Social Media Profiles Box and Some Sweet Thesis Updates

The following interaction perfectly summarizes my vision for the Thesis community. This lady had a simple question after I helped her get acquainted with the display options in the Classic Responsive Skin:

Thank you so much! Now how can I add links to my social media profiles?

I…well…uh…err… Darn it.

Simple questions beg for simple answers, but the best I could do was tell her that two of our Skins—Flex and Promo—come with support for social media profile links right out of the box.

That’s not good enough.

Thesis makes it easy to solve problems just like this one, so instead of telling this lady to jump through hoops or buy another product from us, I created a solution that will help anyone in her situation.

And now, I’m happy to introduce the…

Social Media Profiles Box

Social Media Profiles Box icon linksWant to add social media profile links to your Thesis-powered website? The Social Media Profiles Box makes it easy to add these links anywhere in your design.

Oh, and did I mention? This Box is free for anyone with an active Thesis license. You can try it right now.

Recent Thesis Updates

Are you keeping your Thesis installations up to date? If not, you’re missing out on enhanced security, WordPress and Plugin compatibility, and even updates to Thesis components like Skins and Boxes.

Here are some highlights from the most Thesis recent updates (2.6.2 and 2.6.3):

  • Added the native WordPress GDPR comment consent checkbox
  • Automatic OptimizePress template compatibility
  • Easy Pinterest domain name verification (Thesis Admin → Site → Site Verification)
  • Streamlined and enhanced the Thesis Admin with button icons
  • Expanded Meta Description allowance to 320 characters
  • Enhanced System Status data for better support

Got questions, concerns, or simply want to shower me with compliments? Drop a line in the comments below!

About the author: Thesis creator Chris Pearson is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building truly awesome websites.

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  • The sweetness just keeps on getting sweeter.

  • awesome. This makes it so much easier.

  • Many thanks, Chris, great addition!



  • Chris,

    I just saw your note asking for questions for your ‘How to do X with Thesis’ series…

    I recently wanted to set up an @keyframes ruleset: it worked correctly on one Thesis 2 site, but not the other. The code was exactly the same on both sites, because the site on which it worked is where I tested the code before adding it to the live site. Nothing I tried got it to work on the live site, and that included some discussion back and forth with Pierre in the support forums.

    I eventually solved the problem by creating a new stylesheet, copying the ruleset into it, uploading and linking to it in the HTML Head > Head Scripts screen.

    But it would be great if there was a way of being able to consistently get @keyframes to work.



    • Chris Pearson

      Hi Martin, it’s clear that something was different between the two sites you mentioned.

      My guess is the SCSS parser was choking on some of your Custom CSS on the faulty site; this is the type of thing I can help you resolve via support request.

      • Hi Chris,

        Many thanks – I’ve sent you a support request.



  • Thank you Chris for keeping thesis updated. Going to try social media box now. Thanks again.

  • Thanks Chris for this update!!

  • Received your recent newsletter regarding WP.

    This is really true. I have been using WP since last 8 years. Its getting too much complicated day by day to work with WP.

    Too many updates, too many problems in Codex consistent guidelines, number of compatibility issues of plugins and many more…Actually my point is this:

    I am a professor of Physics and Electronics and Robotics. I want just to publish my articles and the related study material for my students on my website.

    But with WP, initially, it was quite good. I never needed to study the entirety of WP except for simple post and page publishing and some routine things.

    But now whenever, I open my dashboard, I find lot many problems like plugin’s compatibility issue, SEO problems, decreasing ranking of my website on Google and all that…

    I am now planning to shift to simple and user friendly readymade module…

    Please suggest if any…!

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