Thesis Markup Schema API

Markup schema provides you with a way to add rich data to your web pages. This data is recognized by major search engines and may help your site rank better.

There are many different schemas, and Thesis includes four of the most commonly used ones by default: Article, CreativeWork, Recipe, and Review.

Tip: Most of our Skins ship with the Article schema enabled, but you can change this at any time by editing Post Box HTML options in the Skin Editor.

Even though Thesis has four default schemas enabled, you can add any other schema you want because the system is 100% extensible.

Adding Your Own Markup Schema

The Thesis Markup Schema API is extensible via two array filters. For the following example, let’s say you want to add the Product schema; here’s how that works:

function my_schema_types($types) {
	$types['product'] = '';
	return $types;

function my_schema_options($options) {
    $options['product'] = __('Product','thesis');
    return $options;

After adding the above code, you’ll be able to select your new schema from the dropdown in the HTML options of any Post Box.