearson

Rich, the whole “blog” thing is a product of how you have your WordPress installation set up.

The Social Triggers Skin comes with templates that make it brain-dead easy to create the exact kinds of pages you want, regardless of the kind of site you’re running.

So while we’ve definitely built Social Triggers with an eye on content and conversions, it’s absolutely false to say that it’s geared toward “just a blog.”

This Skin is built to convert and to sell, and those are things that every business ought to be interested in.

Rich Sheraton

Thanks Chris!

I know Thesis is up to the task, I am using the latest version with a magazine style theme.

Most demos I see just show blogs so I am looking forward to see what templates ST has built in to it.




Hi, So can this skin be used on version 2.0?


Chris Pearson

JB, the Social Triggers Skin requires Thesis 2.1.2. If you haven’t updated yet, I highly recommend doing so, as Thesis 2.0.x has a JavaScript problem with WordPress 3.6 that affects the Skin Editor.


@richsheraton: thanks these are awesome!


Great to see a DIY theme from the source. Thanks. Would love to see your forms directly integrate with Infusionsoft.

Chris Pearson
Leah McClellan

Happy to report I’m inspired to give 2.x a whirl again. I gave it a try when it first came out, and though I was pretty open-minded about the changes, I just didn’t have time to get the hang of it. So I kept two of my sites on the old Thesis, but I need to re-do one of them.

But after loading it up (plus the skin) and poking around just now, a couple light bulbs went off (I mean I’m seeing things more clearly), so I’ll play around. Looks like with the skin I can make the site look pretty good without a whole lotta work (yay). Not sure if it’s the 2.x or the skin right now, but I can upload a header easily (similar to the old way with the size suggestion, but it looks like it has to be smaller), favicon, an easy custom 404 page (cool!)..oh and Google authorship stuff, site verification…….great. (I’m looking as I type :D) It’s here if anyone wants to see (not much there; I haven’t done anything yet except load it. It’s just a business card sort of site)

PS The skin comes with a pic of Derick in the Manage Skins area ;D

Leah McClellan

Sorry–I misspelled your name, Derek!

Chris Pearson

Your site is looking good, Leah! I’m glad you decided to give Thesis 2 another go—I think you’re gonna dig it this time.


This looks really good. Can you please go over some of the advantages of upgrading to 2.x? Is there a big learning curve?

Chris Pearson

Scott, the biggest advantages of upgrading to Thesis 2.x are covered in this intro post for Thesis 2.1 (and you can see the benefits for yourself in the two videos there).

The learning curve is getting smaller with each new version. For example, with Thesis 2.1, you won’t need an FTP client or text editor, and you can accomplish everything from your WordPress dashboard.

On top of that, the new Thesis admin has been designed to eliminate “options overload.” Now, each options screen only shows the options relevant to the task at hand, so instead of feeling intimidated by a monstrous interface, you’ll enjoy more whitespace and a lot less “stuff” competing for your attention.

Nadiar AS

Boom! Here is a demo of the Social Triggers Skin:

I love the featured box. I can customize anything with this skin without touch the php code. The color scheme also working perfect. 🙂

Since I using social triggers skin, I can increase my email list up to 100%.

Chris Pearson

Nadiar, I’m loving your custom Social Triggers Skin!

For those reading this, I’d like to point out that Nadiar has simply added a logo and changed the default link color via the Skin Design page.

You can make similar customizations happen in just seconds with your own Social Triggers Skin!


Finally it hit the stores and I am loving it… Thanks for releasing it and now waiting for the rest 2 skins to play with..

Chris Pearson

It’s time for you to come back to the side of the “good guys,” King 😀


So you have to sign up for one of the two given email options or you can’t use this theme?

Chris Pearson

Jeff, no. The Social Triggers Skin comes with handy content controls that allow you to turn off the email forms if you don’t want to use them.

Visit the Skin Content page and look for the Email Forms button in the display options area to turn off the email forms.

Paweł Kata

Wow! After all these years I still get benefits for acquiring the “grandfathered” developer option! Thanks a bunch, Guys! 😀

Chris Pearson

Thanks for being one of our charter customers, Pawel!


This is cool. Will give it a try for sure. For the rest of the people here, I tweaked thesis clAssic to replicate the exact PEARSONIFIED skin. You can check it at my blog . By the way I am a rookie who uses trial and error to do CSS styling, and to convert a classic in to pearsonified didn’t look tough to me.


Praveen –

Good job. Are you using the latest version (2.1.1) to do this?



Hi Jack, yes it is running on the latest version 2.1.1. Though I first used the 2.0.x when I started.

Chris Pearson

Praveen, while I’m annoyed that you ripped my custom images, I’m also somewhat in awe at your desire to replicate the Pearsonified design on your own. You did a good job, too!

The Pearsonified Skin will be out soon, and it’ll be even cooler than your Classic Responsive mod (which is pretty darn cool, I have to say).


Hi Chris, I know man. Anyone would be annoyed knowing I ripped his whole site. But the idea was not a cheap one. While many of your customers were hammering Godhammer on the forum about the Skins, I just thought why not try the T2 and see if a replica was possible. Without the custom images it won’t be a Pearsonified Skin.

I just tried to show people, its not that difficult to make any Skin on Thesis, and with the HTML boxes to move around, a PHP illiterate like me can also make a replica of a complicated-sweet looking design such as yours.

Verdict – Thesis is awesome, version 2 takes it to a newer level.

Chris Pearson

Praveen, thanks for the follow-up comment! The extra insight here is great, and I have to say—you definitely shed some light on what can be done with Thesis 2. Excellent!

Bilal Ahmad

Hello Chris.

Thank you for releasing the most awaited Thesis Skin. Any updates about the Pearsonified skin.

Just wondering why there is no Box available for

Chris Pearson

Bilal, the Pearsonified Skin is in development now and will be on the “finishing table” after we get a working Skin demo up and running alongside a new sales page that highlights the Social Triggers Skin.

Also, regarding GetResponse, check out my comment here.


Great skin and responsive too. The time has come to finally switch all my 1.8.5 sites to 2.x

Chris Pearson

Glad to hear it, and I can’t wait until you’re totally on board with Thesis 2! Your sites are gonna rock.


where is the demo version online?
I like to test this version first, before change my running skin.



Chris Pearson

Hans, the Skin demo site is now online.

Harold Bishop

Thank you Chris for this offering, but I’ll wait for a live example/demo.

Chris Pearson

Harold, we just completed the Skin demo site.


Seems be a nice theme to begin with ;p


Looks great. Looking forward to try it out as soon as I move on to the latest version.

Jeff redesign coming in 3,2,1…

Chris Pearson

Heh, it’ll take a little longer than that.


I would also like to see a demo that can be driven.
What is the patent number applied for- more details please

Chris Pearson

Paul, here’s the demo site, and my attorney advised me not to publish the patent number until the 18 month filing period has expired.

Stephen Byrne

Can you please explain what was wrong with my previous comment? The reason I ask this is, it seems to have not got past the moderators. (a) The comment was polite. (b) I have paid for Thesis. (c) I also wished you well with its development. So what is wrong with asking you to use plain (not hyperbolic) language? What is wrong with pointing out how it’s said responsiveness is the price of admission yet the Social Triggers skin is said to be not yet responsive?


If you look at the following site running the Social Triggers skin, you will note it is indeed responsive.

Derek’s actual Social Triggers site is not responsive.

Chris Pearson

Stephen, the Social Triggers Skin is responsive, as advertised.

Derek’s site is not currently running this Skin because he’s still on Thesis 1.8. His site is configured far differently than most, and that’s why he hasn’t updated to the latest and greatest yet.


Woow… awesome, but off course need demo to see 🙂


Simple but really nice! Got to give a try…


What comment are you referring to? Is it possible it got marked as spam and we missed it.

(We obviously let this comment through, and if we were purposely moderating comments, we probably would have not approved htis one either, right? :-D)

That said, I’m not sure what you mean. The Social Triggers skin is responsive. My version on isn’t yet, because I haven’t began using this version of the theme (I have a very complex server set up that most people dont have, so its not as easy for me to update themes).


Wow, thank you. We’re going to build a blog using the Social Triggers skin to sit alongside our corporate site. It’s much appreciated!

Chris Pearson

Awesome, Wendy! Feel free to link me your finished site on Twitter; I love seeing what people come up with!

Sara Harrier

Hi Derek! Love your stuff. Any chance you’re going to expand to other email clients? I use MadMimi and love it and would hate to switch. Thanks!

Chris Pearson

Sara, right now, we have plans to support Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and iContact.

Unfortunately, MadMimi isn’t on that list (this is the first I’ve heard of them), but you can always try out a free MailChimp account and import your existing list.

Who knows—you might like MailChimp better!

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the Thesis community is huge, and I bet someone will make a MadMimi Box in time.

Expansions of this nature are totally organic; in time, I expect just about every niche Box imaginable to emerge.


Now I will have to upgrade my plan soon. I wana try Social Triggers …

Chris Pearson

Chirag, you won’t be disappointed. And after checking out the other bonus Boxes that come with the Thesis Professional license, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without ’em (especially the Developer Tools Box).


Whoever did that photoshop job of Derek Halpern’s face at the intro, shouldn’t quit his day job. 🙂

I am so glad Thesis is back at the top of it’s game, I wish you could have done this a couple months ago before I spent all that money buying the Genesis Theme Pack. But I guess there are situations where having both Platforms opens up more avenues for creativity.

I am worried about updating my sites for various reasons to the new 2.0 interface, but it might be time to bite the bullet. I have tried to upgrade but had problems with my wordpress site crashing, just going to press activate and hope for the best.

Thanks for the new skin!! Excited to finally see it here: Seems like it was here, then wasn’t here, then was here and now it is finally here!!!

Chris Pearson

Stephen, as long as you didn’t change your Thesis 1.8.x folders to /thesis (as opposed to /thesis_185, etc), you won’t have any problems at all while installing Thesis 2.

However, if you’re trying to port over all your custom functions and everything, I’d advise against that. The primary reason why is because no matter which Skin you’re using, the hooks and filters are not the same as they were in Thesis 1.8.x.

On top of that, you likely won’t need 80% (or more) of your custom code anymore. Thesis 2 makes it easy to do tons of things that used to require convoluted code, so your custom files will shrink in size and thus improve in manageability.

In addition, the CSS structure is completely different—and far more optimized—with Thesis 2. When switching to Thesis 2, you’ll want to get in the habit of keeping all your CSS customizations on the Custom CSS page.

This will make it easier to manage and troubleshoot, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the new LIVE preview mode, too.



I’m trying to log in to my account to upgrade & get the new skin but your site is not playing the game – I can’t log in and I’ve reset my password twice – I get a sad face picture with a 500 internal server error.

Any idea when it will be working again?

Chris Pearson

Helena, we’re working on that problem now.

In the meantime, you can simply log in, and when you’re presented with the 500 error screen, just hit refresh, and it ought to work.


Hi Chris,

I am interested in trying out Thesis and the Social Trigger skin, my concern is, since this skin is available, then every other site is going to look like Social Trigger site.

Besides changing the color and a logo, what other things can I easier customize for someone who is not tech savvy? do you have any video or tutorial or blog post about that? Thanks!

Chris Pearson

Brian, I had your exact concerns in mind when I built the Social Triggers Skin, and that’s why it comes with sophisticated design options that enable you to create a version that’s all your own.

In addition to nearly infinite color customization options, the Social Triggers Skin comes with display options that you can use to make your site unique.

For example, you can easily remove the feature box, add author avatars to your posts, or even suppress the sidebar.

Each of our Skins comes with its own set of display options, but they all work the same way (simple on/off switches for Skin content).

Check out this video for an example of how to use the display options in the Classic Responsive Skin; these options are very similar in the Social Triggers Skin.


Chris, just noticed there was a demo at the end of the post. Perhaps place it on top of the post as well?

How does the “get updates” on the feature box (and sidebar) works? Does it come with social triggers skin or is it a box you add later?

Chris Pearson

Daniel, I apologize for the confusion around the term “feature box.”

The feature box is not an add-on Thesis Box; it’s just a term we coined years ago for the special area beneath your site title and above your content—the perfect place to grab attention and direct it to your benefit.

The Social Triggers Skin comes with a feature box area that you can use to do whatever you want. We consider the feature box to be the perfect location to gather email signups, and that’s why Social Triggers has a signup form built into the feature box (but you can turn this off with one click).

As far as updates go, the Social Triggers Skin likely won’t require updates, but if/when they happen, they won’t affect your design.

Reeses Thesis

It’s official! Reese’s Thesis is running on the Social Triggers skin. And, it’s awesome, simple and fast.

Thanks Chris

Chris Pearson

Love it, Reese!

Tania Shipman

I am quite interested in this however making me choose aweber or mailchimp is a major deal breaker.

Have I missed an explanation as to why you have to join with them.

I don’t use any of the proposed to be created expensive options so still can’t even consider it.

I use sendreach and it’s not listed here. Seems counterproductive that you require people to leave a working email list to move to either aweber or mailchimp where under their rules you need to get your subscribers to sign up again.

Chris Pearson

Tania, you don’t have to use the built-in email forms in the Social Triggers Skin, and you don’t have to sign up for MailChimp or AWeber to use the Skin, either.

Tania Shipman

Thanks Chris for the answer. I re-read the page. I’ll give it a trial this weekend.


Hi Chris,

In case nobody else had that issue yet:

When updating to the Social Triggers Skin all my personal settings were gone! my site now looks aweful and I have to spend the whole night now to come up with the settings again… That is not cool and something I would expect from a free theme but not from a premium theme.

Of course, now I am smarter and know that I have to make at least one backup for such as case. But is that really necessary? Can’t the settings be transfered to the new skin in such a case??

Sorry, but right now and while I assume that indeed spending the whole night to work on that is the only solution, my state of mind is: that sucks, big time!

Best regards,

Chris Pearson

David, which “personal settings” are you referring to?

Please note that your design settings are not shared between Skins, as each Skin has design and display options that are unique to it.

Your general site settings, however, which all reside in the Thesis AdminSite menu (documentation), will not change when you change your Skin.

Furthermore, any Custom CSS you add is relative to each Skin. Because each Skin is different, you cannot reliably move one Skin’s Custom CSS to another without needing to do some tweaking to achieve similar results.

Custom PHP (which is rare these days because T2 eliminates the need for most of it) is in the same boat as the Custom CSS, in that it is unique to each Skin.

Sirap Limau

Hi Chris and all,

Trying to upload the skin but getting this error.

“File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini or by post_max_size being defined as smaller than upload_max_filesize in php.ini.”

Anybody encountered this?

Chris Pearson

Sirap, make sure you’re uploading the .zip file (and not the folder that results after unzipping the .zip). Also, if you downloaded Thesis with Safari, make sure the resulting file does not contain a .html extension at the end ( is incorrect, so remove the .html).

If neither of those two things is the case, then it’s possible that uploads are disabled in your php.ini (but that seems very unlikely to me).

If you still aren’t able to solve this, please drop us a note in the forums, and we’ll get you fixed up as quickly as we can!


Very nice SKIN . Very like the new update . Thanks

Ali Mese

Ok, I’m in love. Though I see I am already late to discover it. Shifting my new website to this theme. Absolutely great job!


I’ve been using the Geneis themes but I heard a lot of good things about Thesis themes also. I’ll have to try the social triggers theme on one of my sites, Leah’s does look pretty good.


Nice! As someone who is currently using the old Thesis classic skin, the Social trigger theme looks promising to me.


I have been using Thesis for some time and must say it does everything it says it does and so much more. This new skin sounds interesting but where do I get the download?

Chris Pearson

Rottweiler, the Promo Skin is available for purchase from your My Account page (login required). After purchasing the Skin, you can download it from the Skins sub-section of the Downloads area.

Callum Cherry

One of the great and easy to understand explanation about Thesis….

Great work Chris..

Freedom Guy

I love to social triggers website. Glad to see I can make mine look similar! 😀