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Skin Editor Issues

If you find that attempting to launch the Skin Editor redirects you to the front page of your site instead, you may have the “Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks” option enabled in WordPress SEO’s Permalinks settings.

If so, and you absolutely need that setting enabled for some reason (despite it’s being something the plugin recommends that you NOT use in most cases), find the “Other variables not to clean” field in the Clean Permalink Settings section of the plugin’s Permalinks panel, and input the following into that field:

thesis_editor, thesis_canvas

then save your settings. Doing this should allow the Skin Editor (and the Canvas, which is also affected by this issue in a less obvious fashion) to function correctly again instead of redirecting to the home page.

Conflicting or Duplicate Tag Output

There are several instances where using both Thesis and WordPress SEO together will result in either conflicting or duplicate tag output. So, you’ll need to disable the ones which Thesis generates to allow these to be controlled by WordPress SEO instead.

Disable Thesis Title Tag

Add this code to your Thesis master.php file:

function use_wp_title($title) {
	$title = apply_filters('wp_title', $title, $sep, $seplocation);
	return $title;
add_filter('thesis_title_tag', 'use_wp_title');

Disable Thesis Meta Description, Meta Robots and/or Canonical URLs

Go to Thesis Home → Site → HTML Head, and using shift+drag to remove the following boxes:

  • Meta Description
  • Meta Robots
  • Canonical URLs

Click “Save HTML Head” to preserve your changes.

Note: The Meta Keywords box is not included in the HTML Head by default; but if you’ve added it there yourself since installing Thesis, you should remove it as well.

OPTIONAL: Remove Thesis SEO Boxes from Edit Post/Page

If you’ve elected to disable all of the Thesis options as described above, you may also wish to remove the corresponding meta boxes which Thesis adds to the Edit Post/Page screen, by adding the following code to your Thesis master.php file:

function remove_thesis_seo_boxes() {
	$array = array(
	foreach ($array as $box) {
add_action('admin_init', 'remove_thesis_seo_boxes');

If you need assistance with implementing any of the code above, or something does not work as expected, please post in the Plugin Compatibility & Integration section of the Forums for further advice.