Display the Excerpt on Home Page

Applies to Version(s): Thesis 2

  1. Go to Skin EditorHTML.
  2. Make sure your Home template is displaying (if not, then click the name of the currently displayed template to access the Template Manager (screenshot), and then click “Home” to select it).
  3. Within the WP Loop box, you should see the Home Post Box; hover over this box until the down arrow appears to its right, then click that to expand the box.
  4. Click show tray ↓ to view the list of dependent Boxes.
  5. Click Home Post Box → Excerpt to add it to the active area of the Home Post Box; then drag it into your preferred location within that Box.
  6. Use shift+drag to remove Home Post Box → Content from the template (by dropping it into the gray box on the top right side of the screen).
  7. Click Save Template to save your changes.