I updated to Thesis 2.1, but I don’t see the Classic Responsive Skin.

This issue is 100% a server configuration problem, but don’t worry! We can walk you through getting Classic Responsive on your site in no time flat.

The first step is to head over to the Skin Downloads page and download Classic Responsive.

Now that you have Classic Responsive (in .zip format) let’s go over the two alternate ways of uploading a Skin.

Attention! Do not rename any files during either of the processes below. Renaming files will cause your installation to FAIL.

Upload via Interface

In the WordPress admin side, under the Thesis menu item on the left, you will see the sub-menu item called Manage Skins. Navigate there and click the Upload Skin button in the upper right corner of the page. Now choose the .zip file and click the Add Skin button.

If that worked for you, you are ready to start using Classic Responsive!

Upload via FTP

If you weren’t able to upload the Classic Responsive Skin via the interface, you can do it through FTP.

First, unzip the .zip file you downloaded from above. If you didn’t download it, get the Classic Responsive Skin here and unzip it.

In your FTP client (Filezilla, Transmit, etc), navigate to /wp-content/thesis/skins/ and drop in the folder, /classic-r.

Note the file path above. /wp-content/thesis/skins/. You are NOT looking for the thesis folder in /themes. You ARE looking for the thesis folder in /wp-content.

Once you have uploaded Classic Responsive to your server, it will appear on the Manage Skins page, and you will be able to activate it.