Translate Thesis into Other Languages

This page is part of the Tutorials: Internationalization documentation.

Follow the steps below to translate Thesis 2.2 into your language:

  1. Download the poEdit translation software, and install it on your local computer.

  2. Download this file by right clicking on the link, then choosing save as; when you save the file, remove the .txt extension from its name.

    This file is only compatible with Thesis 2.1.9. If you’re using a different 2.x version, you’ll need to generate your own thesis.po file by following these instructions.

  3. In poEdit, open the thesis.po file.

  4. From the poEdit menu, select File → Save As, and change the file name to a new one which uses a format of ll_CC.po, where:

    • ll is the 2 letter code for your language, and

    • CC is the 2 letter code for your country.

    For example, for US English the file would be named en_US.po.

  5. Translate the strings in the new .po file.

  6. Save the file (ctrl-S). Poedit should generate a .mo file in the same directory as your original .po file (named in a similar fashion as in step 4).

  7. Using FTP, navigate to the /wp-content/thesis/ folder on your server, and create a new folder inside of it named languages.

  8. Upload the .mo file to the new /wp-content/thesis/languages folder you just created.

  9. Configure WordPress to use your language file, by editing wp-config.php to include this line replacing ll_CC with the appropriate language/country codes):

    define ('WPLANG', 'll_CC');

Important: Remember to maintain a backup copy of your .po and .mo files on your local computer, in the event that you update to a new version of Thesis. Due to the way automatic updates work in WordPress, you’ll need to upload your .mo file to the /lib/languages folder again after the update is complete.