Widgetize the Multimedia Box

Applies to Version(s): Thesis 1

With the Thesis Multimedia Box, you’re not just limited only to rotating images or adding custom code with a hook – here’s how to “widgetize” the Multimedia Box so that you can add a WordPress Widget to it, just like you can with sidebars.

First, set the Multimedia Box’s Default Settings (under Thesis Design Options) to Custom code.

Then, you’ll need to register a new “sidebar” named Multimedia Box – the following code, placed in your custom_functions.php file, will take care of that:

	'name' => 'Multimedia Box', 
	'before_widget' => '<li class="widget %2$s">', 
	'after_widget' => '</li>', 
	'before_title' => '<h3>', 
	'after_title' => '</h3>'));

function multimedia_box_widgets() {
	echo '<ul class="sidebar_list">';
	dynamic_sidebar('Multimedia Box');
	echo '</ul>';
add_action('thesis_hook_multimedia_box', 'multimedia_box_widgets');

Once you’ve added the code, go to your WordPress Dashboard, and then to Appearance > Widgets – you should see the new widget area on the right, and then you can drag your desired widget to it:

Widget Areas

New Multimedia Box Widget Area