Unveiled: A New Thesis Site Showcase (with Filters!)

by Chris Pearson · 41 comments

The Thesis Gallery Showcase is back, and it’s better—and more informative—than ever before.

First, all of the sites in the showcase are running the latest version of Thesis. Now you can browse in confidence, knowing that every site is using the same basic platform as your own site.

Second, we’ve added filters that let you browse by Skin, site type, designer, and developer.

I’m particularly excited about the designer and developer filters because they’ll help generate exposure for the most talented people working with Thesis today. (And hey—if you’re looking for professional help with your site, this is a great place to begin your search.)

Also, you’ll be able to use the Skin filters to help determine which Skin is best suited for your next website project.

And speaking of finding great Skins…

Coming Soon: A New Premium Skin!

The fine gentlemen at Themedy Themes have been making top-notch Thesis Skins for nearly two years, and they’ve recently produced the second Skin in our premium designers’ series (you may recall that Promo was the first).

We’ll unveil this new Skin in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to go ahead and give you a little teaser of what’s to come.

Themedy Thesis Skin preview

For starters, you’ll get a big feature area on your home page that’s designed for optin-style conversions (or just introducing yourself or your business in a bold way).

Next, you’ll be able to use this feature area on your posts and pages for big, beautiful pictures and headlines that will really stand out.

Finally, this Skin will come with detailed Landing Page and Full Width templates that are perfect for conversions of all kinds—product sales, optins, you name it. I’m fond of these templates simply because they provide an easy and effective way to channel your audience’s attention, and in my experience, that always yields the best results.

I’m looking forward to sharing this new Skin with you in the near future…you’re gonna love it!

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building effective websites.

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Jack Enright

I like the filter options on the Thesis Gallery Showcase. I noticed there weren’t any sites that were listed as having the Promo theme, so if you need an example of one, I humbly ask you to consider adding http://www.leomfrank.org. 🙂

Chris Pearson

I am definitely looking for some fine examples of sites running Promo, and yours fits the bill nicely. Thanks for the heads-up!


Hello Chris,

I’m using the Promo Skin on my blog (did some customization):
ps: my blog is in portuguese.



I have created several sites now with Thesis. Love the framework. I have the professional license for Thesis since 2009. Also helped out other people working with Thesis.

Can i get listed in the showcase as well to be hired for work?

Some sites i have created now

http://www.quinex.nl (classic-r)
http://www.yiper.nl (promo)
http://www.sparkelgroup.nl/dev (almost finished and a client license will be purchased upon delivery of the site ;-)) (classic-r)
working on some new ones as well



Chris Pearson

Carlo, these sites are exceptional! I’ll be sure to add them to the showcase during the next round of updates.

Les Dossey

Hi Carlo,

I especially like Quinex, but all of those sites are spectacular.


Love Yiper. I need thiskind of layout for my site. Like mini launching pads for different content.

Please theme it up and start selling!

Rick Lomas

As I write this I am trying to resist clicking the gallery showcase link, because I really don’t want to see it! Why? It’s because I’ve just been so happy with how Pearsonified looks here: http://www.motorhomefreedom.com that I really don’t want to get tempted by anything else. However I might just have to have a sneaky peek….

Chris Pearson

Rick, I’ve watched your site evolve over the past few months, and I’m really impressed with the way you’ve refined the look and made the most of Pearsonified. Keep up the great work!

Bartosz Góralewicz

Rick – I kinda liked your oldschool look too 🙂

Rick Lomas

Hey Bartosz – that was way before I owned the domain 🙂 I actually found some really good links for it that were 404ing on my site by using the Link Research Tools, Link Juice Recovery Tool.

Juan m

Sweet I’ve been needing a skin for my photography site.


Hey Chris,

Thought I’d put my pitch in as well. I saw you mention that this one of the best Thesis designs you’ve ever seen on Twitter. Can we get it in the showcase?


Thanks! Love your framework. All the best to you and your team.


Les Dossey

Hey Chris,

I know I keep saying it but you guys ROCK.
I’m just about finished with the final touches on my latest site.

I sure wish Evernote would hire you to show them how to provide support.

All the Best,

Matthew Horne

Man where do I begin, I’ve been working on so many things lately and all to do with Thesis 2 mostly. Yet I have been quiet, but soon that will not be the case.

NYC trip is in booked and I look forward to promoting Thesis 2 for what it really is. The things I have built, specifically capitalize on the way thesis deals with resources allowing for some cool features that don’t choke the sites performance.

Here is one site that is pretty much complete.


Here is another that isn’t complete yet, but it will be within the next few weeks.


Quite a few more to come after NYC in October.

Marko Hamel

Dear Chris,

I do love the Thesis Framework and you skin Pearsonified. For that reason we created our own website based on this great theme:


We would really appreciate it, if you would add this site to the showcase.

All the best,


Hi Chris,

I’ve got a couple of clean sites that runs on Thesis since the early releases:


Thanks for the great work!


I have built a few sites on the Classic Responsive Skin. I love it! looking forward to getting to know the new skins too.

Aaaand… I’m also collaborating with Amanda at TheGirlsGuideToWebDesign.com to re-launch the entire course with all new Thesis 2.x training videos, plus responsive design videos. (Sorry… I didn’t mean for this to be a promo, but rather an example of just how committed I am to the Thesis 2.x theme. I have been living and breathing every detail for months so that I can teach it to our 500+ existing students… and the newbies joining us soon).

Anyway, here are a couple of sites I have developed in Classic Responsive:


Hi Chris,

Feel free to add my site, which runs the Pearsonified skin:

Paul Manoian

I noticed you didn’t have the Themedy Stage 2 theme listed. So, here’s must revamped site for consideration in the Showcase. Thanks!


Triana S

I am using Thesis but never tried any skin yet. Hope to use it in near future.

Alice Walken

I really love the new showcase. I’m very jealous of some of the great work that’s been created using Thesis. Time to switch over to it me thinks


Hey Chris,

I’ve been trying to upload the pearsonified theme in wp but I get the following error message: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Any thoughts about what I need to do to fix this?

Chris Pearson

Hi Mike, Pearsonified is not a WordPress theme—it’s a Thesis Skin. To install it, follow these instructions to install and activate a Thesis Skin.


Haloo, im new here…I was told by a friend to use Thesis, but i got no idea how. could anyone please guide me where to start over

Juan M

So… How long is a couple of weeks?

Phillip Isaac

Hi chris, taking my right step into thesis providing various skins.

Carl Cheo

Hi Chris,

Have been a loyal customer since 2011, and used several gorgeous skin. Currently using the Admire skin from ThesisLove with some customizations. Do I get considered too? ;D

Thanks for the great work over the years!


Hello Chris, I do love the Thesis Framework and you skin Pearsonified. Now looking for a new skin for web hosting site.

Jeff Robb

I have used Thesis Theme for all my sites and have really enjoyed the ease at which I can design the site anyway that I want. I always start with a blank template and just go to town.

I have helped many people get their sites off the ground with Thesis who are in the internet marketing industry.

Thanks Chris for this awesome platform and looking forward to many new features in the coming months and years!


Hey Chris,
what about this new skin you mentioned. When will it be finished?

Andre Chaperon

Come on Chris, release the damn theme already, man.

I spoke to Mark Hodder of Themedy … said they handed over the theme to you guys, ages ago.

Biggest gripe with DIY Themes since I purchased Thesis back in 2008 … the snail pace of all releases.

Come one … SHIP IT. So we can send you some damn money, already.


You are awesome! I only wish that I found this blog about two years ago! Great content and very useful…Thanks!

Juan M

Yooo Chris,
Can you delete my comments from this post (3 total) i just wanna clean up backlinks. thanks.


I would love it if you would post my website in the showcase for Marketer’s Delight 3 skin.


Arbaz Khan

I have not used Thesis but my friend has been using the theme and he is so happy and comfortable with it that he uses Thesis on all his sites.
Thanks for an amazing framework!


What happened to the new skin from Themedy?


Hi there!
When is the new skin gonna be released. You said couple of weeks a while ago now.

Chris Pearson

Just wanted to give everyone an update here:

The Skin from Themedy is still under construction, and we will be releasing it in January 2015. In addition to a bold new design, it will feature a revised control panel that will make it easier than ever for you to customize and refine your site to suit your specific needs.


Hi Chris! Any update on the release date for Thesis 2.2?


Awesome stuff! I recently switched over to Thesis for my personal blog, and I’ve installed the Pearsonified skin. Looking great so far, and I really appreciate all the upgrades, features and content! I look forward to tweaking and developing for 2015! Keep up the good work DIY!