The Pearsonified Skin Will Rock Your Web Design World

by Chris Pearson · 81 comments

Pearsonified Skin screenshotWith the new Pearsonified Skin for Thesis, you will…

Look smashing from every angle thanks to a finely-tuned responsive design.

Enjoy a big header image and a stunning way to present your videos.

Craft a feel that’s uniquely you with eye-popping color scheme functionality and one of 69 Google Fonts available right out of the box.

Get ready to grow with custom templates for every occasion, including high-converting landing page templates.

Above all else, you’re gonna have fun with this sophisticated, savvy Skin from your detail-obsessed friends at DIYthemes.

Let’s take a closer look at why the Pearsonified Skin is so sought-after and—more important—how you can use it to rock your web design world.

Big Images, Big Videos, Big Impact

The Pearsonified Skin makes it easy to add a big header image to your site, but that’s only the beginning.

If you really want to spice up your posts or pages, you can add a featured image or video that will appear in the header image space at the top of the page.

Check out the images below to see how dynamic and awesome your pages can be when you use a featured image or video:

Pearsonified Skin header image

Figure 1. The top of a typical page using the Pearsonified Skin with a header image.

Pearsonified Skin featured image

Figure 2. The top of a page using the Pearsonified Skin with a featured image and caption.

Pearsonified Skin featured video

Figure 3. The top of a page using the Pearsonified Skin with a featured video.

Adding a featured image or video to your pages is easy, too. On the post editing screen, just look for the Pearsonified Skin Featured Item box, and then select an image or paste your video embed code.

Boom—your page just got sexier.

Brilliant New Color Scheme Selection

Changing your layout colors is easy—and fascinating—with the color scheme controls included in the Pearsonified Skin design options.

Pearsonified Skin color scheme

The first color swatch, which determines the primary color of your design, is where the magic happens. When you select a color here, Pearsonified uses that color to determine many of the other colors used in your layout.

Sidebar headings, for example, are presented in the best complement to your primary color. This takes the guesswork out of design and ensures your colors will always work well together.

Other elements like text highlights, buttons, and even your navigation menu are also based on your primary input color; the Pearsonified Skin handles all of this behind the scenes.

The end result is a simple system where you select a color, and the Skin outputs a beautifully coordinated color scheme based on your selection.

Ultimately, the color scheme possibilities here are limitless, so I know you’ll have a fun time playing with colors and seeing what works best for you.

(In case you’re curious, Pearsonified uses the HSL color space and some basic math to determine complementary colors and to create your color schemes.)

Integrated Google Fonts

The Pearsonified Skin comes with an amazing Google Fonts integration that gives you out-of-the-box access to 69 unique fonts.

Although Google offers hundreds of fonts, only a select few of these contain the styles necessary to make them suitable for use in your content. Pearsonified creator Chris Pearson combed through every Google font and hand-picked the ones that are optimized for use in your content, so you can be confident the one you choose will look stunning.

Together with the color scheme controls, these Google Fonts will make it easy to create a unique look and feel for your site.

[Your Logo Here]

Want to use a logo image instead of text for your site title?

With the Pearsonified Skin, you can choose an image from your WordPress Media Gallery to serve as your logo, or you can upload a new one. Either way, it’s easy, and your logo will look great on mobile devices, too.

Display Options to Fit Your Needs Precisely

Want to display author avatars on your posts? How about categories or tags?

Using the Pearsonified Skin Display Options, you can quickly and easily control the display of certain items in your Skin. These options are located atop the Skin Content page, which you can access by visiting Thesis AdminSkinContent.

If you find yourself asking, “How do I show [x]?” or, “How do I get rid of [x]?”, then you’ll want to look at the Display Options to see if there’s a one-click-easy way of achieving your goal.

Custom Templates for Every Occasion

In addition to standard WordPress templates, the Pearsonified Skin comes with 4 custom templates that give you maximum flexibility and control over the way your pages appear.

First, by using the centered landing page template, you can eliminate visual noise and distracting links, thereby encouraging visitors to focus exclusively on your content. This is great for sales pages, sign-up pages, or any other scenario where you need visitors to focus on a specific call-to-action.

Second, the full landing page template is similar, except it gives you a huge column of text that takes up the entire page. If you produce infographics, big pictures, or just need lots of space, this template is perfect for helping you get the job done quickly.

Third, the full post and full page templates are similar to the full landing page template, except they include typical links (like your navigation menu) and are not centered. Comments are included in these templates, too, so if you’re looking for audience interaction (as opposed to conversions), these custom templates are a great choice.

Stunning Text Formatting Styles

Thesis Skins have always been associated with the finest typography on the Internet, and the Pearsonified Skin is taking this to a new level with the addition of some high-impact formatting styles.

With this Skin, you’ll have access to fancy pullquotes, a brand new box styling class, and even footnotes for your articles!

Check out the text formatting page on the demo site, and you’ll be able to see all of these new styles in action.

Widget Areas for You to Customize

Upon installing the Pearsonified Skin, you’ll have 5 built-in widget areas where you can place custom content like email signup forms, links, ads, search boxes, and more.

You’ll find these widget areas in the most desirable locations: Sidebar, after post, after page, after front page, and even in your footer.

A Word About the Responsive Design

Naturally, the Pearsonified Skin features a responsive design, but all responsive designs are not created equal.

This Skin actually has a mobile-first responsive design, which means something slightly different depending on who you are.

If you’re a designer or developer, this means that the responsive CSS is organized using min-width media queries. In other words, the design’s “base” includes only mobile styles, and then styles for larger viewports are added on using min-width declarations that are based on the design’s dimensions.

This approach actually makes the stylesheet smaller (by about 1.5kb) and also results in enhanced organization. Better organization means easier and more straightforward customizations over time, so from that standpoint, this is a big deal.

(For the record, this is the first time I’ve used a mobile-first stylesheet, and I have to say, I really like the approach. Customizations feel more natural to me, and it’s just easier to tell which styles will apply to which viewports.)

If you’re a typical user (read: not a designer or developer), then a mobile-first design simply means that your site is guaranteed to be optimized—and fast—on mobile devices, iPads, tablets, and everything else with a screen and a power button.

Everything Old Is New Again

I thought this information was fun, so I figured I’d share it with you here:

The original Pearsonified design, which has been running on my personal site for about 100 years now, has a CSS file that weighs in at a somewhat-bulky 38kb. In addition, the original design is not responsive, and it only supports a single custom template style.

The new Pearsonified Skin for Thesis is not only responsive and insanely detailed, but it also includes styles for 4 custom templates, email signup forms, widgets, incredible font and color options, and more.

And the best part?

The new CSS file weighs in at a svelte 28kb, which means your site will be just as fast as it is beautiful.

Thesis provides designers and developers with many optimization and performance advantages, and the Pearsonified Skin CSS file is just one example of how these enhancements can affect your site positively.

Detailed Documentation

To help you hit the ground running with the Pearsonified Skin, we’ve created documentation that will walk you through initial setup as well as the major features.

You can find the Pearsonified Skin documentation in the Thesis User’s Guide.

Pearsonified Skin Demo Site

Want to see this Skin in action?

Check out the Pearsonified Skin demo site, and be sure to click around on the various links to see just a few of the amazing things you can do with this new design.

How You Can Get the Pearsonified Skin

At this time, the Pearsonified Skin is only available to DIYthemes customers who own a Thesis Professional or Thesis Basic Plus license (this includes grandfathered Thesis Developer options).

If you haven’t upgraded your Thesis license yet, now is the perfect time to do so because you’ll get two additional Skins—Social Triggers and Pearsonified—as well as lifetime updates to the Thesis 2 core.

To upgrade your Thesis license so you can get the Pearsonified Skin, visit your My Account page (login required).

Ready to download the Pearsonified Skin? Visit the DIYthemes download area (login required).

If you need help installing and/or activating the Skin, please see this helpful video on how to install and activate a Thesis Skin.

Finally, I’d love to hear what you think about this new design, so be sure to leave your mark in the comments.

About the Author: Chris Pearson, Thesis creator and DIYthemes founder, is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. You should follow him on Twitter here.

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I’ve been waiting for exactly this skin.

I’ve been stalking the Twitter feed, the amazing demo site, and looking over the Pearsonified Skin User Guide in the most opportune moment… right before my new big project starts.

It’s been over a year now since I worked with Thesis 2 and it’s mind blowing how much more I could do with it now then before, but with the advent of Pearsonified Skin, I don’t have to hack my template files to get that image header going with a caption on a website that will have a couple thousand pages relying on image swag.

Mobile first responsive design, Golden Ratio Typography, email signup forms… I’m in heaven.

Chris, thanks for bringing this creation to the forefront. The Pearsonified Skin + Thesis 2.1 changes everything.

Chris Pearson

Really glad to hear it, Reese. I think the Pearsonified Skin introduces a lot of things our audience has been craving 😀

Vivek Parmar

Woot..woot..much awaited thesis skin is out…

Srinu Ipathy

I am planning to start my new project and i really wanted a new design for my new site ..OMG this skin is perfect for my new project.Thanks a million to THESIS and to the GREAT Chris.In next few hours i will try this one in my local wordpress.

Blogging Tips

Impressive Thesis child theme, I’ve plan to buy great child theme for my project. How many site can I install the child theme on my blog Chris ?

Chris Pearson

Blogging Tips, you can use our Skins on any site where your Thesis license is valid.

So, if you have a Thesis Professional license, you can use our Skins on any sites that you own (you or your business must be listed as the domain owner).

If you have a Thesis Basic or Thesis Basic Plus license, you can use our Skins on the one site where your license is valid.

Mama Paws

Well done. It is very clean and easy to navigate. This could be the winner for the next site I have planned. Well done!

Oscar Gonzalez

Awesome! Been looking forward to this. Will take it for a spin soon and I think I have a couple projects to use this on.

Thanks for putting it out! KUTGW!


Super article. That is what I waited for. My website becomes now better and better. Thank you for the new “theme”

Chris Pearson

Our pleasure, Holger. Thanks for hanging in there so we could make it as good as we wanted it to be!


Wow very cool! thesis just keeps getting better and better – what I love about these themes is that it opens up the playbook for functionality and versatility.

Thesis is by far my favorite theme to go to work on – now things just keep getting smoother and more fluid all the way around – thanks for the new theme and great platform!!

Chris Pearson

Troy, you’re the nicest guy on the planet right now. Thanks!

Bilal Ahmad

The most awaited theme is finally here. Thanks Chris for your great work. Going to try this on one of my blog.


How are images optimised for display on retina displays?

Chris Pearson

Stretch, retina optimization is up to the user. If you want your images to be optimized for retina displays, simply upload images that are twice as large as you want them to appear.

For example, if you have a 1000×300 header image and want to optimize it for retina displays, you should upload a 2000×600 image.

Finally, note that larger images take longer to download and will affect page load times. Some developers who are obsessed with retina optimization employ scripts or other workarounds for retina optimization, but every one of these requires significant effort and technical know-how.

With such a relatively small percentage of internet traffic actually using non-mobile retina displays, these types of optimizations aren’t really worth it, IMO.


I’m a pro photographer with my existing site having 3 versions of each image to ensure the images look their best on different devices. It’s generated much business as people have commented on how good the images look by comparison to other offerings and judging by my Adwords responses and conversions the majority of people enquiring are on tablets; that is assuming they are telling the truth. I was thinking of linking the adwords adverts to a site created using Thesis but I don’t think it’s for me but thanks for your response.

Chris Pearson

Stretch, you won’t find a theme that does what you want out of the box. However, you can work with people like Matthew Horne of DIY WP Blog, who works with photographers to optimize their sites for the types of images they need to display.

Best of all, Matt has written a Box for Thesis that is helpful for optimizing images—he probably knows as much about this as anyone else on Earth right now. I recommend reaching out to him if this type of optimization is that important to your success.


I’ll get in touch; thanks for the heads up

Matt Kreinheder

Pearsonified looks killer Chris! Great work, I’m excited to see how my site handles the transfer!

Paweł Kata

Thanks for the awesome skin and thanks for honoring the old Developer License! I’m so glad I invested in your theme back then!

Chris Pearson

Thanks for being a long-time supporter, Pawel! We appreciate it.


I am so stoked about this skin. It looks absolutely wonderful. So excited about the responsiveness and all the amazing features. Thanks Chris!

Chris Pearson

We love bringing you the goods, and we love it even more when you love what we do 😀


Hey Chris. Awesome.

Quick one: how are email list sign up boxes supported? One thing I love about social triggers is the integration with MailChimp. Is there any plan to more tightly integrate MC/Aweber sign ups?

Jeremy Montoya

Curious to hear more about Tim’s question!

How hard, or easy would it be to have an email signup form (like the triggers theme) below the picture? Drag and drop?

This theme looks great, kudos to the DIY Themes crew.


Chris Pearson

Great questions, Tim.

The Social Triggers Skin ships with Email Signup Boxes (the HTML side of things) already integrated into its templates. The CSS is included in the stylesheet, too, but the important point here is simply that the Boxes are included in the templates by default.

By shipping the Skin with the Email Boxes already in place, we were able to make it that much easier for users to hit the ground running with their email lists. This approach, however, was not without its problems.

First, we have to generate a different download file for each email provider we support. This means that things are more complicated right from the start, as the user must consider which version to download and install based on their email provider.

Worse, we only offered support for AWeber and MailChimp out of the gate, and while these services are extremely popular, there are many other fine services that people use, too.

Because of this, some people viewed the Social Triggers Skin as “limited,” even though it’s really easy to integrate email forms from any provider you like.

Ultimately, this approach affected how well Social Triggers was received, and as a result, I think there’s probably a better way to do things.

That’s why, with the Pearsonified Skin (and Promo, too), I chose to include the necessary CSS to handle email signup forms in both your content and sidebar—the two places where you’re most likely to want to integrate your forms.

Instead of being forced to install an email signup Box for AWeber or MailChimp to take advantage of the Skin’s support for email forms, you can include your forms via Widgets, Boxes, or even custom PHP (if that’s your thing).

This approach also means that email forms from every provider are supported, and you’re just a quick copy/paste tutorial away from integrating your own forms.

For your specific purposes, if you still want to use the AWeber or MailChimp Boxes from DIYthemes, you can absolutely do that. Using the Skin Editor, just drop your Box into the content or sidebar on your desired templates, and boom—instant email forms.

Alternatively, you could also copy/paste your forms into a text widget, and this would allow you to place your forms on multiple templates with only a single action.

The bottom line is that our new approach gives you more outcome flexibility, and I think that’s a good thing all around.

So finally, you asked if there was a plan to integrate the signups more tightly. At this time, the approach I’ve just described is our “standard” moving forward; we will, however, be building widgets for you to download and install, and these will make integration even easier.

Beny Hirmansyah

This is what I waiting for a long time. Thank you Chris and development team. I’m really happy.


Hi chris,

Only one thing i want to say about this skin…

“Simple and perfect design”

Chris Pearson

Thanks, Sakthi!


I’m lovin’ it! Combination of modern-classic theme.
Good work, Chris.


For So Long i have been waiting.. and it is finally open to download..

keep on going pal !


I love this new skin. However, I have two quick questions that I can’t seem to find the answer to: (1) how do you change the font color for the nav menu? and (2) how can I make the number of posts following the calendar and archive entries in the widgets on the sidebar not show on the next line (in other words, I want them to show like this: Farm (32) instead of the (32) being on the next line)?

Thanks so much for this new skin and all the hard work on Thesis!

Chris Pearson

Rodney, there are no controls to change the nav menu colors in the Design Options, but you can easily change the colors of anything in your Skin by adding your own Custom CSS.

This kind of modification is standard when customizing a theme or Skin, so you’ll be able to find lots of help with this issue in our members-only forums.

Regarding your second question, you’ll need a quick snippet of Custom CSS to improve the display of those comment links in your archive widget. Visit the forums for help on this, too, and you’ll have all your details squared away in no time!


Thanks so much!


Absolutely gorgeous, design to be aspired to!

Marjorie Turner

This is why I love visiting the site! At last I can dowload it!!! Thanks Chris!


Ok thats it! I am definitely going to try Thesis for my next project 😀 This does look very good indeed and I can’t ignore the amazing reviews. So I look forward to getting stuck in and learning the framework. Thanks


This looks like the skin to get me started so thanks for the work you have done.

I bought Thesis Pro on the strength of the Social Triggers skin but couldn’t make a full width sign-up like Derek Halpern has on so my enthusiasm waned and the project petered out. I managed to frig the full width form for PC’s but I would need to learn responsive CSS techniques for small screens where my layout screwed up badly.

This new skin looks much more like the sort of thing so my enthusiasm is restored.

Just one quick question:

You know how you have a right column on the right of a PC browser even when the browser width is only about 1014px wide? Why is that on my iPad which is 2048px wide the right coloumn stuff is shifted to the bottom of the content even though there is acres of space to show it? Can I easily prevent that and show the right hand stuff to the right?


Is there a page somewhere where you link to all of the Google fonts you have curated for this skin, so I don’t have to look them all up manually?


Chris Pearson

Anita, at this time, we do not have a font demo page. It’s tricky to load 69 remote fonts without making people wait on long page load times; once we figure out how to do that effectively, we’ll be able to host a font gallery on the site.

It’s also worth noting that you are not limited to the 69 Google Fonts included with the Skin. In fact, you can use any Google Font you want by following this tutorial for the Pearsonified Skin.


Hello Chris,

I just have a question about the big featured image at the top of the post. Where is this image being pulled from? Is it the WP featured image, the Thesis Post Image, or it’s own thing? I ask because I have a pretty large blog 3,500 pages that I’ve used the wp featured image option on many pages with a 600px wide image, which would look pretty crappy if the Personified theme pulled it for the header image — and there’s no way that I’m going back through and reuploading larger featured images thousands of times. Thanks!

Chris Pearson

Great question, Wade. I thought of that when building the Skin, and that’s why the Pearsonified Skin Featured Image is its own thing. Your WP Featured Image is handled separately, and you have complete control over that, too.

The bottom line is there are no “unintended consequences” here, as that would be quite a nuisance, especially for large sites like yours!

Gobala Krishnan

I’ve been using Thesis all the while on my blog. This is a great update, especially on the themes. I think Thesis needs to have more pre-designed themes to compete with other popular theme frameworks that have tons of them and a marketplace to boot..


This would be perfect for a real estate website. Chris, do you have a recommendation of someone that could incorporate this skin into a website to include IDXBroker(.com)?

Chris Pearson

Joe, I asked around about this on Twitter yesterday, but so far, I haven’t gotten responses from anyone with specific experience integrating an IDX Plugin.

I’ll stay on the lookout, but you may have more success asking around locally, as real estate websites have a much more local bent to them.

Oleg G

Thanks Chris and your team for delivering Pearsonified Skin.
Can you share with us what you and your team is working on right now?
What is really tickling you? 🙂 Any plans on incorporating sitemap.xml into the Thesis 2?

Chris Pearson

Hi Oleg, here’s what we’re working on right now:

With Skins, Boxes, and the Thesis core, our platform is now running at full strength, but we still have a lot of work to do on the communication side of things.

First, we’re starting with a redesign of the My Account area. This will bring you closer to the things you need from DIYthemes—product downloads, documentation, support links, and other information about your purchases.

I’ve also been wanting to change our checkout experience, so we may be spending some development time on that to bring you a more seamless transaction experience.

Next, I personally am working on skeleton Skins—that is, a basis from which developers/designers can start if they want to focus on their own unique creation. So much of what devs/designers have to do is mechanical and not related to the aesthetics of the outcome, and I’d like to remove that restriction for those people who are interested in getting some leverage in the design process.

Finally, I still have a lot to communicate about the power of Thesis. Many people have no idea what Thesis really is, and that’s my fault, as I’ve not put forth the effort necessary to get everyone on the same page.

Thesis operates out of the “theme” spot in WordPress, and this is confusing to many people because, for them, theme = design. With this mental seasoning, the fact that Thesis is really just a set of tools is hard to understand.

A Skin is like an orchestra conductor, and it tells the parts of Thesis how to assemble to provide a particular design and particular functionality. A Box is like a Plugin, except it’s more tightly integrated with your design.

The bottom line is that people still have a lot of questions about Thesis, and moving forward, my focus is on answering these questions so people can be confident they are running the ultimate cutting-edge website with Thesis.


The Skin looks good. But for my site content is does not match much. Is any custom skin from thesis which is more focussed for review sites?

Also to know, how is the load time?

Chris Pearson

Aniruddha, head over to our Skin demo site and check out the different Skins we offer. One of those will provide you with the more focused look you’re after.

Regarding load times, all of our Skins are fast; in fact, we’ve got some of the fastest premium designs on the market today.

Out of the box, the Classic Responsive and Social Triggers Skins are the fastest, simply because they don’t rely on jQuery and do not come with Google Fonts by default.

If you use a non-Google Font with the Pearsonified Skin (it ships with a Google Font enabled by default), then it’s every bit as fast as the Classic Responsive and Social Triggers Skins. Large images, such as those enabled by the Pearsonified Skin, can affect loading times, too, so that’s something else to consider.

Finally, by default, the Promo Skin includes some jQuery and also a Google Fonts integration, and although the Skin still loads quickly, it’s slightly slower than our other Skins. If you’re interested, you can speed up the Promo Skin by disabling the tabbed posts box and by selecting a non-Google Font in the design options.


Hi Chris,
Is the Footer widgetized ?


Chris Pearson

Yes, the footer is widgetized. However, no styles are included here, so if you want to have a list of links or a multi-column footer, you’ll have to supply your own CSS styles to accommodate them.

Theme Revel

Great theme, it will work well with a Custom Fields Box from Theme Revel (linked from my name above). I am wondering when if there are going to be any further changes made to the box api in the next release?

Chris Pearson

Theme Revel, we will not be making huge changes to the Box API that will affect normal operation, but we will be adding some functionality that will allow Boxes to supply some CSS each time the stylesheet is compiled.

Any changes along these lines will be mentioned in an announcement post for a new version and also documented in the Box API section of the Thesis User’s Guide.

Mike Goad

Thanks much for continuing to honor the old Developer License! That being said, I stuck with Thesis 1.8x until recently as I couldn’t get my head around Thesis 2.0.

I came back with Thesis 2.1 and made quite a bit of headway. However, the DIYthemes skins that were available didn’t quite do what I wanted for the new site I’m migrating some pages and posts to, so I bought a set of premium skins that had one that looked like it would fit what I wanted — and it did, but…

Unfortunately, it lacked the detailed skin control panels that are in Classic Responsive and Personified. Virtually all the customizations had to be done in custom CSS or the skin editor.

When Personified came out, I decided to try it and work with it for a day or two, even though the site design was almost complete using the other premium skin. After trying it, I switched to it and won’t be going back.

Great job — great skin — great WordPress framework. Again, thanks!

Chris Pearson

Wow, Mike—thank you for the kind words!

Your site looks fantastic; I’m so glad you’ve been able to find your footing with Thesis 2 and the Pearsonified Skin 😀

Mike Goad

I’m still ecstatic with all the wonderment (that’s really a word? spellchecker didn’t flag it 😉 ) of Pearsonified. I merged two old blogs into one and then went through all the effort of doing a 301 redirect (thanks for that!) on each blog post to the new location. All three blogs were using Pearsonified — I just made the page backgrounds different colors so I knew which one I was working with. And being able to have different featured images or videos… great!


Great Thesis Skin Chris, thanks you for sharing such a wonderful theme.


Hi Chris,
Nice design and great theme for thesis. I have a question, can we use widgets in footer?

Chris Pearson

Sheshnath, as I mention in the article, you have 5 widget areas available to you right out of the box, and one of those areas is indeed in the footer.

Keep in mind that the Pearsonified Skin does not include CSS styles for footer widgets, though, so you’ll have to provide your own here to achieve the precise look you want.


a long awaited update/addition to the most awesome wordpress framework! thanks for finally delivering chris & team.


Hi Chris and the team,

I’ve been considering changing to DIYThemes for a little while now. Am I right in thinking that the RSS box is only on the new PROMO theme, which looks fine, but I love Pearsonified (very like Pat Flynn’s site, SPI). Or do you have one more feed box in your future bag of goodies?

Cheers, love the look of your work and your webhonesty!

Chris Pearson

Hi Michael, thanks for the kind words!

None of our Skins come with an RSS Box, but since you referenced Promo, I think you’re talking about the Tabbed Posts Box at the bottom of the sidebar (as seen in the demo).

Promo is indeed the only Skin that comes with this, but it’s also not that hard to add similar functionality to any Skin. Of course, with Promo, it’s already done for you and ready to rock, so I can certainly see the appeal there 😀

Finally, in the future, whenever you see an element you’d like to add to your site, it’s always a good idea to ask around in our members-only support forums. In may cases, people have already built Boxes you can install and solve your problem in minutes!


Are the Fonts of this theme compatible with the Turkish alphabet? (German, as well)

Chris Pearson

Hi Daz, Google will have more information about font character set compatibility. Specifically, check out the “script” dropdown on the left side of the page at the link above.


Great! But can you guys do some tutorial on integrating the email box with getresponse.

Arafin Shaon

Those who own basic membership can he/she buy pearsonified skin separately?

Chris Pearson

Arafin, at this time, the Pearsonified and Social Triggers Skins are only available to customers who own a Professional License.


We are looking into your Thesis platform for client sites. One of the WP issues we run into on responsive themes is the ‘render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content’ error from the Google PageSpeed tool. While it is possible to mitigate the issue, it requires retooling the themes a bit. Is this something we can eliminate from the beginning if we design sites using your platform?

Chris Pearson

Devon, what you just mentioned is a big reason why Thesis exists. As a website maker, I want to do everything—not just some things—according to the best practices set forth by Google and others.

With Thesis, no matter which Skin you use, you’ll be able to precisely control all the content on ALL of your web pages (this includes stuff in the document <head>, too).

Better still, we build our Skins to conform to performance and optimization standards, so you’ll have a lot less to worry about relative to other themes.

The bottom line is that with Thesis, you’ll always have total control over the minutiae of your site.


Hi Chris,

Firstly I’d like to say i love your new Pearsonified skin for THESIS 2.1..Really Easy to use…

The only problem I’ve encountered is with Customization.. Because it doesn’t have build in MEDIA QUERIES for Different Device Widths like BYOB skins provide…

I don’t quite know the best way to approach designing for different Device Width’s with your skin ?
Do i just add the my custom Media Queries to Custom CSS ? OR?

Also If i want to override any of your skin styles do i put a
.pearsonified or .custom before the styles?

Thanks CHRIS

Chris Pearson

Hi Stephen, the Pearsonified Skin does indeed come with built-in media queries, so I’m not sure where you’re getting your information…

Since the Skin is already built to look perfect on every device, you shouldn’t have to mess with media queries unless you’ve added something that requires tweaks for different devices.

If this is indeed the case, I would encourage you to open a new thread in our members-only forums, and Thesis experts can help you with whatever it is you’re trying to do.

Chris Pearson

Also, you don’t have to do anything special to override core Skin styles. Simply match the selector found in the regular stylesheet, and your Custom CSS will take precedence over it.

For example, if the core stylesheet contains a rule that looks like this:

.footer {
	color: white;

You could change the text color by adding the following to your Custom CSS:

.footer {
	color: red;

Anonymous Guy

Looks great, keep up the good work. Looks like a very updated version of the old Wordpress 2011 and 2012 themes.


This skin looks really awesome. I love the soothing text typography. I also noticed that fonts are no more ‘Georgia’ which was main choice of thesis themes.


First off, I’m a big fan of the Thesis theme. One of the features I use the most is the hooks it provides. For beginners to start using this, it would be great if the theme could include a custom.php file with commented out skeleton code, along with some examples, for each standard hook. Just a suggestion. I always like self documenting code.

Arbaz Khan

The theme looks really amazing man! And you have chosen different fonts this time which is great!


Looks great! Definitely tempting me to roll this out onto the rest of my sites now.

S. Lawler

Bien hecho! La piel se ve bastante bueno. Creo que voy a tener que darle una oportunidad para mi blog de la salud.

(Well done! The skin is looking pretty good. I think I might have to give it a try for my health blog).


Awesome! Looking forward to this from many days. I have some project to use this. Looks like its updated version.

Rick Lomas

Thanks Chris, I’m using this on quite a few sites and I have had some good feedback about my new site. What I’d like to do next is to work out how to make the ‘next post’ and ‘previous post’ links at the bottom of a blog post only link to posts from that category. I asked in the forum but didn’t really understand Girlie’s answer. I think this would be very cool as I am trying to build siloed sites using the category pages as the money pages. I’d like to avoid linking to cousin posts. Anyway, great work, I really do love it.

Sarkari Naukri

Great Thesis Skin Chris, thanks you for sharing such a wonderful theme. I will use it on my next project definitely.