Thesis 1 Filter Reference List

As of Thesis 1.5.1, filters are an important part of what’s possible in Thesis customization. An introduction to Thesis filters is available, and we’re hoping to add an increasing number of possible filters in the future to allow for increasingly custom designs, but what you’re really interested in is what’s possible today, right? This doc’s for you!

As stated in the introduction to filters, the basic structure of a filter looks like this:

function custom_filter($content) {
	return $content;
add_filter('name_of_filter_hook', 'custom_filter');

Filters are similar to hooks (which you’re all rocking spectacularly), but with key differences: A filter must accept a variable, it must return something (no echoes here, folks), and add_filter() is used rather than add_action().

To get started, though, you need to know which filter hooks are available as well as what the default value of $content is for each hook. Once you have those things, you’ll be able to perform customizations to your heart’s content on Thesis’ output.

You don’t necessarily have to act on $content. You can ignore it completely, build your own output using custom PHP, and then return that instead.