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Getting Started with the Unplug Skin

After installing and activating the Unplug Skin, you’ll need to set up a few items before you’re ready to rock. To begin, log into your WP admin and visit the Thesis Skin Content page (Thesis AdminSkinContent), and then locate the Unplug Skin Content links.

We’ll walk through these links and explain what you need to do to get your site set up and personalized to your liking.

Although the links are presented in alphabetical order on the Unplug Skin Content page, we will go through them in order of relative importance, starting with your navigation menu.

Navigation Menu

Locate and then click the Nav Menu link, and on the ensuing page, you’ll be able to specify a WordPress navigation menu to use in your Skin.

Please note that if you have not yet created a menu, links to your WordPress pages will show by default. Generally, this results in an ugly menu, so we recommend creating one now by visiting AppearanceMenus in your WordPress dashboard.