Getting Started with Thesis

This guide assumes you have purchased and downloaded Thesis, you have a hosted website, and your website is running the latest version of WordPress.

Install and Activate Thesis

If you haven’t installed Thesis yet, you should start at the link below.

Get to Know the Thesis Admin

Once you’ve installed Thesis, you’re ready to familiarize yourself with the Thesis Admin, which is where you’ll be able to interact with not only your design, but also with Thesis’ handy site management tools.

Configure Your Thesis Skin

If you’re just beginning, you’ll probably want to play with the Skin Design options and start customizing your site. But before you do that, you need to set up a few items in your Skin to ensure it’s completely tailored to your site.

For now, check out the Classic Responsive Skin getting started guide, and go through the initial configuration.

You can find documentation for all of our Skins here.

Now it’s time to play with your design. Check out these helpful videos to see what you can do with the Skin Design and Content controls!

Configure Your Site for Success

When you’re finished getting acquainted with your Skin, we recommend following the steps below to ensure your site is completely ready to rock!

  1. If you want to start tracking analytics for your site (highly recommended), go ahead and set up Google Analytics.
  2. It’s a good idea to enhance your site’s branding by adding a favicon.
  3. Go ahead and add Blog Page SEO information, too.
  4. Finally, set up a custom 404 page to assist wayward visitors to your site.

The options from the list above will apply to your site no matter which Skin you use. By setting them now, you’ll be able to optimize your site and position it for future success.

Install Add-on Skins

If you purchased a Thesis Basic Plus or Thesis Professional license, then you have access to two additional Skins from DIYthemes. We also sell add-on Skins, which you can purchase at any time, and beyond that, many third party designers and developers also sell Thesis Skins.

If you have any additional Skins, you should go ahead and install those now.

You can grab any Skins you’ve purchased from DIYthemes in the Downloads area (login required).

Once you’ve got the appropriate .zip files for your add-on Skin(s), follow this tutorial to install and activate a Skin.

Install Add-on Boxes

If you have any add-on Boxes to install (either from DIYthemes or elsewhere), then you can watch the following video to learn how to install and activate a Box:

See how to install and activate a Thesis Box.

Are You Running WordPress Multisite?

If so, you’ll need to follow these steps for Thesis and WordPress Multisite compatibility.