How to Set Up Google Authorship with Thesis

For a single author site, establishing Google Authorship requires three basic steps:

  1. On Google+, identify and copy your Google+ Profile Link’s unique number
  2. Paste the Google+ Profile Link number into Thesis AdminSiteGoogle Authorship
  3. Return to Google+ and create a Custom Link to your site that verifies reciprocal Authorship

The video below will help you navigate through the steps involved:

Comprehensive set of steps for Google Authorship verification, including steps for a multi-author site:

  1. Login to Google+ and click the small arrow to the right of your image avatar
  2. Click on the blue View Profile button
  3. Identify only the numeric portion of the URL in the address bar of your Google+ Profile Link
  4. Copy the unique number from the URL
  5. For Single-Author sites, paste the Google+ Profile Link number into Thesis Admin → Site → Google Authorship
  6. For Multi-Author sites, visit WordPress → Users → All Users. Edit each User who is a Contributor to the site, add the User’s Unique Google+ Profile Link to their WordPress User Profile page, and then click Update User
  7. Return to Google+ to create a Custom Link that reciprocates and verifies the Authorship for each Contributor on your site.
  8. To confirm Authorship is successfully connected, enter your site’s URL into the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Helpful Resources:

  • Information on finalizing Authorship via the reciprocal link from a Google+ profile to your Thesis site.