How to Install and Activate Thesis

Note: Make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress before installing Thesis.

The video below demonstrates a first-time installation and activation of Thesis 2.1—and no sweat, because completing this entire process takes less than a minute to watch!

Optionally, you can follow the steps below for a successful installation:

  1. Log into your DIYthemes account, and choose the “Download” link from the Thesis menu at the top of the site; grab your copy of Thesis 2 using the link on the Download page.
  2. Note for Safari Users: This browser may add an extra .html extension to the end of the download file name; if so, just rename the file to remove the extra extension, leaving its name as simply

  3. Log into your WordPress installation.
  4. Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Themes.
  5. Click the “Install Themes” tab, and then the “Upload” link.
  6. Click “Browse” (button text and formatting may vary depending on the web browser you use), locate the file you downloaded in Step 1, and then click “Install Now”.
  7. Look for the Theme installed successfully. message, then click the “Activate” link that appears beneath it.
  8. You’ll be redirected to your new Thesis admin screen, where you may or may not see a green “Click to get started!” button (this depends on your server configuration) — if you see this button, click it. If you do not, you’re done, and Thesis is installed!
  9. Look for the Installation was a success! message, and click “Return to Thesis” beneath that message.

Enter Your License Key

After installing Thesis, you’ll need to enter your license key to enable automatic updates on your site.

If you experience any difficulties with installation, please see Troubleshooting Installation Issues or get direct assistance via the DIYthemes Customer Support Center.